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  1. Brundlefly

    Alien vs ESB

    Alien even wins against Empire, although it's very close this time in both categories.
  2. One of the reasons why Goldsmith is my favourite composer in the context of the films is because of all the silence. One of few composers who don't regularly overscore their movies. I mean, how often do Goldsmith expansions require 2CDs? A great moment of silence is the falling car from Jurassic Park. The music suddenly kicks in in the second half.
  3. Brundlefly

    What Is The Last Score You Listened To?

    Coma The only score that qualifies as "as creepy as Alien".
  4. Alien is better of course. One more of these threads and I'm gonna jump out of a window.
  5. Brundlefly

    Anyone else prefer Batman & Robin to the Nolan films?

    Are the threads getting dumber and dumber? I refuse to vote "Nolan's bores"!
  6. Brundlefly

    ALIEN VS. Star Trek the Motion Picture

    He's the loudest and wrongest.
  7. Yeah, because in the 70s they had actual spotting sessions. Nowadays the director and the composer watch the film together and then decide within ten seconds that the entire film must be crammed with mediocre, non-thematic droning.
  8. 2001: A Space Odyssey Once Upon a Time in the West Planet of the Apes Rosemary's Baby A great year indeed!
  9. Brundlefly

    Jaws vs. Alien

    That and nothing else is the truth.
  10. Yes, they should! Tadlow not only delievers oustandingly faithful, perfectly sounding re-recordings, they also make those titles widely available for a very decent price! Hopefully, they will do more popular Goldsmith scores that are hard to enjoy due to their original recording's sound. My personal favourite would be Planet of the Apes!
  11. Okay, I have one question. The following YouTube video contains the track "Study in Anatomy" with a weird wind machine (?) sound at 1:47: https://youtu.be/dApQumz6F_U However, it is not on the FSM release. What's the explanation behind that?
  12. Already have all of these. 😎 Post-1978 there are very few scores that I don't already have.
  13. Fantastic to finally have this in perfect condition! The sound quality is sublime, the score itself is suspense and horror scoring at its finest! Only the love theme (and its numberous variants) seems very out of place, in the film and as part of the score. Maybe the producers have forced him to write it.
  14. Brundlefly

    The Official La-La Land Records Thread

    But what about JFK and The Towering Inferno?