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    Who did you want to score LOTR?

    btw I like hotdgs.
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    Editors raised on Social Media

    John Williams is Starring in Star Wars Episode VIII!
  3. I don't want to be dishonest... I'll give this a 7/10. I thought The Jedi Steps were just the extension of Rey's Theme or The Force Theme...
  4. 0Kelvin

    Who did you want to score LOTR?

    John Williams have a better overall output. Howard Shore did better in a single series of films (LOTR). They're both awesome!
  5. 0Kelvin

    Your Top Ten Star Wars themes...

    Exactly how I would 'feel' if my emotions are notes and melodies 1. *Luke and Leia 2. Han Solo and the Princess (The Rebel Fleet / End Title) A little bit 'themy' 3. Across The Stars 4. Luke's Theme / Main Theme 5. Leia's Theme 6. Sail Barge Assault / The Return of the Jedi (I know there are several themes here...) ;-p 7. Anakin's Theme (Voice) 8. Mynock Cave (It's not really a theme but I think it's better than the action / suspense themes in other movies.) 9. The Asteroid Field Too strong 10. The Trade Federation March 11. The Imperial March *I like it best because I think it's the only one that's not themy. When I first heard it in ROTJ, I didn't instantly recognise it as a theme. It was so natural that I thought it would be how I score the Luke and Leia scene if I were the composer. It was like someone saying what's in your mind for you. That's why I believe John Williams is always the best film composer. I personally think Luke and Leia and The Shire / A Hobbit's Understanding are the best film music in the world. I could listen to Luke and Leia all day. It's magical! Please forgive me for writing such a long post and possibly making many grammatical mistakes. It's really late now in Hong Kong. Thank you!