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  1. PrayodiBA

    Hans Zimmer Appreciation Thread

    Hans Zimmer really is a genus at its time! look at those plethora of themes and motifs!
  2. PrayodiBA

    Pinar Toprak's CAPTAIN MARVEL (2019)

    The score still has its best moment: 2:30 - 3:12 ^^The track accompanies one of the best moment of the movie The brass! Rohan riders, attack! The LOTR is strong with that bit The action writing of this track! quite sophisticated! She can write action frenetically like man-Powell does! ---- whats with the 80s synth obsession in superhero movies? Ragnarok, Aquaman, now this.. I dont know what Vangelis may think about this
  3. PrayodiBA

    Marvel Cinematic Universe Thread

    yeah perhaps. This part doesnt do her justice. whereas.. edit: well just put Streep in all superhero movies and take my money !
  4. PrayodiBA

    Marvel Cinematic Universe Thread

    Seen it. The titular movie So sad that they really missed the opportunity here. They can turn this into great empowerment movie, but what we get is a pure filler episode. Like a middle of the road GOT episode. Even so called another filler, ant man 2 brings something in to the grand scheme of things. And You know that this movie is wrong when it basically ends on Silvestri's Avengers theme. Now i get the mixed reaction. There hasnt been a Marvel movie where i really want to skip to the end. and Larson, now i would like to question her Oscar..., please replace her with Meryl Streep asap
  5. PrayodiBA

    Marvel Cinematic Universe Thread

    Apparently, Captain Marvel got an unexpectedly mixed reaction from critic ( i mean coming on the heels of revolutionary, academy award-winning movie Black Panther and being Marvel's answer to highly overrated Wonder Woman ) according to more reliable Metacritic: https://www.metacritic.com/movie/captain-marvel But we will never let critics dictate what we feel about movies!
  6. PrayodiBA

    Pinar Toprak's CAPTAIN MARVEL (2019)

    Becuase it is a captain MARVEL score!
  7. PrayodiBA

    Pinar Toprak's CAPTAIN MARVEL (2019)

    You can hear the score right at the beginning until 07:50 What do you think? I love how the brass sounds Howard shore-y LOTR-y, especially in the beginning. But not a great theme, sadly. A missed opportunity. And i quite hate how the music sounds just like every superhero score (duh..?)
  8. @Incanus woww! Thanks for that. I wish i could learn latin
  9. This is interesting. Bringing more appreciation into the track: The lyric goes (latin): novam domun, novam domun, novam dona nobis pacem, pacem petimus pacem, pacem, domi, domi According to ever resourceful Google Translate: New gift, new gift, Grant us new peace, We seek peace, peace, Peace, Home, Home aw...:(
  10. Powell once said ( idk where, i forgot the source ) about how he operates as a studio, and how he always creates the music in a studio-manner ( one album track consists of many different cues ). And once, Powell also jokingly said ( when receiving the Henry Mancini award) that his assistant(s) ( currently Batu Sener) handled music that Powell couldn't be bothered to do ( or in other word, "unimportant " ). But its still confusing.... And it's still getting on my nerve, to hear a track so great but its merit couldnt be WHOLEFULLY credited to the composer ( as opposed to Lord John Williams ).
  11. Composer Credits Courtesy of Hans-Zimmer.com Raiders Return To Busy, Busy Berk (5:27) John Powell, Paul Mounsey Dinner Talk - Grimmel's Introduction (3:53) John Powell, Batu Sener Legend Has It - Cliffside Playtime (4:21) John Powell, Batu Sener Toothless: Smitten (3:16) John Powell, Batu Sener Worst Pep Talk Ever (2:40) John Powell Night Fury Killer (3:36) John Powell, Batu Sener, Paul Mounsey Exodus! (4:38) John Powell, Anthony Willis Third Date (6:49) John Powell New "New Tail" (1:28) John Powell, Anthony Willis Furies In Love (3:03) John Powell Killer Dragons (5:05) John Powell, Batu Sener With Love Comes A Great Waterfall (2:08) John Powell The Hidden World (5:16) John Powell, Paul Mounsey, Jónsi Armada Battle (8:40) John Powell, Batu Sener, Anthony Willis As Long As He's Safe (6:29) John Powell Once There Were Dragons (5:45) John Powell Together From Afar - Jonsi (3:17) The Hidden World Suite (Digital Bonus Track) (6:40) John Powell ------ Unfortunately, i've joined them group who always care whether a Powell track is a solo Powell track. I think they are prove of Powell's pure talents. It's disaaponting to see little solo Powell cues :(( But i mean, can somebody explain; to what extend do these "additional music composers" work, or in general how Powell works ? In my usual animation/motion graphic works, i build the whole design, i create the storyline/storyboard, also direct how the graphic and the animation should work, editing and many others, and in many cases, i handled "solo" ( doingboth the illustration and animation) some of these scenes ( the studio term is "Creative Director ); while the team on the other hand execute them ( they also include their own creative inputs too). is it the same like that? Or Powell truly works on each cues ?, with some "unimportant" sections ( the..."you get it right? now finish it"..moment ) being given to his minions.
  12. I revised my judgement! Early on, i said that the track "Armada Battle" is perhaps the most annoying part of the album...on my first listen. But... After repeat listen... This track just soars, up there to one of the best track in the album. The editing is not bad like i stated before. And my gosh, the writing is very sophisticated, especially the brass! Unlike previous Powell. The mixing is wayy better than previous Powell too Lets take a look: First, we got a "tragic" version of the furies in love tune (that brass counter play) . 2:20-2-46 And then we got this awesome action writing that is more Star Wars-y than Solo could ever be... 3:11-3:34 Then, we got the heroic version of the mating riff. 4:53-5:01 Then we got but Fate Tune and Riff counterplaying with each other, culminated with that Trumpet at around 6:16-6:22 ! And the trumpet counterplay for Grimmel Tune, onward unit delicious chaos to 8:10 Wow powell!
  13. Themes Breakdown Having seen the movie, i try to breakdown which music belongs to Now, Mr. Powell's given us the clue, so it's gonna be easy: First of all, i think this is what made John Powell score a John Powell score; I love how he structurizes the music into Themes, Tunes, Motif and Riff. That way, it enables a lot of new music, but at the same time, still narratively cohesive. Now, here we go: Furies in Love Tune Well, of course: (0:36 onward) Grimmel Tune First heard in this track. 1:09 - 1:33 & 1:56 onwards Hidden World Theme First heard in this track. A nice foreshadowing ( this what makes Powell is the king of narrative in film music). 3:00-3-28 Another major foreshadowing, now with choir ala TSFH: Of course, before it explodes into its main statement Heroes Tune(s) Look how Powell emphasize on the music being more than one: The first tune, First heard in this track, with truly Powellian statement: 3:27-3:47 The second tune, is in this track, at 1:24-1:50 Look how it refers again to the previous tune: Village Hymn I love this rendition, with solo viola. 2:30-2:45 The main statement of course: And lets not forget, the ending ( perfectly suited for the spoiler scene ) Fate Tune I love this, with solo flute ala The Lion King. 00:00-00:58 and this 00:36-1:17 Light Fury Motif Nice foreshadowing. 3:52-3:58 again: and to this regal statement: 0:00-0:23 Fate Riff 1:01-1:28 I love this 3:14-3:37 ( that high note though) Spoiler Riff Indicated by the emoji given on his post, i can assume that this is Mating Riff. 0:40-1-20 March of The Warlords 2:50-3:08
  14. The score is really great no doubt, i think i find it better than HTTYD2 ( in most parts at least) But i will talk about the good later, but on first listen, i found some bads, and even a surprising one, considering this is a Powell score. The grimmel/Evil theme is not that good. It is similar to Giacchino's Owen theme in Jurassic Park. But the most annoying part is how DISJOINTED this score is in some parts. Armada Battle is badly edited. Stitching one theme to another. Its both frustating and exhausting. Thats because there are little to none smooth transitions to bridge between themes. Its like Powell doesnt give a damn to this track and Powell is really good at narrative. The hidden world track, its gorgeous from the beginning but when it transitions into the theme, i found the transition a bit off, idk the note or anything. It ruins the experience. Yes they are all annoying, honestly, and really hamper down the whole experience. But this is still a masterpiece from Powell Anyone has similar issues?
  15. Listening rn. The mixing sounds fabulous here! Unlike any Powell