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  1. That is very wise, in case you wanna keep agressive relations agressive.
  2. Highlights so far are Alien 3 and 100 Rifles/Rio Conchos.
  3. When I joined the forum (December 2016) Josh500 and Bespin used to be friendly and Stefancos was the agressive.
  4. He should be banned! (Why is Bespin so agressive?)
  5. Brundlefly

    Favorite score per year

    Jeez! Is comments like this part of the Black Friday insanity?
  6. I agree with every word you typed!
  7. Brundlefly

    The Official Jerry Goldsmith Thread

    I don't mind a few Outland variations with better sound quality
  8. I have been thinking about that phrase for at least 5 minutes, but now I know what you mean, without having listened to The Quidditch Match. Now that somebody mentioned it, I absolutely agree on the similarity.
  9. Brundlefly

    The Official La-La Land Records Thread

    In Europe the soundtrack shops already added the import costs, which is moderate for LLL, expensive for Intrada and ridiculous for Varese.
  10. Brundlefly

    Favorite score per year

    The man is always a step beyond everyone else. Just because I already voted more than ten times for him, doesn't mean that Forrest Gump is better than The Shadow.
  11. Brundlefly

    The Official La-La Land Records Thread

    I saved a lot of money lately, so no matter how many Williams or Goldsmith titles will be in the batch, I'll order them all! The only thing that bothers me is Varese's Dracula. No chance to get it for less than around 60$.
  12. Brundlefly

    What Is The Last Score You Listened To?

    Tell me, if there were any revelations, like a cue that is much more impressive compositionally than one thought without the book.
  13. When did Josh make a poll?
  14. Brundlefly

    The Official La-La Land Records Thread

    Why is there so much music that has nothing to do with Die Hard on the second disc?
  15. Steef beef with FSM I don't know any of these events. God, I'm still so new on this forum.