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  1. She orders me to wipe her ass with specialty soundtrack label liner note pages and serve her supper using the CDs as plates.
  2. I've had enough hard drive failures in my time to never take digital music for granted.
  3. 2x5 is definitely the coolest sounding piece Steve Reich has ever put together, for me. Those clean-sounding bass and electric guitars are superb.
  4. I'm not wearing any trousers right now, so that checks out
  5. To be honest, Williams should just give us the sessions before the movie comes out and we'll tell him what the best OST assembly would be.
  6. My response to every criticism I've ever heard or read of Roger Moore as Bond: "Um, these are the reasons to like him, not dislike him." Features! Not bugs!
  7. Roger Moore is better than everything!
  8. It's also a damn accurate statement!
  9. "Imagine if we did this thing that nobody has actually suggested we do but me mentioning the possibility means I can imply that it's what they want to do" - a classic slippery slope argument
  10. This movie won the People's Choice Award at the Toronto Film Festival. Over the last 20 years, 12 of the winners of this award have been nominated for the Best Picture Oscar, 5 have won it. If this movie gets Oscar buzz, maybe Giacchino could get that elusive third Oscar nomination. I haven't heard much about the score from reviews, though. This (negative) Indiewire review just calls the score "cheerful" https://www.indiewire.com/2019/09/jojo-rabbit-review-taika-waititi-tiff-1202172024/
  11. This isn't a question, just pointing out a very quick and quirky little orchestration touch I like in Copland's "Dance Panels" A solo oboe backed with a muted trumpet, violins striking the strings (col legno!), and pizzicato viola (which you can just hear if you close eyes and listen very closely). It's over in 4 seconds, but I always look forward to it when listening to this delightful and mostly forgotten Copland ballet, the last he wrote. (0:40-0:44)
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