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  1. Digital vs CD

    It's so annoying when I have to buy the digital release just to get the bonus tracks. I wish they would release just one unified album (not referring to expansions) but I guess they make more money this way.
  2. Digital vs CD

    Exactly my opinion! I do it the same way. Digital files are practical, especially if you are a tagging addict like I am, but to me, nothing beats the physical disc, especially when it has a beautiful packaging. Also, you can always turn CD to digital, but you can't turn digital files to original CD.
  3. Digital vs CD

    Do you buy your music digitally so that you can listen to it on computer(/phone), make various playlists and tag it, or do you prefer to play everything directly from the disc, as it was (supposedly) intended?
  4. The Complete Recordings Availability

    I dream about a release containing the CR material along with the exclusive material of the OSTs (The Prophecy,...), essential alternates (NZSO The Breaking of the Fellowship) and maybe the Rarities Archive. And why not include DA's book, while at it? But I might be content with the CR reissue and some corresponding nice new (and complete) edition of the OSTs.
  5. The Complete Recordings Availability

    Judging by Amazon, they seem to be OOP (unsurprisingly) and although the second hand market isn't as crazy as it is with the CR, I probably won't be buying them now, unless they are re-released. Do you think that could happen?
  6. The Complete Recordings Availability

    Well, great. I see. I don't suppose there is a chance they will be reissued, or is there? Well and, I know I am going a bit off topic, but what about The Hobbit scores? I would like to buy them too, before they get rare. I read the normal edition has some "alternates" that the special edition doesn't have, namely for example Roast Mutton, so I suppose I have to buy everything available to have a complete collection? What about the sound resolution of the CDs? I saw there is a 24/44.1 version available for digital download. Do the discs have the same quality?
  7. The Complete Recordings Availability

    Sure, I could do that and of course it was one of my first ideas when I saw the prices, but I want to buy the sets in a physical form, because in my opinion, they belong among the best releases ever and it's just a great feeling when you have the physical thing, rather than a rip. That's also why I hope they won't be just published for digital download. Yes, but first of all, that's 120 euros (not that much of a difference) and second, I don't have much faith in used products, although it may be a bit irrational since they say it's in perfect condition. And what about the OSTs? Which version would you recommend? Is it worth it to look for the limited edition with the DVD, or will the 3CD box set suffice? Or is there some better version (sound resolution is the main criterion)? And is there actually any reason to buy them at all if I buy the CR? I know there are some tracks that are not on the CR, like The Prophecy, but I would be OK with listening to these digitally, so I would only be interested in a physical copy if it's a good treatment (art, booklet,...).
  8. I am looking to buy all three Lord of the Rings Complete Recordings sets, however, it's no secret that they are hard to get at a reasonable price. Do you know of any way to get them brand new at some better price or am I really doomed to the overpriced ebay offers? I have been following the "reissues" thread, but I didn't find any good indication that they are coming any time soon, however if I knew for sure that they were, I would be willing to wait. I am only looking for the physical releases, so digital version from iTunes wouldn't satisfy me. Is there any word on whether the reissues would be same as the originals or whether they would just make it available for digital download? Also, how much had the sets originally cost, when they were released (just to know how many times the price I would be paying on ebay)? Thanks
  9. You can continue the discussion here. Thank you all for your advice, I am going away for three weeks now and when I return, I will proceed with finalising my choice of scores to buy and buying them. I just hope none of them will get sold out before that, especially E.T., but that's not very likely, is it?
  10. This thread is in a way continuing of a previous discussion here. How would you define a definitive release of a score? Does it have to contain everything ever recorded, or is it enough when it contains the vital stuff? Or is it more about the presentation and sound quality? To me personally, a definitive release is a release that cannot be improved, meaning it has all the available music in the best audio quality possible, liner notes that contain everything important, and a very nice packaging.
  11. Very good point. I know about Intrada and its releases like Jaws, but I definitely forgot to consider it into my shopping. Because of E.T. coming out, I sort of jumped straight to La-La Land. And also probably because Intrada's releases aren't limited (or are they?) - I wanted to get the ones, that could be sold out without reissuing, first. I know I am acting a bit like they should be sold out tomorrow, but my decision to buy all these albums was spontaneous and I don't want to miss anything. Thank you for the link, this list is going to be very useful to me.
  12. I would very much like to get this one too. I haven't looked for it much yet, but from what I have seen so far, I think it shouldn't be that hard to get in a good condition for an adequate price. Oh, OK. Is there any way to find out how many units of a certain product does La-La Land have in stock, apart from mailing them?