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  1. Small update! The SABAM repertoire has a few more entries for individual cues, which means we now have a few more timings: No Title 1M02A (00:48) The Fathiers (00:57) Saying Goodbye to the Fathier (00:52) The Emperor's Theme (00:07) Snoke (02:45) Luke and Leia (00:53)
  2. There's the Ewok Celebration with English lyrics (labeled as "We Got The Power"). As far I remember that's the most interesting, and the only thing music related of the bonus content. Edit: Star Wars has a short audio clip of Williams talking about the Ben's Death cue. Empire has some clips of what I presume is the spotting session, and some recording session footage. I've definitely seen the Empire clips before in a documentary so they might not be anything new.
  3. 09:56 Ice Landing 40:13 "Legacy of the Darkside" Vader theme ending 53:21 The map reveal cue
  4. There's the quote of Vader's theme from the end of "Legacy of the Darkside" (title on your edit) at 40:13.
  5. The entry in the SABAM repertoire has been updated with timings! These are probably for their use in the film, so may not reflect their length as recorded. The main listing containing the bulk of the score has a duration of 140:31. There's 90 cues listed but only 86 timings so there's no accurate way to know which cues they're for. (Pairing them with the listed cue titles misses off the last few although Thought Connection does match the timing of the individual entry, likely coincidentally) These are listed in separate entries: Revisiting Snoke (03:38) We Need a New Base (01:48) Thought Connection (00:53) The Fathiers (00:57) Snoke (02:45) Chrome Dome (00:12) Old Friends (01:24) End Credit Pt. 2 (01:11) End Credit Pt. 3 Rev (00:23) End Credit Pt. 4 (01:03) Rose's Turn (02:09)
  6. That was my first thought on seeing the announcement. After two series of successful collaboration between Dave Filoni and Kevin Kiner, I really see no reason why they should stop now. As for the supposed 'anime' style, I really just hope it wont be as bad as the original non-Filoni Clone Wars cartoon.
  7. Jaws. For the first time. Only watched it for Williams music which I'd also never heard before, other-than through a Star Wars Rebels cue that was supposedly derived from the score. I enjoyed the film a lot and was very surprised at how sparsely scored it was, but that actually went with the alone out at sea feel of the film, I guess. The score was a lot more fun than I expected it to be too. I thought it would just constantly be the famous shark theme when anything happened but there's actually quite a bit more to the score. Overall really enjoyed the film. I've seen that the sequel was also scored by Williams, is it anywhere near as good? Also, how are the releases of the score? I've not yet looked into it but hope it's not as much a mess as the Star Wars scores... (Is there a helpful @Jay spreadsheet for this?)
  8. Just been looking at some of the Last Jedi entries on various repertoires and have found one for Lesson One (Learning the Force) that credits Bill Ross as "Performing artist". Anyone know who this is and what they could have contributed to the cue?
  9. CGCJ

    The Doctor Who Thread.....

    The series 9 soundtrack's great, the only problems I have with it is its far too short to justify 4 discs, and there's some strange edits with cue endings cutoff with reverb (The Ghosts) and many cues combined from all over the episodes (Davros Approaches, Deep Cover). At-least its in chronological order, except for The Husbands of River Song, which has all the tracks from the ship scenes in the wrong order.
  10. Looking at the cue lists and seeing that there's quite a few unknown titles I decided to check the GEMA repertoire and found these: Temple of Doom Drums on the Bridge [11m3?] The Scroll - Revised [4m2?] The Last Crusade The Breath of God [13m1?] Cocktail Source Dirigible Piano Source [8m4/6?] Don't Call Me Junior [6m3?] Don't Call Me Junior - New Beginning [6m3?] German Drums [8m2?] Room in Flames - Insert #1 [7m2?] Room in Flames - Insert #2 [7m2?] Room in Flames - Insert #3 [7m2?] Shot Down - Final Ending [9m2?] Shot Down - New Ending [9m2?] To the Boats - Intro [5m3?] Young Indy Young Indy - Insert Young Indy - Sweetener These were listed among titles that are known from the sheets so are likely original.
  11. I've collected all of the "Film Cue" titles in the first post. There shouldn't be any OST titles there. If you need to confirm any of them, the BMI # is 26464875.
  12. It's more likely to be the same as the FYC track as those seem have retained more of their original titles than the OST. Also, we already have titles that seem to match what's in the OST track; "Luke in the Falcon" & "Watch the Language" At-least that's how I see it. All of the titles in the new BMI listing contain "Film Cue" at the end and listings for the soundtrack versions all have "soundtrack" at the end, so it should now be very easy to distinguish between original and OST titles.
  13. The BMI Repertoire Utapau Music listings now includes one for The Last Jedi with all of the film cues and there's a few more titles: Chrome Dome Revisiting Snoke Old Friends Snoke
  14. CGCJ

    The Doctor Who Thread.....

    Despite having an additional disk it's still about 30 minutes shorter than the series 8 release (based purely on the two and a half hour overall run time, but without track times we don't know specifically), and it seems like quite a few episodes are barely represented; just look for The Witch's Familiar, Before the Flood or Sleep No More (I don't remember there being any music in the episode, though). It seems like there's far too little here for 4 discs and it has been pointed out elsewhere that it seems there's no or very little variations of A Good Man? included, which seems insane. I doubt Heaven Sent or Husbands of River Song are truly complete either (Last Christmas was far from complete on the series 8 release), they always miss off around 1/3 of the score which could easily have fit on the CD. Can't say I'm too disappointed, I don't really remember or care for series 9, but after two years of waiting... When the series 9 release was first announced (when someone emailed BBC Music back in November) it was said a series 10 release will follow shortly, so hopefully that will be announced sometime in the next few months.