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  1. I personally could not care less about what édition is considered the best. I just want the best 4K édition possible of any movie with HDR.
  2. And no Williams for the Fireworks either this year Only a bit of Zimmer ! _____ @Jay maybe this thread can be moved to the general category, as there is no Williams music every year
  3. This year concert started https://mobile.france.tv/spectacles-et-culture/opera-et-musique-classique/1025301-le-concert-de-paris-2019.html No Williams, it appears, for the concert! But who knows for the Maîtrise de Radio France Sofi Jeannin, chef de chœur Chœur de Radio France Alessandro Di Stefano, chef de chœur Orchestre National de France Alain Altinoglu, direction
  4. Reading through this thread makes me sad that he could not conduct at the RAH 😢 But anyway it looks like it was a tremendous concert
  5. • Or because he was brought-in relatively late, Fukunaga accepted only if he would have final decision on the composer's choice ; • Or EON is OK to let outsiders experiment with the saga ; • Or they are purposefully looking for something different ; • etc I'm curious what it will sound like, and I'm interested For a "bond" style music, I would have preferred Arnold or Kraemer. But since none of these have been chosen, I'd much prefer to hear what unexpected composer such as Romer have to offer. Of course, Hurwitz would have been interesting. But I'm at least happy it's not Göransson or Balfe.
  6. Can't wait to hear the cheap-sounding choral work during the final battle!
  7. I was 16 y/o in 2009 ! This is one old topic
  8. Andrew Lockington ! After revisiting his score for Journey 2 I think it would fit really well.
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