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  1. Completist in the sense that you have all of the album releases? That's quite a feat I myself have a looong way to go - still haven't touched some of the scores at all.
  2. I'm glad you've enjoyed it! We can definitely do that some time - I do frequent Oslo, especially during weekends. Perhaps it's even possible to find some more Williams fans and do a proper meetup With a full concert hall like that there's bound to be at least some enthusiasts of those scores.
  3. I am not Norwegian myself, just been living here for some time. Have fun at the concert tonight, though!
  4. Jeremy Soule is fairly responsive to his fans on Facebook.
  5. I consider myself a Star Wars and film fan first and foremost, so I do have tickets to two screenings on the 14th already (one of them uses actual 15/70mm IMAX film, rather than digital IMAX, so I am pretty hyped about that). So I'll see the film a couple times first, and I expect to get the CD shortly after, as I've pre-ordered it. It's difficult to speculate whether or not I'll like the score. Judging by The Force Awakens OST, I'll probably have to give it several thorough listens to really fall in love with it.
  6. I've just returned from a spectacular concert that was stunning both musically and visually, so I thought I should write a short overview of what was going on there in the Oslo Konserthus. I am pretty sure there are more John Williams fans in Norway, so if you've been to the concert as well, you're very welcome to contribute your thoughts and correct any mistakes that I may have made (I didn't take any notes, and I am writing this from memory, so there is no guarantee that I won't mix up anything ) I try to never miss any performances of John Williams' scores in my area, even if it's some local amateur orchestra, so when it was announced earlier this year that the world-class Oslo Philharmonic was going to perform music from Star Wars, I simply had no excuses not to grab the tickets asap (and the tickets for both performances sold out in a relatively short time - the whole concert hall was completely full of people of all ages). The orchestra was conducted by the renowned American composer & conductor Lucas Richman. The theme of the whole concert was "using music to tell a story", so Richman did his best to explain bits of the Star Wars story behind every piece, mentioning important characters and events within that universe. The first part of the concert revolved around the Prequels: 1. Main Title 2. Duel of the Fates (instrumental) 3. Anakin's Theme 4. The Flag Parade 5. The Adventures of Jar Jar 6. Across the Stars 7. Battle of the Heroes (instrumental) 8. The Imperial March I've actually never heard a Prequel piece performed live before, so it was really amazing to hear those for the first time non-digitally. There were no vocals during the concert, so the orchestra had to substitute the choir parts by tweaking the orchestration. I suppose the absence of a choir did remove the original oomph out of Duel of the Fates and Battle of the Heroes, but the orchestra did perform those parts really well. The Imperial March was, obviously, a crowd-pleaser, and the concert organizers took full advantage of the lighting available to turn the whole hall red, and invited many cosplayers to provide a real presence of the Empire. The costumes were really well made and realistic, so I assumed there might have been members of the Nordic Garrison involved, which is a branch of the 501st Legion here in Scandinavia, but I am not really sure, and there weren't any details provided about who those people really were. Here's a shot of the whole thing (note the ominous Darth Vader in the back): After a short break, the orchestra returned for the second part, where the classic pieces from the Original Trilogy were presented, with the addition of Rey's Theme: 1. The Asteroid Field 2. Rey's Theme 3. Princess Leia's Theme 4. Cantina Band 5. Yoda's Theme 6. Here They Come 7. Luke and Leia 8. The Forest Battle 9. Throne Room and Finale Personally, I was dying to hear some of these live I loved all of it, and the only criticism I could possibly give would go towards the performance of Cantina Band, as I thought that the instrument balance sounded somewhat off. The woodwinds were drowned by the percussion, and the melody wasn't as clear as I'd have liked. I guess this would always be a problem in a concert hall environment, as these are inherently quieter instruments, as opposed to a studio environment, where the volumes can be tweaked much more. Nevertheless, the technique of the musicians was shining during the whole concert, including the very delicate parts of the score, and it was all really spectacular to hear. The conductor returned for an encore with the reprise of The Imperial March, this time with even more Imperial cosplay: The crowd was ecstatic, and the standing ovations continued for 5 minutes if not more. It would have been nice with a few more pieces, but the concert had already gone beyond the official 1hr 45min mark, so I suppose they didn't have time for more. As far as I am concerned, I wouldn't hesitate to call this my favorite performance of John Williams' music. My previous favorite was the RSNO concert earlier this year, and I've been to a few more performances, although the orchestras there were less known.
  7. The Quick Question Thread

    Is there a thread for irritating comments/posts seen on the internet? I just saw this on my Facebook newsfeed, and when that was followed by many comments with similar conclusions, I just lost some hope in humanity.
  8. The Birthday Thread

    Thanks to both of you!
  9. My personal reaction to the OST is similar to the Dunkirk OST. I'd never listen to it on its own, but it fits the film and works well as a functional score. It's an OK score of average quality, but one that doesn't rise above that. I'd have loved something more spectacular and unique, though, as in the score by Vangelis.
  10. Screen names on JWFan: VOTE NOW!

    Went for the "Screen names can never be changed at all", because I find it personally confusing to identify users who have changed their names, especially as I don't visit the forum very regularly.
  11. JWFan's More Annoying Trends in Cinema Thread

    Yes! This was one of the reasons why I disliked IT (and, generally, most horror movies), despite praise from critics, as I can't stand jump scares without the proper groundwork. I'd wish they did it like Hitchcock or Kubrick, but they don't do it anymore.
  12. Hans Zimmer's DUNKIRK

    Watched Dunkirk twice already, and I can say that I agree with the general critical response - it's the best film of the year, and certainly one of the best works of Nolan. As for the score, I felt that it integrated itself very neatly in the film, and worked well with the Nolan-esque style, helping build emotional and psychological suspense. As a standalone score, however, I wouldn't want to have it on my shelf - it would be a boring listen for me, compared to other Zimmer scores, like Interstellar and Inception, which I do like to listen to once in a while.
  13. John Williams Score Analysis

    I have been subscribed to JJay Berthume's YouTube channel for quite some time, as he frequently provides decent analysis of his own and others' musical works, explaining a great deal of music theory, as well as composition and orchestration techniques in the process. The reason why I wanted to share his channel, is because he has recently started working on a playlist where he gives an overview over various John Williams scores. Currently, there are only two videos, but I would expect to see more of them coming soon.
  14. Well, that's what I would be afraid of, I guess. I don't want the course to be a glorified interview of Zimmer where he talks about the philosophy of how film soundtracks are made. I'd rather he went into some concrete, deep specifics, which could not be easily found by doing a simple Google search. Guess I'll stick to the free Coursera courses on composition then.
  15. Has anyone here got any reviews of it? It's still popping up in my Facebook feed, and I am not sure how much the course is really worth. I might consider taking it, but I'd hate to be disappointed by it.