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  1. Is there any indication, that there are both curved and flat spines of FOTR reissue? Mine is flat, does someone have curved?
  2. What are the lyrics for Peace, The Garden and the fifth part of Six Pieces (with 10 celli and mezzo-soprano)?
  3. Is there an easy way to check? Can someone who already has the BD try it?
  4. Bajak

    The Two Towers COMPLETE RECORDINGS 3CD set

    See: http://amagpiesnest.com/lyrics/cr_ttt/cr_lyrics/tcr_lyric_timestamps3.htm#WhiteRiderHD
  5. http://www.networknewsmusic.com/wp/nbc-nightly-news-1985-2004-theme/
  6. Wouldn't you happen to have tracklists? Best I could find is this, but what about the first one?
  7. Cross-fading tracks are common on CD, if you have the original disc (if you have manually burnt disc, it's possible that the gaps have been put there by your burning software), the problem might be your CD player. However, if you are playing your music on computer, it might be the software. For example VLC media player isn't capable of a gap-less playback and so cross-fading and it does exactly what you are describing - abrupt ends and starts. If this is really your case, try different music player, most of them today support cross-fading. I recommend MusicBee, you can download it here. EDIT: Here is more on the topic, if you are interested.
  8. Never mind, it's sold.