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  1. The best cue of Empire of the Sun is the Death March - wow, that was a revelation, when they released it in 2014!
  2. It's time for a decent Goldsmith release by Intrada! They need to get Matessino for a Mummy re-release.
  3. There are only 14 John Williams scores that I would even dare to call masterpieces (and 18 Jerry Goldsmith scores) - this is supposed to be a sacred word, at least in my book, that must be used so sparingly that the reaction when using it is: "A masterpieces, really? You usually never say that!"
  4. I understand why these three scores are put together in this thread - they are indeed all dispensable. Scores: The Book Thief *** The Post *** The BFG ** Movies: The BFG *** The Post *** The Book Thief ** Nothing special there.
  5. As At Eternity's Gate, one of few movies that cannot be overrated - factually impossible.
  6. But making the sacrifice of hardening and agitating the fronts. That goal cannot stand alone.
  7. Wait, wasn't there supposed to be three batches this year? They're running out of time, man.
  8. Not John Singleton himself, just the one-dimensional depiction in the movie. Of course we could now discuss whether the term "racist" is really justified in that case. You consider that film a bad contribution to that topic? I completely disagree.
  9. That is it. It is racist in the same way as Blind Side. Yes. There the movie falls apart. Haha.
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