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  1. When you posted this nearly same post in the SPR thread earlier this week, my copy was on my doorstep when I got home that afternoon. Today, same story! My only comment at this point is, part of me just wants to frame and hang that gorgeous big album cover.
  2. Disco Stu

    Emotional Warmth in Serialist Music

    Yes I was not saying it couldn’t express many emotions. And yeah my thought was that joy or warmth might be beyond its reach. But also, these things are so subjective! Life experiences and associations can color your perception of music so much. I was curious if anyone had such emotions responses to music written with this method that many would not.
  3. Disco Stu

    The Doctor Who Thread.....

    I’m on media blackout. Not watching a second of footage before the season airs
  4. Disco Stu

    Emotional Warmth in Serialist Music

    Of course this is not to suggest that a method of composition isn't valuable or interesting if it can't produce warm emotions in the listener. This whole topic is probably borne from the fact that I am once again a new father and therefore like a dangerously raw emotional nerve. Honestly, I listened to the Williams/BPO recording of Copland's "The Promise of Living" and I was basically inconsolable. Kind of the perfect piece for a new parent, actually, if you consider the meaning of the words to be more figurative than literal. But I am very genuinely interested in sampling any suggestions posted here!
  5. I am not looking to start a tiresome debate about whether any organized sound intrinsically carries emotions. Yes, I know dissonance is a subjective term, that harmony is only dissonant if the ear is unused to it, etc., etc., etc. I only care about YOUR personal, emotional experience of this music. I am merely wondering if anyone here finds any twelve-tone or serialist music to give them feelings of warmth, love, or comfort. Is it music that is ONLY ever meant to be at least a bit discomfiting? To my ear, the serialist pieces I've heard always sound severe, harsh, brute. Even My Dear Copland's latter-day tinkering with the method. PS I will be shocked if this topic gets even a single reply.
  6. Disco Stu

    The Classical Music Recommendation Thread

    This album is a delight
  7. Disco Stu

    The Official Future Films Thread

    Jesus I hate the clickbait movie news blog industry. Like, how do you have that job and not know, or at least just bother look up and see, that Mothersbaugh hasn't scored an Anderson film since 2004?
  8. Disco Stu

    Video Game Thread II

    Awesome! Not many people like his platformer's as much as me, it's definitely weird Stu thing just how obsessed I am. Something about the way his 2d platformers control just feels so right to me. It's a very special feeling for a platformer connoisseur like me No idea! I don't generally use completing a game as a necessary measure for enjoying it. There are games I consider among my favorites of all time I've never beaten.
  9. Disco Stu

    The Classical Music Recommendation Thread

    Ok I'm moved on from that nonsense, just found a longform John Mackey piece I haven't heard before! Yes!
  10. Disco Stu

    Video Game Thread II

    Mudds is their best game for sure. But I do really like Xeodrifter, It's like a bitesized Metroidvania. I own it on 3DS, Wii U, PS4, and Switch and I've 100%ed on all of those platforms more than once each. I've gotten my time to 100% to under 2 hours (first time was considerably longer). And yes, can't wait for Treasurenauts, he's been teasing it for years and years. That would be Jools. He's the only public facing person involved in any of them. He does use at least one programmer, but most of the games are made by just 2-3 people.
  11. Disco Stu

    Video Game Thread II

    I literally drank my coffee this very morning out of a Mutant Mudds themed mug. I'm a huge fan of Mudds, Xeodrifter, and Chicken Wiggle, the 2D platformers that Jools Watsham has designed. Chicken Wiggle is being ported to Switch as well (I backed the Kickstarter earlier this year).
  12. Disco Stu

    Video Game Thread II

    Apropos of nothing http://www.suppermariobroth.com/post/148414357595/in-super-mario-galaxy-whenever-mario-drowns-in-a
  13. Disco Stu

    The Classical Music Recommendation Thread

    Yeah I'm thinking of the tradition that (as I understand it currently at least, looking to be proven wrong) starts with Rimsky-Korsakov, Tchaikovsky, etc. of suites of smaller pieces that reflect a larger work. Again, I think of 18th century opera overtures as being the proto version of it but separate somehow. I think of the concert arrangements that Williams publishes for his film scores as consciously existing in this tradition. Incidental music for the stage definitely existed before the 19th century (I think of people like Purcell), but were the composers actively working to have that music presented separate from the original work like Tchaikovsky and contemporaries did? EDIT: My mind is being blown as I discover that the orchestral suites for Swan Lake and Sleeping Beauty probably weren't selected/published by Tchaikovsky himself! Nutcracker was though. This is changing my perception.
  14. Disco Stu

    The Classical Music Recommendation Thread

    Heh, I added a sentence to the end of my post like 60 seconds before you replied.
  15. Disco Stu

    Video Game Thread II

    Which is the official launch date of the online service in Japan. They're going to launch it simultaneously worldwide and they probably won't do it until the workday starts in Japan.