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  1. The year is 2236. Yavar has just installed his detached head on to his newest cyborg body before sitting down to discuss Planet of the Apes on The Goldsmith Odyssey. He says the goal is to get to Logan's Run by 2500, but no promises.
  2. I saw this in the theater. It was just a bad Coen Brothers impression, trying for their dark humor, but bringing none of the wit and humanity. A movie that thinks it's much smarter and edgier than it really is. Very irritating movie.
  3. I'm always interested in a Tiomkin. I'm assuming one of those is the Dial M for Murder re-recording, which I've already purchased from backing the Kickstarter.
  4. Well, tease or not, I like the video!
  5. So wait, these pictures could still not even be Episode IX, right? JKMS handles all of the LTP scores as well.
  6. Since at least Lincoln, Williams has not worked with orchestrators, he sends his short scores directly to JoAnn Kane and they expand them out into the conductor's score/parts. See this interview from 2017 with Mark Graham from JKMS: https://www.finalemusic.com/blog/may-the-fourth-spotlight-on-joann-kane-music/ From interviews with orchestrators he has worked with, their job was usually working as glorified copyists anyway.
  7. How are any of you actually hearing this much detail beneath Daniels’ VO and the SFX???
  8. Y'all sure know how to keep it positive... It’s like King Mark vibes. ”This cue will probably be unreleased for decades”
  9. Gosh what a masterpiece! What an outstanding recording! Leonard Bernstein - On the Town
  10. So Disney says they will add a 4:3 option in “early 2020.”
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