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  1. We'll just get these sets eventually and they will be near perfect. Where's the catch? - There won't be a catch!* *literal translation from German: Where's the hook? - There won't be a hook!
  2. I love The Ancestral Home. What else is top 5 Williams from the 80s?
  3. We had a lot of notorious scandalous movies still banned before 2017 (The Evil Dead, Starship Troopers, Hellraiser, Death Wish, Friday the 13th, Battle Royale, etc.), but during that year they we're all re-rated and approved for distribution and some of those films even have lower ratings than in the US or UK.
  4. It's the only film from the Death Wish franchise that is still banned in Germany, I think.
  5. That's not much you left for the cutting room floor. What did you abandon?
  6. Was that ever reported as lost? Or do we just assume this, because it wasn't on the LLL set?
  7. Is there any YouTube video left which features that old master?
  8. Two movies that are really racist are Rosewood and Blind Side. As they take their topic serious, they can become quite dangerous, which is not the case in Indiana Jones.
  9. I think, it's better not to wait for definitive releases of Hook and The Witches of Eastwick.
  10. Wow, I know you're not really one of the audiophiles on this forum - now I would really like to listen to that old master. Was it worse than 1997's Planet of the Apes?
  11. Get the Deluxe Edition as long as it's still available. The only option for that score.
  12. Lovely how excited the people from 2002 were about all the incomplete Deluxe Editions.
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