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  1. Relish that moment, she never does anything again.
  2. Naturally, to rename it Whiteland. Then back again in a few decades when it will fit.
  3. I wanted every lobotomised mental patient of a "main character" to get eaten and rooted for the hunters. Disappointing.
  4. Jerry, that says alcohol free. He's supposedly still going! Nice Minecraft wallpaper!
  5. Just wait until Arya parkours and swims through sewers with her gut open and it makes her stronger.
  6. OST recreated (approximated) from the Tadlow/Prometheus rerecording for convenient length but superior sound and performance. I left The Kitchen in because there's no good way to separate it from The Orgy in the same way the OST has it, with that opening leading note for the transition.
  7. Ori is a wonder. Will be a breeze after Hollow Knight but it's so goddamn gorgeous! I 100%ed it 3 times on Steam.
  8. With the 2-or 4-side fragmentation, there may have been more motivation to create satisfying mini-structures for each side, while many later OSTs feel haphazard, choppy, seemingly randomly out of order for the sake of being out of order.
  9. CE3K - LLL Disc 1 Superman - LLL OST Dracula - Deluxe OST Monsignor - new OST That magical era when JW could still create great shortened programs! Alien - Intrada OST ST:TMP - LLL OST This guy, too!
  10. Those are just pointless clowns with no effect on anyting. How about climate change deniers?
  11. Sorry, I forgot Luke watched TFA. Hell of an assumption based off of an intentionally completely vague answer.
  12. We know the Azkaban editors did a great job making their edits unnoticable but this seems a bit too much to pitchshift and reedit from the following cue, and too similar to be some synth choir which I could maybe believe the film's Apparition ending could be.
  13. Because him immediately choosing to train this rando that happened to come across him, or even take up arms after years of self-exile and removing himself from these earthly matters would have been the lamest shit ever. An arc has to have an arc to it to be an arc, a high point needs a low point so it can actually be a high point in relation to something. If you really don't like it, blame JJ for setting up something that couldn't really have been continued well in many other ways. I agree with Disco Stu!
  14. Oh, coincidentally from that post I remember something I somehow forgot to write in! The makeup is of course wonky at times and doesn't look much like chimpanzees or orangutans but in some shots the mouth articulation works well, the faces have a lot of personality and let expressions through nicely. I like 'em.
  15. It descending into mindless violence right then could even make Battle unnecessary, keeping Caesar as the oppressed-turned-villain, proving extremism births extremism!
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