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  1. Jacob

    The Quick Question Thread

    Yes, I got that much (as it was on the page I linked to). "The Force Suite" has bits of McNeely's Shadows of the Empire, and "A Star Wars Experience" has MECO and other recordings mixed in--all very amateur. But "An Ewok Celebration" includes the full album Victory Celebration with a rather nicely done fadeout (if it is indeed amateur). I was just wondering if anyone else had come across it.
  2. Jacob

    The Quick Question Thread

    So, there's something titled "An Ewok Celebration" on this Ewoks bootleg: http://starwars.wiki...28soundtrack%29 Listening to it, it seems to have a clean ending of Victory Celebration. Has anyone else heard this, and can tell if it's legit (the recording, I mean)? It's not just the OST edited to stop before the credits--there's a longer fadeout. I suppose it's just a well done fan extension, but I had never heard it before and it sounds pretty convincing.
  3. Jacob

    The Chronological Film Score Thread

    For anyone else who's wanted to piece the disjointed Last of the Mohicans album back together: 1. Main Title 2. Elk Hunt 3. River Walk and Discovery 4. Pieces of a Story 5. The British Arrival 6. Cora 7. The Glade Part II 8. Fort Battle 9. The Courier 10. The Kiss 11. Monro's Office/Stockade 12. Parley 13. Massacre/Canoes 14. I Will Find You 15. Promontory 16. Top of the World It's not exact. You can find pretty much anything you ever wanted to know about the soundtrack here: http://www.mohicanpress.com/mo11124.html
  4. "Godzilla (promo) -- FREE" David Arnold's? The 14 track 48-minute promo?
  5. Jacob

    The Official La-La Land Records Thread

    You're telling me. Get out of my dreams, Penna!
  6. Jacob

    The Official La-La Land Records Thread

    Last week I had a dream that the Black Friday titles were announced early. Two were no-names I didn't care about. One was some James Newton Howard score that richuk went nuts over. The fourth was The Temple of Doom. Yeah. I'm grateful actually that there's nothing I want in this batch. I only just picked up Home Alone from last year, afterall.
  7. I'd be surprised if someone hadn't, actually. But I didn't remember seeing it yet. It's shocking how well it works. I didn't really click with the main theme until last Sat. when I did some YouTubing. Super pumped for the game and soundtrack now. Don't know how I botched that...
  8. Jacob

    Thoughts on Randy Edelman?

    Oh yeah. Da da da da da da da da da daa, da da daa...
  9. I voted Battle of the Heroes. Revenge of the Sith as a whole (film and score) had a big impact on me back in '05. My first soundtrack album. I listened to it perhaps a dozen times before seeing the movie. Watching it at the theater I kept waiting for the theme to come up and when the duel started I almost flew out of my seat. The emotional rush was more powerful than anything I'd felt watching a movie before. Right age. Right time. Right geek, I guess. So yeah, Battle of the Heroes has more emotional resonance for me. (And I agree that the unreleased cues have some of the best parts.)
  10. Jacob

    Thoughts on Randy Edelman?

    I like Dragonheart and even his stuff from Last of the Mohicans. Felt disappointed with his Mummy score.
  11. Jacob

    Annoying Websites Hall of Fame.

    We'll finally learn just how bad a tauntaun smells on the inside.