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  1. Would you like me to leave JWFan?

    Thor's in big doo-doo dis time
  2. John Williams Discography

    I'm not saying everything should be released/recorded like that or that it's better than standard stereo, but for those who can afford it and find it interesting it's pretty neat. Anyway @Bespin, I see you haven't even updated Wikipedia to include "Markings" so I don't even wanna talk to you! Shape up!
  3. John Williams Discography

    Well that's what makes it interesting surely? A way to experience the music in an entirely new way that would be impossible in a live setting? I see no problem here.
  4. The Doctor Who Thread.....

    Hey it's Mark's boss from Peep Show
  5. Michael Giacchino's Coco (2017)

    I feel this should be posted here too, just in case anyone missed it in the other thread (with all due credit to @lostoman17 for posting it originally) It really does sound great. Rich, warm orchestration with great Mexican folk inspired melody/harmony. Can't wait to hear the whole thing.
  6. If I had any desire to learn photo editing software, I'd take your avatar and put this next to the TARDIS instead
  7. The Bear McCreary Thread

    I happily endorse this hierarchy. Haven't listened to Revolt yet though.
  8. Video Game Thread II

    Ain't no way I'm spending $80 on a coffee table book, but geez louise that is gorgeous
  9. The Official Future Films Thread

    An actor's face is the most interesting landscape of all
  10. Halloween 2017 Entertainment

    That old lady with the most hardcore smoker's voice I've ever heard is the best.
  11. The Official Future Films Thread

    If absolutely nothing else, it looks like it'll be a sumptuous feast, visually.
  12. Halloween 2017 Entertainment

    This year I'm just going to watch David S. Pumpkins on a loop for two hours. Any questions?
  13. DC Cinematic Universe Thread

    The Wizard of Oz and Star Wars and Lord of the Rings pull from common mythological elements that cross every generation of storytellers going back thousands of years. Hope this helps, Disco Stu
  14. Hey I forgot about this thread