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  1. Mark Mothersbaugh's THOR RAGNAROK

    Maybe we can all agree Thor 2 was awful then ? EDIT: See I can even remember its title ! I do liked some of Tyler's theme for the film though.
  2. Mark Mothersbaugh's THOR RAGNAROK

    It's a shame themes are no priority to marvel because Thor 1 had some pretty good ones… Also, I did not watch GotG2 because GotG1 is one of the worst marvel, in my opinion. And I know it makes me the odd man
  3. Mark Mothersbaugh's THOR RAGNAROK

    I think the key is "different". In the case of marvel movies, I've come to a point where I only go in theaters for Avengers AND "different" movies. For example, I had no interest for GotG2. But This film, Thor, intrigues me so I'll certainly see in. It's the same thing for the soundtracks. You can hear the composer made something different because I have a feeling that somehow the movie will be a fun roller coaster different from any other marvel. Wait & see. Anyway, it's a fun score !
  4. Mark Mothersbaugh's THOR RAGNAROK

    I really like what I'm hearing ! Thor meets meets Blade Runner meets Doctor Strange. I think It'll work really well within the movie. It's weird and fresh. And finally, hearing some themes from the first Thor movie !
  5. Available here in France
  6. Yes In the next few days !
  7. I thought I already posted about this ! Anyway I'll attend this concert and I'm sooo exited. First because acoustic concerts are way better than amplified ones. Second because it will be the first time I'll hear the LSO live and go to the philharmonie
  8. THE LAST JEDI Trailer 2 MUSIC discussion

    Ah the famous "Williams' signature brand" with its drums and braaaaaaaaam. Yeah. Sure.
  9. THE LAST JEDI Trailer 2 MUSIC discussion

    It's definitely there, some kind of variation. It's more "recognizable" if you speed the video though.
  10. Let BB8 be the cute little thing that provides comic relief. No need for toy-like merchandising !
  11. THE LAST JEDI Trailer 2 MUSIC discussion

    The music in the trailer is not by Williams. But we never know… It could be some of his ideas taken out of the score then re worked by the trailer house.
  12. This trailer makes me REALLY happy : Numerous magnificent shots that I'm sure John williams will have written great music for ! As for the scenario, as long as it it more intelligent than the average blockbuster (it seems to be the case) I'm OK with it. It's full of spoiler yes but careful of the editing here As for the Porgs, these are just Disney marketing products waiting to be sold in stores, I don't care as long as we don't have them in every shot.