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  1. Piano stab, at least I never doubted that. But I've often thought about the pianist who had to sit there three and a half minutes just for that moment.
  2. Yes, that answered my questions. Thanks
  3. To answer both questions: Yes - but I'm not interested in such a bootleg. I can wait.
  4. I didn't take into consideration: It's the 20th anniversary of "Air Force One" and "L.A. Confidential" and the 30th anniversary of "Lionheart" (additionally the 25th anniversary of "Medicine Man"). I mean, our expectations of "The Omen" last year became true. I predict it will be at least one of them.
  5. Where are the clean tracks from the complete AFO from? And why is there such a big difference of quality among the unreleased tracks?
  6. "Last Night at Wilkinson" made me almost depressive for one day, which is no joke. It's the only Williams score with that capability. The string climax in "Time in Solidary" is awesome! One of his most intense violin moments. (The only more intense one occurs in "Rosewood".) Extremely underrated!!! The OST is also totally sufficient! 56 minutes and I really don't know what could be missing. Maybe nothing, but surely nothing important.
  7. There is no "War of the Worlds" release without narration, is there? I hate this narration, but especially in "Angela's Ashes", because there are numberous titles with. I bought the album because of the music (which is great by the way and reminds me somehow of a mixture of "Munich" and "Schindler's List")! Luckily in this case there is a version without.
  8. Jerry Goldsmith is dead now for over 12 years and his works are still regularily discussed. That's because he's a genius and his timeless works are still being discovered by new fans to broaden his fandom. Another reason is this tons of expansions that have been released over the last years and the fans' urge to get more of these expansions. John Williams is a genius as well, so there will always be something to talk about. Moreover, once he does not compose any more (whatever the reason will be), there will still be loads of expansions which are even more wanted than Jerry's. So - yes, this community will last long after John Williams!
  9. What repetitions? It's "The Mummy" and not "Powder" or "Deep Rising".
  10. What's about the third quarter of the film, whose music is completely left off the album (=the big gap between "Discoveries" and "My Favourite Plague") Is there a complete cue list?
  11. Fire Walk With Me is a stand alone movie. I've never seen the series and I like it more than most Twin Peak fans. In comparison to his other stuff it's not as good as his 4 surreal masterpieces and his 2 emotional dramas, but you can compare it with Inland Empire and Eraserhead.
  12. Hollow Man and Medicine Man have several and the Mummy has tons of great unreleased cues. The OSTs of The Haunting, U.S. Marshals and especially Small Soldiers and Air Force One are just shit, that's why I want a release that really represents the score. Mulan has also a flawed OST, but it's not Varese but Disney.
  13. I got that bit of irony, but I also respect Richard for his attempt to defend me.
  14. No, it's "Dune", as it is more like a struggle between the director and the producer. The result is the movie being a chaos and by far the worst of the director (though it's more the producers movie). It's like "Poltergeist" which is undeniably directed by Steven Spielberg. "Fire Walk With Me" is a typical but a great movie, although many fans were disappointed, because the movie was too sinister and brutal in comparison to the series.
  15. Maybe there is a complete Air Force One and i just didn't notice ;-)