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  1. I am a Lost Worlder! It IS better than everything!* *(may contain personal opinion)
  2. "Batman Returns", just now - dirty!
  3. Masada is 1981
  4. S, that's why he officially scored 1 film in 1980 and 5 films in 1982. It's acctually 2 films in 1980 and 4 films in 1982.
  5. I didn't even know there are five HA films for years!
  6. Okay, but they allready did it.
  7. Not if you release the analog version of the complete score, the digital version of the complete score, all the alternates and the theme park ride, the OST presentation, the 1996 presentation and the 2002 presentation - this would lead to a total of 6 discs.
  8. You should buy it. There are a few surprising cues. No one has ever raped the brass players like Goldsmith. The Intrada treatment improves the score although more tracks could have been connected. 33 tracks is too much for a 60 minute score.
  9. The Lost World is the best flowing complete score there is. Almost every cue is like a little scherzo and none of them is too short like in Jurassic Park. I'm so happy that John Williams scored much more in the second movie as I'm happy about the fact that a lot was dropped in the final film. So we've got an awesome complete score that even fills the musical gaps of the film (Up in a Basket + In the Trailer) (Ludlow's Speech + The Wrecked Ship). So I can just say the first score would have needed a dropped cue that was supposed to accompany the T-Rex Attack.
  10. True. Whereas the Marley stuff is really touching and credible the scene with the pigeon lady is just exaggerated and superfluous.
  11. There will be much more reissues by Intrada and La-La Land. What else should they do after having completed "The Last Castle", "The Mummy" and "The Russia House". There is nothing left for these labels to expand.
  12. When was the score of "Inchon" REALLY written and recorded? The film came out in 1982 but due to post-production delays. Has Goldsmith already recorded the score in 1981 or even in 1980?