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  1. @publicist Did you order TLJ with If yes, is it the original cover or the ugly German cover, found in several stores, which says "Die letzten Jedi"? I would really like to have the original english ambiguous cover.
  2. I already thought of The Ten Commandments, but I think The Last Jedi is slighty longer than 151 minutes. But well, The Return of the King might still beat it. How long is it without alternates and edits?
  3. It may be the longest score of all time.
  4. The pitch of the music on the DVD was maybe corrected.
  5. It's none of the scores making fun of itself and Jerry Goldsmith's own musical style and work as well as film music history. It's just a fun score.
  6. I don't like it that they removed Somwhere in my Memory and Star of Bethlehem from the beginning of the album. It was a good opening for the album.
  7. On this forum is like a TFA party and TLJ party. I'm part of the latter.
  8. Oh, okay. Mine has 8 GB and can only store 10-12 albums.
  9. I don't think the first track is always one of the best. Except Episode 3 and 8 I wouldn't choose any of them as one of my top 5 tracks.
  10. I've only ever owned the first LLL release if the two scores. How much GB do you have on you player to be able to afford storing 7 Home Alone albums on it?!
  11. Escape should be one of the options, because it's neither part of the End Credits suite nor does it belong to the 90 second Main Title. The Fathiers The Battle of Crait Escape A New Alliance "Chrome Dome"
  12. Yeah, I like it too. I'm happy to finally have The Imposter on CD. I think Small Soldiers will become more popular when people see the whole cake and not just a tiny bit. It's impressive how silly things can be at first glance which turn out to be masterful art at second glance.
  13. RIP Stephen Hawking

    I'll miss his cameos in ... so many shows. RIP
  14. I'm just warming to E.T. with the new La-La Land set and it works!