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  1. https://twitter.com/ComposerBarton/status/1137406450207035393 https://twitter.com/ComposerBarton/status/1137406450207035393 https://twitter.com/ComposerBarton/status/11374064502070353
  2. Here's the chronological order of the tracks released from Doom Patrol: KK=Kevin Kiner's website, KB=Kiner Brothers website
  3. Yeah, just checked and it has been removed. 4m27 Family Stories
  4. Unused alternate ending of 4m26 from Solo! 'Gang' tune by John Powell. Arranged and orchestrated by Batu Sener.
  5. Here's more complete lists from GEMA: Caravan of Courage: An Ewok Adventure (1984) - Peter Bernstein Morning of the Trek Ewok Main Title Good-bye Izrina Gore-Axed Gorax In the Gorax Chamber - Pt. 1 Rock Bad Lands Pixie Wreckage Prologue Borra - Part 1 Borra - Part 2 Mace's Surprise More Medicine Chukha Chukha's Song End Credits (Feature Version) End Credits (T.V. Version) Ewok Party Hungry In the Gorax Chamber - Pt. 2 In the Gorax Chamber - Pt. 3 Kaink Logray Mace Magic Pond Medicine Over There The Planet #2 Serious Talk Sick Spiders Known reel/part: 3m6.2 Wild Ride 10m1.3 The Cave Ewoks: The Battle for Endor (1985) - Peter Bernstein Alone To the Cruiser Escape More Escape Getting Out Farewells Cloak and Stagger Caged Dragon Walking Talking Remembering Battle Closer Cold Steel and Hot Feet End Credits (Feature Version) Ewoks: The Battle for Endor - Closing Theme Endor Jig First Meeting Interview Justin Main Title - Ewoks: The Battle for Endor Marauders Noa and Terak Noa Whistles Pie Poker Salak Tssssh The Wall Wicket Pursuit My Star House Entry Moving Out Night Before Known reel/part: 4m3 Noah's Ark 6m2.1-mg Interview
  6. Here's a list from SABAM: A SMALL DEMONSTRATION (2:15) - John Debney ALONG THE WAY (02:38) - Felton / Thomas / Vukcevic / Felton / Kilcoyne / Popson / Schmitz / Hetrick ARABIAN BRIDE (00:08) - Damil Ahmed / Mladen Franko BALTHAZAR ARRIVES (01:56) - John Debney BALTHAZAR'S CAMP (01:45) - John Debney BOO! (00:15) - John Debney CASSANDRA RETURNS (00:20) - John Debney CASSANDRA'S VISION (00:45) - John Debney CHEER UP [Alt title: BEETHOVEN'S 3RD] (01:24) - Philip Alan Giffin / Eric Schmidt DESERT FLOWER (00:30) - Elton Farokh Ahi DIE WELL, ASSASSIN (02:55) - John Debney ENEMY AT THE GATE (0:35) - John Debney ESCAPE FROM ANTS (00:20) - John Debney FAILED ATTEMPT (00:37) - John Debney HAREM SCAREM (01:36) - John Debney HEALING (00:50) - John Debney I HAD A VISION (01:00) - John Debney I STAND ALONE (03:45) - Salvatore P Erna I'VE COME FOR THE WOMAN (03:30) - John Debney IN THE CAVE (03:01) - John Debney MARCHING IN (00:29) - Sho Kosugi MATHAYUS ARISES (01:28) - John Debney MATHAYUS MEETS MEMNON (02:38) - John Debney NAYIBE (0:54) - Elton Farokh Ahi NEFERTITI (00:48) - Elton Farokh Ahi / Farag NEVER AN AKADIAN (00:55) - John Debney NIGHT ATTACK (01:10) - John Debney NILE'S BREEZE (00:09) - Elton Farokh Ahi / Sami-Choukri Farag PICKPOCKETS (00:16) - John Debney RETURN TO SENDER (02:29) - John Debney SAHARA'S NIGHT (0:20) - Elton Farokh Ahi / Sami-Choukri Farag SAVAGE WORLD (01:20) - John Debney TEHERAN STREETS (00:42) - Roy Henley / Tro Khan THE OASIS (00:37) - John Debney THE SCORPION KING - MAIN TITLE (03:23) - John Debney UNIVERSAL LOGO (00:21) - Goldsmith VALLEY OF THE DEAD (02:08) - John Debney VEILED THREAT (00:38) - John Debney VISION OF DOOM (00:53) - John Debney WILD RIDE (01:15) - John Debney ZANUBA (00:40) - Gerhart Frei A few more titles from SABAM: AFTERMATH / OUTER SPACE ALISA AND ROBOT IN BASEMENT GRAVITY / AFTERMATH COUCH FIRE / ZORGONS FOLLOW EJECTION / RESCUE SHOOTING STAR / RUN UPSTAIRS BASEMENT / GETTING GAME EXPLOSION / ZORGON INVASION DUMBWAITER DOWN / BASEMENT DANNY OPENS GAME ZORGON SHIP UP CLOSE
  7. Doctor Who (2018-) - Segun Akinola Source: Making the Music | Doctor Who: Series 11 The Woman Who Fell to Earth M21 Grace
  8. Here's a spreadsheet I put together for the score. Diggin' the New Digs has a short intro not on the OST but the only cues that are entirely new are Train of Taut (Part 2) & 01:14-02:32 of Out and a Bout - Incredits 2 are new in the FYC other-than some microedits that can be edited back into the OST. Edit: Just seen that Jay has also done a spreadsheet... Sorry if it seems like I'm trying to take away from his, that was not the intention.
  9. https://lalalandrecords.com/harry-potter-the-john-williams-soundtrack-collection-limited-edition-7-cd-box-set/
  10. So, Solo isn't listed on the Disney Guild Awards site... Does this mean there wont be a FYC album? How likely is it that it will be added later? Also, Anthony Willis has 2 tracks on his Kraft-Engel page: L3's Sacrifice, and Q'ira & Han. (Both already released but it's interesting as L3's Sacrifice is part of Break-Out on the OST which I've only ever seen credited to Powell only)
  11. Some more cue titles! (From UBC) All of these are credited to John Powell. Blackmail Cont'd Crawl (From 1M04-05) [Corellia Chase] Crawl (From 2M13) [Chewie U´╗┐ntamed] Crawl (From 4M28) Crawl (From 4M30B) [Mines Pt.2: Finding Coaxium] MOE (From 5M32) Looks like Crawl is in-fact the end credits! Hopefully from this we can figure out what 4M28 & 5M32 are. Edit: Just checked the credits (the version from the FilmScoreMedia YouTube channel) and here's how it breaks down: 00:00-00:29 Standard Star Wars Theme credits opening 00:29-01:00 [5M32?] Kessel Run Pt 1 - TIE Chase (B?) 01:00-01:27 2M13 Chewie Untamed (Pt 1? - Alt end?) 01:27-03:01 [4M28?] Lando's Closet (With alt ending?/Mixed with another love theme excerpt from different cue?) 03:01-04:40 4M30B Mines Pt.2: Finding Coaxium 04:40-06:27 1M04-05 Corellia Chase 06:27-End 2M13 Chewie Untamed (Pt 3?)
  12. It plays up until Han shoots Beckett and then we get unreleased music for Beckett's death and the very end of the OST track comes in as Chewie places his hand on Han's shoulder as they watch Qi'ra fly off, seemingly with 01:03-01:46 being unused; but would seem to fit with Qi'ra flying off and what covers that in the film could be tracked? This is all just guess work, after a quick view of the scene, of-course.
  13. Do we not hear the end of it going into the "Showdown" part on the OST track? The music from the very end of the scene is definitely in the first few seconds of the track, with the "Skype" part seemingly just edited out. I may be looking at this wrong but I'm taking the cue to be "Skype/Showdown" but I could be wrong. (The music copyright sites often remove punctuation from titles) I just don't see any kind of showdown in the scene and the OST makes it seem like the cue covers both scenes. I definitely could be wrong, though.
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