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  1. Didn't even see the whole thing until now. Was pretty nice to read all of it. So did John receive it? He's flying out tomorrow, isn't he?
  2. I don't have too much experience with film music concerts (been in two or three concerts showcasing Williams' music, as well as a few live-to-projection stuff) or even classical music concerts in general, so every time I go to a new show, there are always so many new experiences for me, and I'm at that stage where everything sounds special, even if played by a mediocre orchestra. So this evening at the Royal Albert Hall was something that I couldn't have imagined in my wildest dreams. I have never been to a majestic venue like that. I have never heard a world class orchestra like the LSO. And I have never seen such a renowned conductor with my own eyes. True, John Williams' illness was saddening, and it could have been so much better, but it was still the best concert experience I have ever had in my entire life. I don't even care that the programme was Star Wars-heavy, or that there weren't more obscure examples from Williams' work. I was just so immersed by how well everything was performed. Most of the pieces felt just like the CD recording versions, and I could never say the same of the previous concerts by other orchestras that I have attended. LSO seemed to have perfect control of the sound, each section powerful and distinct, yet unprecedentedly balanced, and that sound reverberated through the whole venue, and it felt like the venue was built for the orchestra. It was all so harmonious. I was on the verge of tears all the time - there was nothing else so beautiful that I could even think of comparing this event to. I must stress that the reason I got the chance to attend this amazing concert is the JWFan community, and, specifically, @PHOENIX who was nice enough not only to get me a ticket for the event, but also got me an even better seat in the front row of one of the central boxes, just minutes before the start of the show! And to think that months before this I was so pessimistic about getting to attend the concert in the first place, seeing as I had heard of the announcement too late, and everything was sold out, except for some speculative, ridiculously priced tickets from reseller sites. I'm eternally grateful to all you guys for giving me a reason to be in London that evening! Here's the view from the Rausing Circle, by the way. I was so amazed when I went through the doorway and saw this: Couldn't fit all of the hall in one shot, so had to do a panorama. Also, since everyone is sharing recordings, I thought I'd give you mine as well, which is of the Theme from Jurassic Park. I must warn you that it's not of a good quality - I think I covered one or both mics at some points, so it's really more of a memorabilia for myself:
  3. I really support the signed JWFan card idea, if it's possible to get a contact to deliver it to John. He must be feeling bad about having to cancel three concerts, and so any warm wishes will cheer him up for sure, and, likely, aid in the recovery! I'll still attend the concert, and hope to see some of you in the meetup.
  4. Damn it. Booked flights, hotels, everything. I can only hope he'll recover for Vienna.
  5. I'll be attending the concert as well, so looking forward to seeing you all at the meetup (hopefully there are still spaces left?)
  6. Biodome

    Official funny links and images thread

    I assume this is the correct thread for memes
  7. The Golden Hall at Musikverein is often cited as the best concert hall in the world. It's the acoustic qualities that make it attractive, whereas circular/oval shapes aren't perfect for sound, but they can hold many times more spectators. So yeah, I guess RAH is more fun (plus the LSO adds quite a bit of nostalgia), but I can see arguments for both
  8. I'd be truly surprised if the tickets on StubHub and Viagogo would actually be sold at their currently listed prices. They're not worth 10x their face value, especially as people who missed out on RAH probably got tickets for the Vienna concerts. I think it's a bubble, and, closer to the concert date, I guess the sellers will be forced to reduce the prices significantly to get rid of those tickets.
  9. Biodome

    12-tone technique in John Williams?

    Not a film score, but John Williams was one of the composers for Gloria Cheng's album. There were some atonal piano pieces there, although I don't know if they used the 12-tone technique.
  10. Has anyone got a spare ticket for this concert? I'm happy to buy it from someone. Still no luck with getting a seat
  11. The original buyer could potentially sell their ticket more than once. E.g. they could put one .pdf copy up on Stubhub, and the other on Viagogo. Also, the people who buy those tickets from those third-party sites, can also put them up for sale in the same way. Usually, these kinds of websites have safeguards against this (i.e. Stubhub, as far as I know, doesn't send the seller their money until two weeks after the actual event, which gives time for any buyer to claim for refund if the ticket was invalid), but it doesn't always work out well.
  12. Third-party sellers can only obtain the tickets through the original buyer. Original buyers are the people who put those tickets up for sale on sites like Stubhub or Viagogo. You cannot produce a false ticket, because only RAH knows the process of generating barcodes, which should be secret.