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  1. Display Name

    Top 5 favorite JW tracks

    Who unearthed this thread and why?
  2. Display Name

    Top 5 favorite JW tracks

    Many boring lists here and the wrong subforum. That is four tracks. Which one do you mean?
  3. Display Name

    American and European Cinema

    That is a wonderful list of great recent German movies. You're probably one out of five people who them. I want a few more opinions about these movies.
  4. Display Name

    The Official La-La Land Records Thread

    Very interesting batch. And please stop talking about Superman and Presumed Innocent.
  5. Display Name

    American and European Cinema

    Then I have to warn you. While Das Leben der anderen is one of the best German movies of the last two decades, Werk ohne Autor is one of the biggest mis-steps in the European arthouse cinema. The movie is awful, but everyone will say it's awesome. That is a great privilege, believe me. This movie is a remake of a hugely popular German movie, also directed by Til Schweiger. The original was critically acclaimed by the German audience, although a pile of shit is like a holy grail in comparison. The remake was bashed by the American audience - and rightfully so. What a joy to see this man getting the critique he deserves. German media now implies that the original was good and the remake is bad. But the truth is the German audience is too incompetent to recognize a bad movie and the American audience is not.
  6. Display Name

    American and European Cinema

    I want to make a point. Therefore I really want to know what you think of these movies: Werk ohne Autor (Never Look Away) by Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck Head Full of Honey by Til Schweiger and The Square by Ruben Östlund and Roma by Alfonso Cuarón Blade Runner 2049 by Denis Villeneuve
  7. I hope two of them are in the new batch! I watched the movie a few days ago. Nothing substantial is missing. If that was their priority, I'd be very confused. There should be five new Planet of the Apes releases before anyone should be allowed to dare thinking of the necessity of a Presumed Innocent expansion.
  8. Varese should either release their CD Club titles faster or fully stop and give that responisbility to La-La Land, Intrada, Quartet and Kritzerland.
  9. Display Name

    Harry Potter 7CD Collection - MUSIC discussion

    Did anyone ever write down which pieces of which tracks were used for the tracked parts of the second film?
  10. Display Name

    Favorite John Williams rated "R" soundtrack

    Thank you. I felt sorry for Rosewood, so I voted it. Dracula is not underrated at all as I see. But where's the Rosewood fandom? Angela's Ashes is rated R in America?
  11. @Jay Azkaban? Is there any spreadsheet of Harry Potter that indicates where the individual cues in combined tracks end and start?
  12. I've been listening to this much more often than to Dracula. The latter somehow doesn't click with me in expanded form. But Peter Proud is just one big hollow WOW!
  13. Display Name

    Holy Grails 2018

    Wrong smiley
  14. Display Name

    Black Friday! - What do you believe in? - Part 2

    Peter Proud > Dracula '79 > Harry Potter > Dracula '92