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  1. John

    The Official Future Films Thread

    Dan Aykroyd Says Script for Ghostbusters 3 Is Being Written Right Now. No thank you. It's too late.
  2. John

    FilmStruck Shuts Down

    Christopher Nolan's name alone would make Warner Bros. rethink their decision.
  3. The Mouse doesn't care about the fans! Or your feelings!
  4. John

    the mstrox thread

    It's a big turd. @The Illustrious Jerry, you disagree?
  5. I'm a Zimmer fan, but those scores are entirely devoid of any semblance of emotion/feeling. Much like the movies themselves.
  6. For a corporation that’s been peddling “utter bullshit” to the masses for decades, they sure seem to make quite a few movies injected with some real talent and passion by their filmmakers. Some punching bags are very tired and worn out and useless.
  7. Funny; I thought the film balanced its tone very well, and dealt with by far the most mature themes in the trilogy. Coming to terms with one's own mortality and accepting your fate when there is no hope left has never been depicted better in any other kids' movie, or perhaps any other movie, for that matter. It's the best of the three, in my opinion.
  8. I think Pixar has earned the right to make these movies. If they feel they have a good story to tell and the Toy Story franchise is the vehicle for them to do it, I'm fine with it. I'm interested in seeing what they do with this movie. It might not be up to the level of the original movies but I'm not going to dismiss it simply because it has a 4 behind its title.
  9. His (presumably final) cameo in Avengers 4 is really going to hit me hard. He's been around so long, it felt like he was immortal. First HAL, now Mr. Lee. What a sad day.
  10. I was not expecting to read this today. Thanks for the memories, Mr. Lee. What a legacy.
  11. Everyone was skeptical when Toy Story 2 and 3 came out, and they turned out to be brilliant. I am giving Pixar the benefit of the doubt.
  12. I thought Toy Story 3 was as perfect as a close to this series as one could hope for, but nonetheless I'm very much looking forward to this. Pixar is going to make me emotionally invested in a talking spork and then use him to rip my heart out, aren't they?
  13. John

    Henry Jackman's DETECTIVE PIKACHU (2019)

    There is a 0% percent chance this movie will be good, but I'm oddly intrigued nonetheless.
  14. John

    RIP Hal 9000

    I feel as though a cloud has risen above my day. His voice performance in 2001 is without a doubt one of the greatest, and by all accounts it seemed like he was a kind and respectable person. He will definitely be missed. Rest in peace, Mr. Rain. You will dream.