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  1. toothless

    Across the Stars for Anne-Sophie Mutter

    Some videos are not up on youtube anymore so here is an other :
  2. toothless

    New JW Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge Music!!

    It background music, sure. But great background music. Thanks! Does not sound like star wars, but who cares
  3. That being said, after seing the movie and the way the music is burried under the sound effect, I must admit that listening again to the soundtrack is more pleasant. There are great moments inside it once you remove all the dreary material. I may have been too harsh with JNH in the other thread by saying his music was 80% "Hunger games" action mode. It felt like that in the movie. But the soundtrack in itself contains lots of gems
  4. Thoughts (Minor spoilers) • It's fun to read reactions here, as I share many of your thoughts. The first thing I told my girlfriend after the movie ended was "I feel like I've just watched a book". The inner story seems well thought out, I loved some character developments even though it means some were left behind… This movie should have been longer. Yes, longer. With a bit more twists. It tries to hard to pack everything in a 2h15mn movie : I'm not sure all the best events have made it through the editing room. • Where are the Crimes of Grindelwald ? I mean, it's the bad guy we get it. But I don't know, I guess I expected more of a "why is he like that", what wrongdoing has he done throughout the years… • My favorite moments are when newt take care of his beasts. It realy is a magical world where you can see all JK Rowling's creativity. Besides, the main actor is truly perfect for this role as I love the way he plays newt. During the 2h15 of the movie, I was more interested in Newt's life rather than grindelwald wrongdoing. • For some people it's boring to think like that, but I can't separate a story from the way it's told so I also looked at the technical aspects of the movie. I had this weird feeling that, even though everything was going on well before Harry potter, everything looked more polished, too flat, too clean. I mean, look at Hogwarts. Everythings is perfectly aligned, no ornaments, no mess inside classrooms, etc. It looks like it's hapenning a hundred years after harry potter. And I had the same feeling with the way a guy puts Dumbledore some strap on his wrist to know the spellls he uses. It's like the "death" room in the first movie. It's too "modern" for something happening so before Harry potter. • Finally some colors and magic on this movie ! Even though, alas, nearly every action pieces are in the dark. I want to see a magic fight in plain day ! • Jacob is still great as the comic relief. I just love this character and I can see where his story is heading ! • I don't think the twist at the end is real. I feel like it's more a Grindelwald scam. • I saw in Jude laws' acting a young Dumbledore. It was convincing and it reminded me both actors of the harry potter franchise. • I did not like the way the movie was shot with some REALLY weird close ups and more cuts in the edit. I can see why the music is what it is. It still has room to shine but in very rare occasions. 80% of the movie's music is JNH in "hunger games" action mode which I dislike. But I hope we can have another director for the next movie to see how the picture could evolve stylistically. I've nothing against Yates, but I feel like we've seen everything from him regarding the wizarding world. It's easy to focus on what was wrong (in my opinion) with this movie. But despite all this, I liked what I saw it was a fun and entertaining movie. And I love the wizarding world. Even more so, I trust JK rowling that she knows where she is heading.
  5. Just saw it. While I don’t know what to think of the movie yet, I can say I was disappointed by the music. But I can see why as the movie has not that much breathing room. Indeed most of the action has generic trailer music. There are still some great moments throughout but I’ll have to give a proper listen to the soundtrack.
  6. toothless

    What will the title of SW Ep. IX be?

    I do see it being called just "Star wars"
  7. 00:06 - 00:10 I smilled because it reminds me of JW writing for potter.
  8. Well, given the world premiere is tomorrow in France at just a 10 minute walk from where I live, I might stop by and see if they broadcast some music
  9. So Hedwig's theme confirmed. Breaking news.
  10. When the most liked post I have is a joke, I seriously have to reconsider my other posts 😂