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  1. John

    Star Wars - The Clone Wars

    I watched a handful of episodes with a friend and that was enough. Then I tried a little later to watch it from the beginning and maybe made it through the first two episodes. For me, it had two things working against it. First, it was based on events and characters from the prequels, which I have no attachment to, even an inherent dislike for. They aren't Star Wars for me. Second, it was definitely a show for kids, and often pretty juvenile in tone.
  2. John

    Star Wars - The Clone Wars

    Huh. There's always at least 20 or 30 comments of "#bringbackclonewars" or "#saveclonewars" on any single post on Star Wars social media accounts, so I guess the fans got what they wanted. I won't begrudge people their likes and dislikes, but it's definitely a show I couldn't sit through.
  3. Return of the King will always be my personal favorite of the bunch, but I'll be the first to admit that that score has a lot of filler.
  4. John

    The small talk Thread

    Life, uh... finds a way.
  5. John

    Favourite Memories Series

    I have plenty of great memories of watching some of my now-favorite movies for the first time, but the one that lingers with me the most is catching The Shining for the first time on TV. Really the film that introduced me to Kubrick and his work. Still one of the best horror movies ever.
  6. No movie is perfect. But that doesn’t mean I don’t think it’s deserving of a five star rating in my book.
  7. John

    Worst Scene in The Hobbit?

    I got Fagdud. Alrighty then.
  8. Isle of Dogs In a world full of seemingly never-ending remakes, reboots, and sequels, this is easily one of the best and most original movies of the year. The animation and visuals are absolutely stunning; like many of Anderson's films, you can take any single shot from Dogs and frame it on a wall. The movie makes excellent use of color and textures, and each setpiece has its own distinct feel and aesthetic. Viewing the film and realizing just how much time and effort was put into a single shot makes the film that much more satisfying to watch. The sushi-making scene might be one of the coolest scenes ever in a stop-motion movie. Absolutely mesmerizing. I loved the little visual and musical homages to classic films throughout the movie. The opening scenes set in the Municipal Dome echo the political rally scenes from Citizen Kane, the research laboratory setpiece is undoubtedly Kubrick-esque in design, and the use of excerpts from the score of Seven Samurai was really fun and used well. It's not a perfect movie, and I can understand the complaints towards its unconventional narrative and light character development, but for me, this movie checks off everything I want to see in a movie; likable characters, gorgeous visuals, good humor, dazzling worldbuilding, and a memorable score. There are few movies out there that I feel were made for me; this is one of them. Eagerly anticipating Wes Anderson's next stop-motion venture. ***** out of *****
  9. It's very much a science fiction series, with some fantasy elements.
  10. What did you expect? It's a science fiction movie.
  11. John

    Worst Scene in The Hobbit?

    On paper, he's really not all that bad. It's his horribly crappy character design that I can't stand.
  12. Wrong thread. Please take this to the "The Official Thread to Absorb All the Hostility of JWFan" thread. Also, the Resistance's fuel situation isn't the first time being low on fuel has been used as a plot device in a Star Wars movie. In The Phantom Menace, Padme's cruiser doesn't have enough power to get to Coruscant, so Qui-Gon said they needed to make a stop on Tatooine to refuel and get supplies. Therefore, if they had enough power to get to Coruscant, maybe they wouldn't have met Anakin. I just keep seeing people giving The Last Jedi crap because they think running out of fuel has NEVER been a problem in Star Wars before, when the opposite is true.
  13. Nice little homage to Kubrick in this shot.