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  1. Hey guys. I'm not sure I'll be able to attend the meetup 😕 I can't say for now. But hey, maybe I'll get to see some of you at the RAH
  2. toothless

    Who should Score Peter Jackson's Mortal Engines?

  3. So, is there a timeframe for when the meetup would occur ?
  4. I think I'll keep my stalls seats Did not have time to buy other seats. Hope you guys were able to purchase !
  5. I don't know what to do. I might wanna do the same thing in order to see williams conduct ! But I have good seats in the stalls (Stalls L, row 3 seats 82/83). What would everyone do ? (Never been to the RAH). EDIT : so there won't be any cue with choir in the program ?
  6. Very nice videos here thank you I've been watching these videos of williams conducting for some years now, always thinking I would never ever have the chance to attend one of these concerts. But now I'll be there in London very soon and I just can't wait.
  7. I don't know why and I may be completely wrong but I think FB will be to JNH what LOTR was to HS or SW to JW. Anyway, I look forward to FB2. Even if I don't like Yate's film aesthetically speaking, I found the first one to be a nice and well executed movie with enough magic to be happy
  8. toothless

    Who should be the next Bond?

    Matt Smith ?
  9. That's funny, I was just whistling it (counterpoint included 😛) today when walking from the sub to work. That along with Rey theme. PS : for my fellow french speaking members : is it how we say "siffloter" in English ?
  10. toothless

    James Bond #25

    At this point I don't care who they hire. While I consider Skyfall to be a truly great and modern James Bond movie, I was bored af during the boring Spectre 😕 Spectre is to Skyfall what QOS was to Casino royal.