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  1. toothless

    Official Indiana Jones 5 Thread

    If I was sure Powell would score every film Williams can't/won't , I'd sign up now ! As for who to replace Ford… Matthew Goode ?
  2. toothless

    The Official Christopher Nolan Church Thread

    Dunkirk is - with Gravity and The Revenant - what I call experiences. Great movies the first time you watch them as long as it’s in a good theater. But the way they are built upon spectacle and twist make them pretty unwatchable later. At least that’s what I think. But they are good movies !
  3. Oh FFS ! Maleficent was a great score ! And I was comforted in my opinion when I went to JNH concert in Paris. This is a disappointment. I don’t know much about Zanelli, nor do I care.
  4. toothless


    Djawadi score for this season is pretty great though. Listening now. In a nutshell all production was great. Only to be let down by bad writing. But I think people will soon calm down and realize that a bad season does not ruin an entire show. This show was and is a massive achievement
  5. toothless

    Upcoming Films

    JNH returning is the only thing that would make me go see it. But I could see Doyle scoring it I don’t know why but it’d be fun.
  6. When I don't want to bother anyone : Audio Technica ATH-MSR7b. (Best headphone ever, I had the first version MSR7 and even better with this one MSR7b) When I don't care : Onkyo TX-NR545, Focal Sib & Cub3
  7. toothless


    https://www.vice.com/fr/article/pajajk/game-of-thrones-a-ruine-tous-ses-personnages A very well written article.
  8. toothless

    Royal Albert Hall Gift Voucher £30.00 for £15.00

    Thanks In the end I just hope somebody will be interested !
  9. toothless

    John Powell kicks ass

    Also, The gift from Prussian requiem.
  10. toothless


    Yeah about that… it might be explained in the books but… how come Ned never told her ? I mean, it looks like she's a character who can keep secrets… Would have made everything easier.