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  1. That's why I have listened exclusively to that track. Just to put my toe in the water. I don't want to spoil the greater cues for me, so I am waiting to listen to The Battle of Crait in cinema.
  2. The only cue I've listened to so far is "Chrome Dome" - and I think it's excellent!
  3. Black Friday! - What do you believe in?

    OMG, we were so wrong!
  4. I've read a few things that make me very happy: - badass - many March of the Resistance renditions - a lusher orchestra - choir - the 6-minute battle track seems to be as great as I assumed
  5. Why are the quotes completely messed up?

    So the system is supposed to quote quotes? For me it doesn't.
  6. It has this nice U-boat sound like in Air Force One. Even for hardcore Goldsmith completists like me. I don't understand the drama at FSM. They not talking about the music at all.
  7. STAR WARS general thread

    Among the music I've heard was sadly no only-SE-stuff from Ep6, so I cannot tell you.
  8. The film is very intelligent and very multi-layered. But therefore it is also highly demanding towards the viewers.
  9. Except that it is not so famous it belongs to the first category. Same with Under Fire. I would even The Sand Pebbles put there.
  10. STAR WARS general thread

    I've just got a rather convincing impression that Disney properly stored all the Star Wars music in rather decent quality.
  11. I'm not sure what part of The Curtains is missing from the OST. Does somebody know? And is the film version of Finally Home a completely different recording?
  12. Luckily I've ordered all my CDs via a German seller, so that they can't get lost anywhere in the world.
  13. The movie is without a doubt one of the best Sean Connery movies ever. - And one of the best spy thrillers. - And one of the best Jerry Goldsmith movies ... but that's not difficult.
  14. 1. Katya (04:03) [OST Track 1] 2. First Meeting (02:05) [Unreleased] 3. The Package / London House / We’ve Got Him (01:37) [Unreleased] 4. Introductions (03:16) [OST Track 2] 5. The Conversation (04:17) [OST Track 3] 6. Portrait of Katya (00:49) [Unreleased] 7. Training (02:05) [OST Track 4] 8. Katya and Barley (02:35) [OST Track 5] 9. Who Is He? (01:32) [Unreleased] 10. First Name, Yakov (02:57) [OST Track 6] 11. All Alone (00:37) [Unreleased] 12. Bon Voyage (02:15) [OST Track 7] 13. The Meeting (04:02) [OST Track 8] 14. I’m With You (What Is This Thing Called Love?) (02:42) [OST Track 9] 15. The Lie Detector (02:17) [Unreleased] 16. The Gift (02:38) [OST Track 11] 17. Full Marks (02:32) [OST Track 12] 18. Barley’s Love (03:30) [OST Track 13] 19. My Only Country (04:40) [OST Track 14] 20. Crossing Over (04:17) [OST Track 15] 21. The Cemetery (01:17) [Unreleased] 22. The Deal (04:14) [OST Track 16] 23. The Family Arrives (07:43) [OST Track 17] 24. Alone in the World (04:14) [OST Track 10] Vocal by Patti Austin 25. Barley’s Love (Film Version) (03:32) [Unreleased]