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  1. The Two Towers COMPLETE RECORDINGS 3CD set

    Is it? I remember that about a year ago, there was the same note, except instead of May 2018 there was April 2017.
  2. The Two Towers COMPLETE RECORDINGS 3CD set

    Indeed, although it doesn't necessarily make sense in the context, I believe that the "KAHT-LOO" coincides with (Ir)kat-lu(khud) from "The Abyss". See:
  3. Apparently, one of the bumpers is take 108.
  4. Wouldn't you happen to have tracklists? Best I could find is this, but what about the first one?
  5. You are right cross-fading is a bit impractical if you want to listen only to one of the cross-fading tracks. I think the reasons for cross-fading are either film-related (like The Road Goes On and May It Be) or creating a better listening experience-related.
  6. I don't know whether it is a question of a CD player or a CD (I would guess a CD), but I have many CDs that have tracks cross-fading and I have never had a problem. My CD player always makes a gap-less, flawless transition. I think that on the CD, the music is something like a one long track (so it's not really separated by tracks) and there is only an information about where one track ends and the other one starts (something like .cue file), plus gaps can be inserted if desired. Anyway I have never encountered any problem with gaps and I think the problem is on your side, though it seems weird if you are using a CD player and an original CD (if you have manually burnt disc, it's possible that the gaps have been put there by your burning software, there should be an option when you are burning the disc - something like "gaps between tracks: none/2 seconds"). However, if you are playing your music on computer for example, I think this is a question of software, unless the gaps have been literally somehow appended to the music files. What do you use? I know that VLC media player isn't capable of a gap-less playback and so cross-fading and it does exactly what you are describing - abrupt ends and starts. If this is really your case, I would recommend using a different music player, most of them today (if not all) support cross-fading. Personally I use MusicBee and I can highly recommend it. It can play lots of formats, it's great for managing your library (writing tags) and it has many other great tools and features. You can download it here. Hope this helps. EDIT: I found something (possibly) on the topic of gaps (burning gap-less discs) here, so you can take a read if you want.
  7. Yeah, me too. But never mind, because as I expected, someone spared me the decision and bid more than I am willing to. So I can go back to hoping for the reissues coming soon. However, if anyone here would be interested, the auctions end in 9 hours (apparently there are 2 pieces available from the same seller and at the same price so far): auction 1, auction 2.
  8. So I have a chance to buy the RotK CR for $100 (shipping not included), brand new, second hand (of course). Should I? It seems like a relatively good deal, compared to other offers and yet, the reissues seem to be sure thing (one day), so I am thinking I will rather wait and get all three when they are rereleased. However, I would very much like to have the beautiful book-like sets (yes, it's about the music, but if if I can have nice packaging too...) and I fear that the CR will only be reissued as a regular CD release, or worse, in form of a digital download. I have asked this before and haven't got an answer (not a direct one, anyway), so I'm asking again: do you think the reissues will be (more or less) identical to the originals or do you think some lesser treatment is more likely? Or could it be completely new non-CR release (something like nth anniversary edition)? You all have better experience and more insight into these things than me, so even though you can't know it for sure, I am asking you for an opinion. Thanks
  9. I meant child soprano. I am of course familiar with many adult female sopranos.
  10. I see. Could you please write more?
  11. Or are they? It may be just my misconception caused by my limited knowledge and music library content, however I realised, that all the child soprano solos that I know (for example the ones in HS's Lord of the Rings) are performed by a boy. Is there any reason why they couldn't be performed by a girl? Is there some major difference (except for the treble) in boys' and girls' voices which would make girls' voice unsuitable? I have a limited musical theory knowledge, but I find it hard to believe that girls wouldn't be able to sing as high as boys. Or aren't they? Thanks
  12. Indian Institute of Remote Sensing? And how did it actually come to be that there are two versions? I thought there was only one printing. Or was it one issue?
  13. I was there and it wasn't. Kind of a disappointment, since I was waiting for it because of your review. Anyway the concert was great. People hadn't stopped applauding until the orchestra got off the stage and the staff started disassembling the stage, so I don't think that's it.
  14. I read somewhere in these forums that there were two versions of (some of) the CR. one with curved spine and one with a flat one, however in the thread, it's not confirmed that there was a "curved" version of all three of them. Could someone please clear up which CR had a curved version and which not? Thanks