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  1. John

    The Jerry Thread

    John Williams?
  2. I mean, I’m typically against revisions for home release, but I think Solo would 100% benefit from a bit more life and color.
  3. Geez, really? I haven’t seen it since theaters, but you’d think they’d heed criticism towards the cinematography and turn up the brightness a bit for the home release.
  4. John

    The Official Future Films Thread

    They’re fun, stylish movies that don’t require much thought to enjoy them. Perfectly solid popcorn flicks.
  5. Good movie! Haven’t given the score a listen yet.
  6. John

    The Birthday Thread

    Happy birthday @Fabulin!
  7. Up, by Michael Giacchino One of the best scores of the 2000s. ***** out of *****
  8. 12 Angry Men (1957) I liked it, even if it felt a bit stagy at times. Good script and performances, though I can't help but feel a bit underwhelmed by the 5th highest rated film on IMDb. Do people really think it's that good? **** out of *****
  9. From the new 4K release: I will forever be in awe of how beautiful this movie is.
  10. Yeah, the only way Murray will show up is if Wes Anderson directs.