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  1. Display Name

    The Mummy Complete Score Improved Assembly

    This is very helpful. However, it should not be needed. The release had probably a rushed production. There is no other explanation for the sonic errors and the faults in the liner notes. It is funny that a perfect complete score program can still be created, since each time, when there is an issue with the mix or a mastering error in the main program, it's a track that can easily be replaced by one of the OST tracks.
  2. Varese Sarabande wins against LLL and Intrada this year so far, regarding the quality and substantiality of their releases!
  3. Display Name

    New podcast with yours truly: THE GOLDSMITH ODYSSEY

    No matter how many tumbleweeds - keep posting when a new episode is released. I, for example, rarely log in here, but I would admittedly forget to check out the goldsmithodyssey, if you didn't remind me of every new episode. And even the interest of the JWFanners will increase, once you guys have reached the late 60s!
  4. Display Name

    Jerry Goldsmith THE MUMMY Intrada 2CD set!!!

    Awesome! There's a surprising amount of alternate and extended cues!
  5. Jesus, that's a lot of these blue "@"-things. I will vote for Leviathan instead. EDIT: Where is it gone?! Okay, so I will take Lionheart. But seriously, where is Leviathan? EDIT: I just found the answer myself. That's another awesome news!
  6. This is amazing! Period! The new cover art is not amazing!
  7. How's it? The Intrada samples sound much better than the YouTube excerpts of the score. This is a weird dinosaur, Jay.
  8. Display Name

    Star Wars quotes that sound wrong if you think about it too much

    May I mention that every sentence sounds wrong if you think about it too much...
  9. Display Name

    New Jerry Goldsmith Projects in 2018?

    And I don't have it yet, but I urgently need the complete score of this score, so a reissue would be more than welcome. Where is that cover from?!
  10. Display Name

    New Jerry Goldsmith Projects in 2018?

    Not only that! it would be awesome as well! As awesome as the Baby reissue!
  11. I'm just realizing that "Too Long" and "Be Safe" weren't on the OST of Chain Reaction! Aren't those the best tracks on the Deluxe Edition?
  12. The Burbs is one of the few works of all existing music which is actually funny without film and context, cause the music itself is telling jokes - it's joking about itself. More comedy movies should have this kind of adult, ironic and sometimes even sarcastic commentary as music, instead of the usual stacato flutes and clarinets, accompanied by a triangle. These unintelligent scores don't make me laugh, but roll my eyes.
  13. This was the expansion I needed of which I didn't know that I needed it.