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  1. How does it work with the cross-fading tracks on the LPs (Caras Galadhon-The Mirror of Galadriel, The Fighting Uruk-hai-Parth Galen)? Do they just cut off?
  2. http://www.howardshore.com/the-return-of-the-king-the-complete-recordings-on-vinyl-and-back-on-cd
  3. Is there any indication, that there are both curved and flat spines of FOTR reissue? Mine is flat, does someone have curved?
  4. cmh90790

    Howard Shore Concerti

    What are the lyrics for Peace, The Garden and the fifth part of Six Pieces (with 10 celli and mezzo-soprano)?
  5. Is there an easy way to check? Can someone who already has the BD try it?
  6. cmh90790

    The Two Towers COMPLETE RECORDINGS 3CD set

    See: http://amagpiesnest.com/lyrics/cr_ttt/cr_lyrics/tcr_lyric_timestamps3.htm#WhiteRiderHD