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  1. This all feels pretty suspicious...first they use completely new music one week, then rearrangements the next, instead of just using music or arrangements of music tied to those respective movies each week. It's definitely a major-mode interpretation that has new instrumentation and is actually blended with the Leia progression from the trailers, with a hint of her motif played as an echo before Jedi Steps transitions right into it full-on. This stuff may not be right from the score but I definitely think there are musical ideas present that we'll listen back on in a couple of months and see some clear connections. What they do for subsequent weeks' videos should be interesting to hear!
  2. I'm aaalllmost 100% on this being cuts/edits of a real TLJ track, they're using different edits of music that doesn't contain any existing star wars themes (as most made-for-trailer music does) - could always be wrong, but going with my gut on this one haha
  3. Just a quick note, since that second use of the piece is a different cut, it also has new material in it in the beginning, and you can hear the string rhythm isn't as edited at the beginning either...
  4. Granted, I've worked as a lead in electronics at Target, it's not exactly a big job to lose lol...
  5. I've been listening to this on repeat countless times already, on every set of speakers I can find, I'm leaning towards JW, specifically track 4 from the leaked list. It's clearly edited from a larger work, and yes there's a lack of woodwinds in what we hear so far, but the Imperial March has several sections without woodwinds - and then really highlights them in the middle section. Considering said track is over 4 minutes, there's plenty of time to have lots of other material going on in the full piece. It doesn't hurt that the subject of the video plays into it as well, plus the fact that this music hasn't been identified as existing anywhere else and it wouldn't make sense to have someone create (from scratch) any sort of piece for a promotion this small, and then have it be so heavily edited - much simpler and cheaper to just use any of the swaths of old star wars music out there and edit that in.
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