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  1. We bit the bullet and bought a minivan a couple of months ago. With a second kid coming very soon, we had to bow to practicality.
  2. I've long been a fan of "Far Side Virtual" by James Ferraro, another cornerstone of the subgenre.
  3. He's always come across to me as a boring, normal nerdy dude who just happened to become a billionaire.
  4. Yeah just making a dumb joke about its mediocrity and indistinctness
  5. Sampled this score on Youtube. Junkie XS
  6. The way he shot "This Must Be the Place" in Stop Making Sense is so magical. One of the strongest musical moments in film history IMO. In my younger days, there were many occasions where I "partook" and watched that movie. Beautiful memories.
  7. I somehow missed that Fargo season 3 had actually already started last week. Watching that tonight.
  8. Well he rushed his Pentagon Papers film into production as a clear reaction to Trump's disrespect for journalists.
  9. Related: Punchline
  10. Funny you should say that. Apparently Spielberg screened it for a gathering of friends the night they learned Kubrick had died.
  11. I highly recommend this essay that appeared in the magazine Film Quarterly. Very perceptive take on the film: http://www.thepaincomics.com/A.I.pdf
  12. I will say that I thought the eyebrows looked a lot better in the most recent version of ROTJ Despecialized.