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  1. You might want to get there as soon as you can though. The first people showing up with the ticket will get in (at least it is taht way in France). And if your ticket is being sold numerous times on different website, you better be the first to present it
  2. I guess the NDA is far more important on Star Wars than it is for Jurassic World.
  3. James Bond #25

    Depends on the style of the movie I guess
  4. James Bond #25

    I'd like Patrick Doyle to score this. Although I don't know why.
  5. Star Wars - Live To Projection Concerts

    I just bought my tickets for the four concerts in Paris. The fact that it is at the Philharmonie is great. It means only the dialogue will be amplified and the music will be acoustic, I would not have thought they would choose this place for these concerts so… I can't wait
  6. Star Wars - Live To Projection Concerts

    I was just listening to battle of crait as loud as my speaker can take and just had a HUGE smille on my face thinking how epic this piece would be in a LTP concert. Do they have any plan on doing TLJ LTP ?
  7. Spotify

    If you make a playlist, feel free to post it here
  8. Star Wars - Live To Projection Concerts

    It'll finaly come to Paris in 2019 ! Orchestre National D'Ile de France Conductor: Ernst van tiel ANH ESB ROTJ TFA As well a some events and conferences arround film music and Williams.
  9. Couldn't agree with you more !
  10. THE POST - SCORE Thread

    I'm seing the movie tonight
  11. Composers here? What software do you use?

    I use musescore to write down ideas or devellope themes. It allows me to focus just on the melody. But that's all.