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  1. PrayodiBA

    John Powell kicks ass

    This is an off topic but.. ...this is to reassure that Powell is far from retirement. And now we can only wait for the announcement of what his next score will be
  2. Yes thats probably it. I mean its kinda "tragic" that he started the suite not with a cheerful note, but with Exodus theme ( you will get it once you saw the movie). So i assume it means how he has to really get away from the great sadness, not to look back, and move on. Then he continued to the second theme, the love theme. Well i guess one has to find a distraction, and one hell of distraction he has got. He got the hang of it, as if he found a new love, and boy he got more powerful from it The he concluded with the hidden world theme. For those you have seen it, you know its about a revelation. It's the turning point of the movie. Its truly something to celebrate and awe at, eventhough you have (or have to) lost someone in the process ( his wife of course).
  3. There is something really different about the music, i mean compared to previous two movies. It seems more mature, more tragic/lament-ing, more religious ( some part reminds me of The Life of Pi)
  4. ^^ How come he still has the magic ? :(( goosebump hearing it, especially the last part ( the hidden world theme)
  5. Sample is on itunes!!! https://itunes.apple.com/au/album/how-to-train-your-dragon-hidden-world-original-motion/1448549183
  6. Yes! As a matter of fact, the whole movie does scream Return of The King for me, especially that "white" ending, the cinematography, the visual, and all. Now that i remember, the mating music sounds quite a lot like this ( but more frantic ) ( by John POwell too)
  7. I have seen the movie! The movie first, i think it is good, better than the second one, surprisingly, but for a movie dubbed as the final chapter, the end result is quite anti climax and not that satisfying. Now the music, Woww, First of all, the music is very decently mixed, rather well actually, and in many scenes, they do really stand out. There are a lot, a lot of highlights!! Opened by a rather epic rendition of This is Berk, then it moves on to a new beautiful ( really Powelly) theme about "legacy?". That theme is my favourite. Then we are introduced to Light fury theme ( that snippett we have heard before), started with the Mating SequenceS music, and they are really really really beautiful ( different approach than the forbidden friendship though). And then there is the hidden world music and evil theme ( reminds me of duel of the fate somehow) Second, and this is also one the most intriguing aspect of the music, is the choir!! Wow they are a lot, and they are epic. One surprising concept taken is the music for the hidden world vista, it is surprisingly solemn, subtle, really magical COMPLETE WITH ENYA-LIKE VOICES! before it climaxes into a full grandiose that reminds of JNH'Atlantis. Really beautiful. Overall, i can say that it is better than the second one! And thats saying a lott Really cant wait for the soundtrack!
  8. Armada Battle yum yum! Almost 73 minutes of music!
  9. @Arpy Woww, cant wait!! Im not that big of a fan of the series. The first one is one of the best animation movie, but the second one is kinda "forced"(?), and to make matters worse: the tv series. But the score on the other hand.. What do you think about the score, compared to the previous two? is it superior? Are the New themes strong and memorable enough? January 9 cant come soon enough
  10. So.. The movie's in theatres now in Australia, and will be released next week in my home country Indonesia. For those who live in down under, what do you think about the score? They said it's surprisingly good
  11. PrayodiBA

    Mary Poppins Returns - Marc Shaiman & Co

    This is a good score, I really like the John Williams-y (and Powell-y) sound in this score Especially at this particular moment in this track: And then its not wrong of you to expect ET theme to soar instead
  12. If only, im no JNH biggest fan, but that kind of ostinato is pure JNH's own style. That kind of sound can be heard in signs, lady in the water,and other sayahmalann's movies for example:
  13. Yeah, it all comes down to each' preference. Again, i dont like "slow" score, thats why i always adore Powell where he'd fill all instruments and notes all at once But i'm really fond of JNH's "slow" score of the past ala Unbreakable. But sadly, thats a thing of JNH past --- There are some small interesting bits scattered in the score: I love this "ascending" rhythm in this track: I havent seen the movie. And i didnt read rumors and spoilers of FB2, im completely clean but i swear, i thought i heard a Lord Voldemort theme in the end of this track: ( well never mind, i guess it's a Grindelwald-cliffhanging theme ) i love how this title defies expectation:
  14. I blame Yates. Matagots is the ONLY hightlight i got from this. That sole track is a living proof that JNH still has it in him if he's given the right canvas ( by right means a swasbuckling-action-fantasy movie) And FB2 is not the right canvas for him, personally speaking I mean hear the matagots track ( especially 0:47 onwards ) and i can relive the reinassance day of JNH ala Treasure Planet ----- Do Star Wars already JNH, please...
  15. Consider myself disappointed,.. The score, is too slow to my liking. This score relies heavily on slow strings, but they dont go anywhere. A bit boring to be honest. This score also lacks cohesiveness ( themes start promising, only to disappear moments later ) ( again.... ) There are some decent highlights of course, especially when it goes action-fantasy. But unfortunately, there's very little of them Overall, this is a disappointment. Autopilot-JNH-fantasy-mode score ( * I mean, we just heard a grandeur that is HTTYD 3 snippett, and we need that inbetween, and FB2 fails to do just that)