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  1. Indian Institute of Remote Sensing? And how did it actually come to be that there are two versions? I thought there was only one printing. Or was it one issue?
  2. I was there and it wasn't. Kind of a disappointment, since I was waiting for it because of your review. Anyway the concert was great. People hadn't stopped applauding until the orchestra got off the stage and the staff started disassembling the stage, so I don't think that's it.
  3. I read somewhere in these forums that there were two versions of (some of) the CR. one with curved spine and one with a flat one, however in the thread, it's not confirmed that there was a "curved" version of all three of them. Could someone please clear up which CR had a curved version and which not? Thanks
  4. What about other concerts besides those in England and France?
  5. Question to all, who attended any of the concerts: have they played Prince of Tides at you concert?
  6. Better? Or how would you phrase it? By "get into" I meant both how long until you "get emotionally attached" and realise things on intellectual level (like the themes and so on). I don't mean that I can hum whole tracks from every album, but just as @Bespin says, if there is a track that sticks with me (and I usually listen to it a lot, over and over), I usually know it by memory. The concert arrangements are a good example, but quite often there are tracks that I just listen to so much, that I know them in full. Granted, I always hum out-loud just parts of them, but I can play some tracks in full in my head. But I meant "whole" rather as a "large sections of". Well, say, John Williams? I mean... Of course it depends. But try to use some average, or some specific example. And I mean the less obvious themes/motifs (well... those that don't have a concert arrangement named "... Theme" or "Theme from..." on the album). Perhaps The Adventures of Tintin is not a bad example. How long until you noticed the Unicorn theme, Tintin's theme, Haddock's, Thompsons'...? Same with me. For example parts of Ultimate War, Quidditch Match, Adventure on Earth... However, I am pretty positive I could hum Journey to the Island in full (not perfectly though). To complete and specify the initial question: I meant everything from how long until you start get familiar with the music and start enjoying it to how long until you are able to identify which track I played you. Both how long until you develop an emotional response to the music (I am able to feel the music from the first listen, but it usually gets stronger the more I listen to it) and how long until you would be able to write a (thematic) analysis.
  7. James Newton Howard thread

    Was it that you got lucky or is there some "official" chance to take a photo with JNH and to get the autograph (just VIPs perhaps?)?
  8. Thanks. Doesn't someone happen to have (and be willing to share) digital covers (front album art) for the limited editions? I looked for them on the internet, but they are all in very poor quality, and using scanner or camera doesn't work for me, the leather and the golden title reflect too much light.
  9. Apparently, Zimmer recommended the orchestra to JNH, after he used it for part of his last year's (and probably even this year's) tour. I haven't been to many concerts, but I think leaving before the very end is barbaric (unless the music is truly unbearable).
  10. How long does it usually take (with usual Williams-level score) before you recognise all the themes, memorise the melodies and are able to hum whole tracks from memory, notice some clever musical connections (between themes) etc.? Or do you need to read the score analysis?
  11. James Newton Howard thread

    No Lady in the Water either? Or Defiance? Shame, but the setlist's awesome even without these. Also, I seem to recall JNH saying that Waterworld is one of the works he is the most proud of, so I expected it to be part of the show too.
  12. James Newton Howard thread

    I'm going to the concert later this month, can't wait. Will you share some details?
  13. JW new piece for Yo-Yo

    I hope it's something new, their collaborations are always great.