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  1. My future purchase should contain: Baby: Secret of the Lost Legend Star Wars: The Last Jedi The Post Conan the Barbarian
  2. New podcast with yours truly: THE GOLDSMITH ODYSSEY

    Thanks to you, everything Goldsmith has ever done will be mentally saved in the heads of your listeners. You do a great job, archiving the legacy of this truly outstanding composer. Not everyone (no one else, to be honest) gets such a luxurious treatment.
  3. Another Spielberg possibility: Robopocalypse

    That's exactly what I recently said. Thus, I totally agree with you.
  4. Blumenkohl's Rules for Good Listening

    These are 5 great tips to bring the best out of the music you're listening to!
  5. Hopefully, that's the only expansion of a Goldsmith score with these issues. The sound difference is huge, so I will buy the new release ... if Intrada promises to give us a new expansion. If the relationship between Intrada and Disney is that good, they will maybe let Intrada do Mulan. Everyone says that about Lionheart. I finally want to get a proper release of that score.
  6. What do you think of Hollow Man, Last Castle and Timeline?
  7. Hollow Man Star Trek: Nemesis Looney Tunes: Back in Action ...are his last great scores from the 2000s. The Last Castle The Sum of All Fears Timeline ...are also pretty decent. Along Came a Spider ...however is boring "didn't even try"-stuff.
  8. Of course you don't like it. You are the most reliable member here, regarding the evaluation of movies and scores, except this kind of (overly) emotional movies. Spielberg is not as differentiated as Kubrick, Tarantino or Cronenberg, but his depiction of the Germans is still fair and not only black and white (excluding IJ).
  9. 1. I am German. 2. Neither War Horse nor Saving Private Ryan, let alone Schindler's List, depict the nazis as evil villains. The perspective of Spielberg's movies is merely very subjective. 3. Even if it was the case, it wouldn't bother me, because I honestly don't identify with the nazis, when I'm watching these movies. 4. I just wanted to say that War Horse is a great and underrated movie.
  10. War Horse looks like Spielberg kitsch, but it's one of his best movies, because for the first time the director transforms his emotional storytelling into a visionary concept.
  11. Try playing it on the piano and you'll find out how flat it is.
  12. New Jerry Goldsmith Projects in 2018?

    I mean John Williams Jurassic Park Collection teeth jokes, not teeth jokes in general! Good lord...
  13. I will never understand what some people have against Hollow Man and why it is often seen as one of his auto-pilot scores that he wasn't even trying on.