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  1. Papa John's is better than everything!
  2. I fully acknowledge and respect your opinion, but you are wrong.
  3. At the time of the film's release, you only needed to look around places like Twitter and Facebook to see how the RT was manipulated. Heck, I've actually encountered people on social media who claim they are partly responsible for the movie's low audience score. Even if you think there's no way that could've been the case, there was definitely a campaign to lower the score, which largely succeeded. Also take into account the fact that hardcore fans are much more likely to rate the movie on RT than the casual fans/audiences who vastly outnumber them. Audience polling surveys like Cinemascore, comScore, and SurveyMonkey are much more reliable when it comes to the percentage of people who liked/disliked the film. In all honesty, the way many fans reacted after The Last Jedi was frankly embarrassing. Not liking a movie is one thing, and that's perfectly fine, but what happened goes far beyond that. The movie isn't perfect, not by a long shot, and there are some legitimate arguments for the problems with it. But the utter vitriol that was spewed by the anti-TLJ crowd toward the film and its creators, especially Johnson and Kennedy, is reprehensible and inexcusable.
  4. I have lost all faith in RT's user rating system. This is in no way representative of the percentage of audiences who liked this film. Obvious manipulation, just like in the case of The Last Jedi's audience score.
  5. The director of Logan helming a Boba Fett spinoff? Could turn out interesting, though I'm not convinced it's a movie that needs to be made.
  6. Best score of the year so far!
  7. Explain Your Avatar

    That's gingerist.
  8. Its placement in the album presentation is likely in the order that the cue appears in the film, though.
  9. "Marauders Arrive" is a definite album highlight. Consistently engaging and suitably epic. Just a blast to listen to. Best use of vocals I've heard in a film score in a while.
  10. Don't forget the little fishies.
  11. I think it's great! It's probably the most "Earth-sounding" of any cantina/club source music from the franchise so far. The Star Wars equivalent of an R & B song.
  12. This. Right off the bat, I vastly prefer the first few tracks of the album to anything from Rogue One. Powell's work here retains that classic Star Wars vibe while also having this wonderfully modern feel to it.