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    Hi everyone, nice to meet cha!

    Hi, first post here, and though i'm a big music fan, i tend not to go on forums to much as I've always ended up getting 'scunnered' ( a great scottish word meaning 'fed up' or pi$$ed off) with the negativity and superiority complexes that i've often encountered. ( ironically the most negative place I joined celebrated the band Yes, the epitome of positivity I've been a JW fan since before I even knew! My dad to me to see the Towering Inferno back in '74 and I loved the music for it, though i didn't know anything about who wrote the music, about film composers or that you could by their music on records. Star Wars changed all that, and I swear I listened to that double LP soundtrack so many times, I could have conducted the LSO quite successfully, without looking at the score once! Anyways, I'm looking forward to taking part in the forum and hearing everyones opinions and so on. I'm sure You won't agree with me all the time and I won't agree with everything put up here, but hey the world would be a boring place if we did. So God Bless John Williams, as if it weren't for him and Rick Wakeman, I wouldn't be a musician and I wouldn't be able to feed my children!