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  1. Will this new batch still have the frequency cutoffs in the third score or will that be fixed?
  2. All a matter of proportion. For me (I'm 22) it's 30 years.
  3. Well, at least they require another format of the booklet and the inlay.
  4. Especially him, yes. More than Williams and more than several obligatory choices on the list. But in the end, this is really a pretty decent list!
  5. Goldsmith is someone who really deserves a place between these classic composers, but some people would probably think it's not authentic to include someone who's known for so many experiments with synthetic sound and always connected to the bad movies he was involved in.
  6. Does LLL still use jewel cases of inferior quality or did they switch back to high quality ones?
  7. The title piece is the only one I was underwhelmed of...
  8. Just listened to it on YouTube. Man, that last cutback to The Well of the Souls is so senseless!
  9. Villeneuve will nail it. I know that, since he's never ever failed so far.
  10. The gripping thing here isn't the battle between the two parties in the movie, but the battle between the director and the producer. You can really feel the tug war while watching.
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