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  1. Glad the thread got bumped as I wasn't aware of this until now. I'm not a particular fan of the non-film, non-OST concert arrangements but this is a lovely piece, more delicate, hushed and unhurried than in any film, OST or pops concert context. Starkiller/Torn Apart, while most strongly sampled at 90 sec in, sounds more like what might've been a jumping off point for newly invented material. He's dedicated so much precious late in life time to spinning out new compositions based on his film work, which is fantastic but a part of me wishes there had been a body of numbered symphonies begun at some point. Like opera, just not his mission, I guess.
  2. The Five Tones

    John Williams' DRACULA - MUSIC ONLY discussion

    No, that was my confusing metaphor for the underworld journey of the masters, being neglected and presumed lost one way or another all this time.
  3. The Five Tones

    John Williams' DRACULA - MUSIC ONLY discussion

    Just finished listening through CD 1. Considering the age and particulars of the master tapes (Night Journeys, indeed) this is an HEROIC restoration. In terms of the expanded score, this is as close to a gothic symphony as we get from JW. It seems to flow without too much if any concern for the contemporary aspects of the film and/or late 70s keyboard signatures (i.e. Fury or ESB). Again, Matessino deserves enormous credit for bringing that kind of consistency and JW's overall vision forward. My hearing is pretty intact for my age (50) and yes, we know Dracula will never ever sound like SW or Raiders or even last year's CE3K reborn, but this is nothing short of historic and very, very satisfying [bares fangs].
  4. Flap, flap... trill, trill... it's here!! Seems to have made it through the rotating Canadian postal strike without much if any delay. Also: thanks to whoever entered the track titles in proper title case in iTunes!
  5. Flap, flap... shipped.
  6. The Five Tones

    JWFan expands its social media presence

    Great work as always Ricard. Social works for me as I am usually only dipping in for updates. Less toxic too.
  7. The Five Tones

    The Wishing John Williams a Speedy Recovery thread...

    Nothing to post - just sincere wishes for a full recovery and safe trip home, Maestro.
  8. They were the perfect foil for his gothic sound at the time. The Hollywood recording of The Fury pales in comparison to the LSO rerecord, in playing alone. It's up there, pretty darn timeless.
  9. My god, I can't believe it's here! (sung to the French horn in To Scarborough) ORDERED, sweet mother of Nosferatu That organ in the film version of To Scarborough, wow... which by the way, I should add to the underrated chase scenes thread This score has long been in my top 10 JW and it's only fitting that Mattesino handled the restoration. W00t! btw, The Fury is also in my top 10, and equally good imo. '77-'81 is the sweet spot.
  10. Was going to post this before and then didn't. Not underrated, a classic if not overly thrilling chase sequence, but I'm posting now because it dawned on me Herrmann's fandango rhythm is very similar to JW's main rhythmic motif in the main title for The Towering Inferno, since the JW disaster score thread was also in mind http://www.jwfan.com/forums/index.php?/topic/28942-the-poseidon-adventure-vs-earthquake-vs-the-towering-inferno/&tab=comments#comment-1540807 Hopefully thus a worthy inclusion. Both have the same count: 1-2-3, 1-2-3, 1-2, 1-2, 1-2
  11. Agreed on both fronts (as well as being in the controversial "it sounds better" camp). I'd always noticed the stereo effect of the trumpets and made a vague connection to John Adams's Tromba Lontana - which also places two solo trumpets on opposing balconies - but good to know.
  12. The Five Tones

    Who is your favorite film composer?

    I have solo tickets to the Toronto Symphony doing SW OT and TFA live to picture in 2019-20, if anyone's going to that. I mostly go to weird, modern, small scale stuff when I can, but try not to miss too many JW film nights or modern stuff at the TSO.
  13. The Five Tones

    Who is your favorite film composer?

    If the Europeans can have their meetup, so should we! I would love a trip to Montreal but can probably only afford the subway in Toronto, lol. And I liked some of Solo, less than Rogue.
  14. The Five Tones

    Who is your favorite film composer?

    1. John Williams 2. Bernard Herrmann 3. Jerry Goldsmith After that, the number is very small or only one or a passing interest/fan from a distance for other composers, but a few honourable mentions for specific titles: Michael Giacchino - Star Trek (2009), Rogue One (huge subject matter bias with these two, obv) Philip Glass - Koyaanisqatsi, Mishima, Kundun, Naqoyqatsi, The Hours (and all his concert and stage music work through the 1980s and much but not most afterwards) James Horner - Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan Cliff Martinez - Solaris (many listens) Michael Nyman - Prospero's Books and The Piano Leonard Rosenman - Fantastic Voyage Lalo Schifrin - THX 1138 Toru Takemitsu - Ran Hans Zimmer - Inception, Man of Steel and Interstellar Star Trek the Original Series by Alexander Courage, Fred Steiner, Gerald Fried, et al Trinity and Beyond (The Atomic Bomb Movie) by William Stromberg, Lennie Moore and John Morgan I don't really have much of an interest in many of the top mainstream composers of the past 30 years, not to disparage anyone but nothing has called to me. Kind of agree with this: How is the late Jóhann Jóhannsson not a voting option? Never mind none of us seem to support any non-white male composers...
  15. Probably not underrated in film or scoring history (that ram's horn at 1 min is so iconic!) but maybe some of the youngers don't know it. What JW was doing in 2002 with The Chase Through Coruscant and Anderson's Great Escape remind me of this in terms of tempo and meter. Some of the cue/scene below