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  1. Well, I don't know if you read my review of the LSO concert in paris, but I attended a conference before the concert where musicians told us that they received the sheet of music the very same day they record.
  2. John Powell's FERDINAND (2017)
  3. Thanks for the huge spoilers around here… It's the second time I see a spoiler… I just hope the movie won't be boring now. Next time I'll just avoid every thread I think.
  4. I'm thinking more and more about going to see the film without listening to the soundtrack. It lands on Spotify on friday and I see the movie on saturday. I think I can wait one more day.
  5. Wow so much new reactions. Now I just can't wait to see this movie and hear Williams music saturday in Dolby Atmos. Of course I will listen to the soundtrack on repeat as soon as it lands on spotify here on friday.
  6. I'm watching the European premiere and they are straming actual Williams music, but not from TLJ…
  7. So in this thread the score is outstanding. And on the other one the score is sort of "meh" but nice ? This soundtrack can't leak or be available soon enough
  8. No, of course I'm not flabbergasted people have different opinions. I think the problem comes from the fact Tweets aren't long enough to properly elaborate a critic. Whenever critics use strong words such a "masterpiece" or "crap" for the same movie it's hard to believe they are describing the same movie without much explanations. And regarding the "common ground" what I meant was : When you judge a movie, opinions, artistic sensibilities and other subjective things come into account BUT ultimately there are also a few OBJECTIVE criteria to take into considerations. And with these few objective criteria, I have a hard time understanding how one movie can be "Great" and "Dull" at the same Time. I guess what I'm trying to say is that Twitter critics are worthless because too short.
  9. Even if I know people can have different opinions, different artistic sensibilities, different views on filmmaking and so on, I'm always flabbergasted when I see critics going from "It's a masterpiece", to "it's crap". I mean, there has to be some common ground. Such a movie can't be "quite boring" AND "great" at the same time right ?