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  1. The whole set is the best release of any special label ever! There is nothing to complain about. I mean, you can try it.
  2. Brundlefly

    The Official Varese Sarabande Thread

    Moreover, their recent releases are great anyway! MM is involved a lot.
  3. Brundlefly

    The Official Varese Sarabande Thread

    Every time someone posts something in this thread everyone is hoping for another Club batch. It would be really nice to see them return to three or even four batches a year. And every batch must have a Goldsmith title, every second batch a Poledouris title and every third batch a Silvestri title. That'd be awesome!
  4. Do you really celebrate the first anniversary of the order date?
  5. A few film version edits for Chamber of Secrets to keep the flow as it is in the movie are okay. As long as they do not sound like "End Credits".
  6. Shut up! Anyone who is longing for that crappy edit shoul be hanged! (I'm sorry, but I hate that edit so much.)
  7. Do you remember his comment, when we were all complaining about the fact that Intrada put film edits on their The Mummy release? He said that there would be a John Williams release coming from La-La Land that features recreated film edits as well. And what could that possibly be?
  8. I'm waiting for it to be released on Quartet Records, but "most abitious and exciting" seems a little bit much for that one.
  9. Brundlefly

    Are There Any Scores That You Hate?

    The Mummy 3 - Randy Edelman is a terrible composer. Ender's Game - works against the movie and destroys it.
  10. The second film (which was banned in Germany until 2014) is not better than the first one (which was banned in Germany until 2010). But it's a funny variation of both the original Predator and the 80s' cop thriller.
  11. It not "Solo's theme", it's "this guy's who is apparently supposed to represent Han Solo theme". And it fits to the character, that's its problem. LLL had no chance not to fuck it up - Williams' meddling and missing sources! Intrada fucked up, although they had all the elements in perfect condition. If Goldsmith had still been alive, he would probably have prevented that occasionally weird mix and the terrible film edits idea. And Varese - well, they fucked up too much in the past. But right now they reach for the stars!
  12. Now I get it. When Varese re-releases their Gremlins 2 Deluxe Edition, they have to call it "The New Batch" instead of "Varese Encore".
  13. These ones count as a negative point and these don't add anything either - so what is left? Cowboys and Schindler!
  14. Since when is LLL our favorite label? Intrada is... oh wait, they fucked up The Mummy... okay, it IS our favorite label.
  15. For everyone who is interested in creating a playlist of this score that is as complete and chronological as possible without editing anything. This list is based on the expansion by Cinevox Records: Invenzione per John - CD1T9 Amore - CD1T2 Marcia degli accattoni (#2) - CD2T3 Scherzi a parte - CD1T7 Giù la testa (#2) - CD2T2 Mesa Verde (#3) - CD2T4 Giù la testa (#4) - CD2T11 Messico e Irlanda - CD1T8 Marcia degli accattoni - CD1T4 Rivoluzione contro - CD1T10 Dopo l'esplosione (#2) - CD2T7 I figli morti - CD1T5 Giù la testa (#3) - CD2T6 Rivoluzione contro (#3) - CD2T12 Mesa verde - CD1T3 Dopo l'esplosione - CD1T11 Rivoluzione contro (#2) - CD2T5 Addio Messico - CD1T6 Giù la testa (#6) - CD2T15 Giù la testa (#5) - CD2T13