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  1. The music from Gamora's death is the Sacrifice Theme that he lists elsewhere, that comes from "One Way Trip" of The Avengers and in Endgame plays in "Not Good" in its epic glory during And the theme he mentions as the Death Theme appeared in Avengers in the track "They Called It" and in Endgame at the begining of the track "I Was Made for This", right after the brief statement of the Black Widow's theme.
  2. Reading that reddit breakdwon, I don't really agree with some of his associations, as I think he sometimes mistakes motifs with musical references or callbacks. If a motif plays only two times, each in a different movie in scenes that are similar between each other, I think it would be better to say it's just a nod to a previous scene that is very similar to other. For example, in his analysis he mentions , and I think is more of a homage or reference to that scene, rather than a proper theme (or motif) But aside from that, I think it's a really great analysis and it has made me go back to previous scores and appreciate them even more. Especillay the Silvestri ones.
  3. I watched the movie yesterday and loved it. In my opinion it was a perfect ending to the trilogy. The score in context was even better and the album is a great representation of the whole score, with very few missing tracks. The most significant piece of missing music is a rendition of the Forbidden Friendship Theme and The Alpha's Theme when right after The Hidden World and before Armada Battle. Other than that the most interesting tracks are all on album. BTW, I loved the more silent moments where the music got the be on the front and guide the story like in Third Date or in The Hidden World sequence. Truly magical and a testament of Powell's great skills.
  4. It's nice to have the film version of some cues, but I wish they had included a bit more of new material, like some variations of the Devtech theme from the first half of the movie.
  5. Well, now listening to the different apparitions I agree that there is a theme for Queenie/Jacob and another for Queenie. The theme I listed could be like a secondary idea for Grindelwald. And I remember that the bit from The Thestral Chase also played near the end again, but it's not on album.
  6. I noticed a theme from the first movie being reused in the second one, that I think could be associated with Grindelwlad. But the weird thing is that the part it was supposed to play in the first movie was changed with a statement of the Fantastic Beasts Fanfare (or the main titles theme, depending on how you call it) The appearance of the theme in Relieve Him of His Wand its appearance in The Thestral Chase and also appears here And I definetly think that bit in Spread the Word is related to Queenie, but I think is not Queenie's theme but more like a variation of Jacob and Queenie's theme, as is very similar to what plays several times in scenes they're togetehr in the movie, and it appeared in the first movie at the moment they're about to obliviate Jacob near the end.
  7. I watched the movie yesterday and now I like the album more because it really helps to know when each tracks plays. Even so, the album has still some quiet cues that could have been replaced by some more interesting material that was left out, like more Queenie/Jacob material, some more Credence and Grindelwald material and two great tracks that I don't really know why they were left out. One is a great variation of the FB theme with a french flavour (similar to what appears in Newt and Jacob Pack for Paris) that plays when they enter the french minsiter of magic, and a great rendition of Hewig's theme when Hogwarts is seen for the first time on screen. Overall, even if it's a step down from the previous one, it's still a fantastic score, with some great new themes. All of Leta's material is really beautiful and Dumbledore's theme is criminally underused but it's also really great. I wish there was a proper main theme for Grindelwald, instead of many different and vanishing ideas. I hope that in the sequels this themes get to grow and develop more.
  8. Candyman by Philip Glass: Beautiful main theme and greatly used through the score. I love the big part the choir plays in the score. And I aslo like the organ incorporated into some tracks. Hellraiser by Christopher Young: The two main themes are stunning, haunting and have a really great gothic tone that I love. I think that maybe the album would have benefited if some of the more ambient, experimental tracks were left out, but nevertheless, this is a fantastic score. Could anyone recommend me some more horror scores like this two? Bad Times at the El Royale by Michael Giacchino: I have to disagree with what Jay said a couple of post up this one. While I think it would have benefited from a shorter presentation leaving out some quieter cues, especially from the first half, I don't think it's a boring score and I really like the atmosphere it creates. It's quite a different score from Giacchino's usual style and it reminds me of Brian Tyler's Yellowstone and some of the scores by the Cave-Ellis duo, like Hell or High Water or Wind River.
  9. Thanks for the correction. I have edited my post with the new format.
  10. Ant-Man by Christophe Beck: I think I had never listened to any of Beck's work before this one, but this really impressed me and still does. The main theme is really catchy and I love how he uses it in almost every track in different variations. I also like the 60's spy thriller vibe in some of the cues like "Surfing on Ants" or in the "Theme from Ant-Man" itself. And "Tales to Astonish!" is a lot of fun. One of the best of the MCU for me. Ant-Man and the Wasp by Christophe Beck: Just as fun and entertaining as the first one (well, maybe a step down because of some more filler cues). The Wasp theme, while maybe not as catchy as Ant-Man's theme, is fantastic and full of energy. And I love that the secondary theme from the first movie (used as some kind of Family Theme) returns here with some brilliant statements like the ones in "Prologue" or "Cautious as a Hurricane". Mission Impossible Rogue Nation by Joe Kraemer: When it came out I listened to it and I liked it but it didn't clicked instantly. Now I have revisited it and is really one of the best of the saga. The use of Schifrin's themes adapted into Kraemer's own material is fantastic and it has some of the best action cues I have heard in a while. Special mention to "The A400" and of course "Morocco Pursuit" Mission impossible Fallout by Lorne Balfe: Overall, a disappointment. I was hoping that maybe Balfe would be able to create something mildly memorable like he has done with things like The LEGO Batman Movie or other animation scores like Home. But he just copies most of Inception/The Dark Knight/Mad Max tracks and mixes them with the Mission impossible theme. There are some nice action tracks, but the excessively long album does not help and in the end it's just repetitive and boring. I hope in the movie works well, because the movie looks terrfic and I'm planning to watch it, but the score on its own is really disappointing.
  11. I think is not exactly accurate but today I'm going to watch the movie again and I will try to find any mistakes. But for now, this is what I found out: 02 Prologue 08 Wings & Blasters 09 Utmost Ghost 04 World's Greatest Grandma 03 Ghost in the Machine 07 Ava's Story 05 A Little Nudge 15 Partners 06 Feds 10 Tracker Swarm 13 Quantum Leap 12 Misdirection 14 I Shrink, Therefore I Am 16 Windshield Wipeout 17 Hot Wheels 19 A Flock of Seagulls 11 Cautious as a Hurricane 20 San Francisco Giant 21 Ghost = Toast 18 Revivification 22 Reduce Yourself 01 It Ain't Over Till The Lady Wasp Stings 23 Quit Screwing Around 24 Anthropodie EDIT: I changed the titles format by recommendation of Disco Stu
  12. Black Panther by Ludwig Gorannsson: I don't know how many times I have listened to it but each time I discover something new. The score is full of themes and little motifs that are interwoven with each other in such amazing waysthat it simply blows my mind. Maybe it's true that the album is a bit too long, but I think that just like one or two cues would be deleted if I did some kind of edit, because I love it so much. I think this is the best Marvel score to date and is one of my favorites of the genre.
  13. Outlander Season 1 (Both Volumes) by Bear McCreary: Beautiful music. I love how McCreary introduces the celtic-scottish elements such as the bagpipe, the fiddle or the penny whistle and makes them play classic folk songs in many of the tracks. The Skye Boat song is actually really nice for a song inside a score. But my favorite theme is the one that appears in Dance of the Druids, and later in more tracks. It's such a beautiful theme, full of mysticism and magic that I love it so much. Nocturnal Animals by Abel Korzeniowski: Lovely score. the main theme in Wayward Sisters is fantastic. And altough there are a lot of trcks more based on the mood than in themes and melody, I find it hypnotic and captivating. Romeo & Juliet by Abel Korzeniowski: I think this might be his best score. I love how he uses the orchestra (well, mainly strings and some winds) together with a female voice to creat that sense of beauty and emotion. And I think the album presentation is perfect because of how well the tracks flow from one to the other. Any recommendations for more music like this? BTW, I agree with the thing about ET. The comple score is a bit too long. I prefer to listen to a more compact version, of no more than 50 minutes or so. I feel it's a better listening experience.
  14. I watched the movie yesterday and it was a lot of fun. Really entertaining. And the score had some really great moments where you could hear it on top of the SFX (unlike what happened with Solo). And the choir was pretty noticeable in a lot of scenes. In the movie there was at least one more queote of the Indominus material at the very beginning, and also a really similar version of the Island Fanfare to the one of the first JW at the end of Cosat Rica Stand-Off. And about the new themes, I think more or less I have figured out what they represent. -Well, there is the Fallen Kingdom that appears a lot in many different scenes, so it's like a new main theme that ties all together. -The twinkly theme I think it's an identity of its own because from what I remeber, in the movie played several times on its own, without the Fallen Kingdom theme. I think it could represent Maisie or maybe it could be a Family Lockwood theme. But from what I remember it also played in some Indo Raptor scenes. But anyway, don't take my word on it because I don't remeber exactly. And the theme has more appearances on the movie than it does on the album, but most of them are really similar to the appearance of the theme in the suite. -The march theme is definetly a theme for Wheatly and his team, like the match from the previous movie was a theme for Hoskins and InGen. -And the quiet theme is a theme for Owen and Blue, that also plays in other scene with more dinosaurs. And I think the suite is more or less the same as the credits from the movie.
  15. I was listening to that part and I thought it reminded me of other score but I couldn't put my finger on it. Thanks for pointing it out! BTW, I cannot wait for Fantastic Beasts 2! I LOVE that score so much.
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