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  1. Indeed But I think we might see some musicians he's collaborated with
  2. They just played Schindler's list. I still can't believe how beautiful this piece is.
  3. toothless

    The Composer's Thread

    I'm watching the concert right now A very nice program, as always. John williams work soon (in 10 minutes I would say). Anyway thanks for the tips ! Realy easy, I feel dumb not to have at least tried this before asking
  4. toothless

    The Composer's Thread

    How can I remove useless bars at the beginning (or at the end) of a score ? (See picture attached)
  5. toothless

    The Composer's Thread

    Thank you for the advice I'll try this during the week end ! Also I noticed some notes that are off with the harp at the begining. Need to correct that. After that I'll move on to another piece. I don't want spend too much time perfecting it as the main goal is to learn musescore. That being said, for a first composition (all medium included), I'm happy with it
  6. toothless

    The Composer's Thread

    I tried to correct a few things today (The beginning is still abrupt, as I didn't think of a proper opening).
  7. Like every year, it will be broadcasted live https://culturebox.francetvinfo.fr/opera-classique/musique-classique/14-juillet-2018-concert-de-paris-275929
  8. toothless

    STAR WARS general thread

  9. toothless

    The Composer's Thread

    Nice "suspens" track I would say
  10. toothless

    The Composer's Thread

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts !I'm curious about how it make you feel. I was going for "Positive melancholy" here. As for musescore I need to learn more about it for sure. I'll revisit this piece soon. It's litteraly the first time I compose a piece. I usually juste play around on my midi controler for fun creating small tunes.
  11. toothless

    The Composer's Thread

    I had a tune in mind and I wanted to try more of MuseScore this afternoon so here it is. 1 oboe, 2 flutes, cello, contrabass, 2 harps.
  12. toothless

    The temp track or similarities thread

    I just clicked play at the same time on both videos and it allmost sounds like one piece indeed !