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  1. ColonelVogel

    Favorite Short Segments from Indiana Jones

    Yeah, I like that introduction as well.
  2. I was just wondering what are some of your favorite 10-50 second segments from any of the Indiana Jones films. I like plenty more than I am sharing, but I don't want to take them all. I really like 0:40 to 1:07 in I also really like 1:42 to 2:01 in
  3. ColonelVogel

    Ranking JW's 21st century scores

    It's a very tough choice. For me, the tracks I like are more important to my liking of the soundtrack than the soundtrack itself. The whole soundtrack being terrific is an added bonus. My favorite tracks, in no particular order, are: -hedwig's theme -the face of voldemort -leaving hogwarts -harry's wondrous world -across the stars -fawkes the phoenix -buckbeak's flight -aunt marge's waltz -rey's theme -kylo ren's motif (not really a full track) -jedi steps & finale Yes, I haven't listened to all of the soundtracks from the 2000s, so my choices are a little limited. What soundtracks or tracks does anyone think I would like based on these tracks?
  4. Thank you so much for part 2! I especially love to hear the segment with the knight in The Last Crusade. I really wish there was a track that had more of it Update on my french horn: Can now play part of the Jurassic Park theme, which is keeping me happy until i can play the part I mentioned above
  5. This was a wonderful arrangement! I really enjoyed the part where you added Short Round's theme as the transition between 2 other themes. This has made me more exited to get my French Horn this week. I got bored of strings and want to try something new, and this made me sure of my decision. Thanks!
  6. ColonelVogel

    Favorite Williams End Titles Cue?

    1. Empire Strikes Back 2. Last Crusade 3. Temple of Doom 4. TFA 5. Raiders of the Lost Ark 6. A New Hope 7. Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone 8. E.T. 9. Return of the Jedi 10. Attack of the Clones Side note: #4 and above are not even close to my top 3.
  7. Do you mean 2:23 to 2:43? If you do, that is my favorite part of that track as well. The reason I like TLC's end credits more is mainly due to 0:40 to 1:05.
  8. I said "of these choices" in the title...
  9. I've picked my favorite tunes from the IJ original 3, and wonder what everyone else's favorite is. Here are links to the themes: Raiders March: The Map Room: Dawn: The Miracle of the Ark: Slave Children's Crusade: ToD End Credits: Scherzo for Motorcycle and Orchestra: Alarm!: The Keeper of the Grail: Finale and End Credits:
  10. ColonelVogel

    Will John Williams score Indiana Jones 5?

    He probably will score it if he is still scoring anything then, he and Spielberg have the best collaboration in my opinion.
  11. ColonelVogel

    My Introduction

    Thanks for replying everyone! @IncanusI see you have exactly 1492 reputation... do you like Chris Columbus's movies? @SharkyI do happen to have a ticket, I learned that lesson the hard way, for sure...
  12. ColonelVogel

    My Introduction

    I do that too, but I can't play other instruments besides the piano on the piano
  13. ColonelVogel

    My Introduction

    In California, with cities like San Francisco and Oakland, etc.
  14. ColonelVogel

    My Introduction

    Hey everyone, greetings from the Bay Area! My name is Paul, and I fell in love with the music of John Williams at a young age, even before I knew who wrote it. I am in high school now, and am trying to compose my own music. I would appreciate it if you guys gave me some help picking the software I use to make music. Favorite Scores: All Star Wars; 1. Empire Strikes Back, 2. A New Hope, 3. Return of the Jedi, 4 The Phantom Menace, 5. Attack of the Clones, 6. Revenge of the Sith. Also the first 3 Indiana Jones movies, the first 3 Harry Potter movies, Jaws, E.T, and Jurassic Park. Thanks to everyone who gives advice of the software.