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  1. PrayodiBA


    Yes, the most memorable of the bunch. i mean come on, am i the only who like the rock-band-pop-amateurish quality of the NK theme.
  2. PrayodiBA


    Well at least Ramin finished the score on high not.... Joking aside, the Night King theme has been in my head for quite a time. Now the score's released, we got to hear therest of the music. Now this particular track is beautiful. The choral rendition of the aforementioned theme:
  3. PrayodiBA


    I think its a satisfying ending. I love how the new king's elected. It's like there is this sense of "mockery/ridiculing" among the lords ( with the uncle speaking aye first, i mean what could be more mocking that the most selfish guy in the room agreeing first) . I can assume that the lords must have thought that " now thats the king we can use ( considering the physical attribute)". In hindsight, it implies, in politics, there is always the bad side. There will always be a game. It paves the story of how "the king" can prove to the lords that he is the suitable king ( hence Tyrion said " That will improve" in the council meeting, to which the king replied with a mirhtless chuckle "im sure it will"). There will be conflict, AGAIN, but thats okay, thats the nature of politics. At least we got good man, the-man-who-knows-it-all in charge. We will never know that story, but i like that there is this assurance that at least it will be fine and not evil. I also like the fate of Jon Snow. I like how he always mumbling how " no icant be the king, i am not a king, bla2", to the extent that it "annoys" Tyrion. In return Tyrion gives him the payback such as portrayed in the show " im sick of it Jon, now take that, you and your wife-less life!" AND I LOVE THE COUNCIL MEETING SCENE. In the end there is always be a conflict. There will always be a different opinion. When they are arguing wether to build port or brothel first, i love how the camera slowly pans back, to say to the audience " DAY 01 again"
  4. PrayodiBA

    John Powell's SOLO: A STAR WARS STORY (2018)

    I would like to give Powell all awards there is, just to hear his speech. Hollywoods needs a little jab!
  5. PrayodiBA


    I think The Bells episode is good, not that bad to be honest. Aside from Cersei's treatment, i found the episode to be quite the entertainment. I like it. Yes, it's hollow, but it still keeps me on the edge of my bed. And i think weshould really appriciate this episode more, with this: The comment section is what you have been looking for And i cant wait for what DD will bring into the star wars saga comes 2022. http://collider.com/next-star-wars-movie-game-of-thrones-writers/ The Next ‘Star Wars’ Movie Will Be From ‘Game of Thrones’ Showrunners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss I think they are really good at handling drama, family feud, and a really memorable villain. I think they will do just fine.
  6. PrayodiBA


    Yeah, true But i love how unintenionally they distinguish the characteristic of the show using the music; they really want to stress that this is not your classic, epic-in-scale medieval spectacle; this is a more intimate, post-modern approach of the genre, hence the simple-sounding of the music. or... the creators dont give a damn about the music (except the title)
  7. PrayodiBA


    Who loves the music? Especially 5 minutes onward I do Gives the infamous Light of The Seven a run fo the money! (though that doesnt say much)
  8. PrayodiBA

    Us - Michael Abels

    perhaps im a bit too late into the party, but what a surprise this score is! Judging from the content of the movie, i expect an unhearable-dissonant-your-typical horror score, but this score somehow blew me away, espcially when you hear it in tandem with the movie. Escpeciall the opening title, i mean who still does opening title? Only a pure cinemaphile director would give us such a gift. anyway, Abels clearly has created somehat an homage to classic Horror/thriller score. the result is quite fascinating First, the opening title music, came in a full force in the theatre, the thetered "Anthem" love when the bass and percussion starts to kick in at 0:53. The combination is really unique, i really dont expect this. There is that hiphop kinda feeling in it clearly, the track is inspired by Goldsmith's Omen, and quite reminiscent of Akira ( which i cant find any relation with the movie) yes there is always a dissonant string. wouldnt be complete without it, but i like how it only supports the main motif of the track. And i also am surprised of how action-oriented the "scary music" are. like this one i love how there is a recognizeable main motif to bind the track and the music also sounds like as if Thomas Newman or Desplat handled it another action music: A timpani in a modern horror score! The music sounds Desplat-y, and even Powell-y! this is also great: the use of Taiko drum and the following music, sounds like Desplat's Godzilla. i also like the choir and: 1:35 onwards sounds Elfman-ish so, what do you think of this score? not that great actually, there are still a lot of "filler"cues, but a surprise horror score that can be listened on repeats
  9. PrayodiBA

    Hans Zimmer Appreciation Thread

    Hans Zimmer really is a genus at its time! look at those plethora of themes and motifs!
  10. PrayodiBA

    Pinar Toprak's CAPTAIN MARVEL (2019)

    The score still has its best moment: 2:30 - 3:12 ^^The track accompanies one of the best moment of the movie The brass! Rohan riders, attack! The LOTR is strong with that bit The action writing of this track! quite sophisticated! She can write action frenetically like man-Powell does! ---- whats with the 80s synth obsession in superhero movies? Ragnarok, Aquaman, now this.. I dont know what Vangelis may think about this
  11. PrayodiBA

    Marvel Cinematic Universe Thread

    yeah perhaps. This part doesnt do her justice. whereas.. edit: well just put Streep in all superhero movies and take my money !
  12. PrayodiBA

    Marvel Cinematic Universe Thread

    Seen it. The titular movie So sad that they really missed the opportunity here. They can turn this into great empowerment movie, but what we get is a pure filler episode. Like a middle of the road GOT episode. Even so called another filler, ant man 2 brings something in to the grand scheme of things. And You know that this movie is wrong when it basically ends on Silvestri's Avengers theme. Now i get the mixed reaction. There hasnt been a Marvel movie where i really want to skip to the end. and Larson, now i would like to question her Oscar..., please replace her with Meryl Streep asap
  13. PrayodiBA

    Marvel Cinematic Universe Thread

    Apparently, Captain Marvel got an unexpectedly mixed reaction from critic ( i mean coming on the heels of revolutionary, academy award-winning movie Black Panther and being Marvel's answer to highly overrated Wonder Woman ) according to more reliable Metacritic: https://www.metacritic.com/movie/captain-marvel But we will never let critics dictate what we feel about movies!
  14. PrayodiBA

    Pinar Toprak's CAPTAIN MARVEL (2019)

    Becuase it is a captain MARVEL score!
  15. PrayodiBA

    Pinar Toprak's CAPTAIN MARVEL (2019)

    You can hear the score right at the beginning until 07:50 What do you think? I love how the brass sounds Howard shore-y LOTR-y, especially in the beginning. But not a great theme, sadly. A missed opportunity. And i quite hate how the music sounds just like every superhero score (duh..?)