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  1. I'm pretty sure Justin was being jocose when he said that, Chen.
  2. But the only memorable bits from Rogue One's score are when Giacchino does just that.
  3. Prepare to receive a lengthy response from Chen G. on how the usage of Shore's themes were fully justified and work well to underscore the drama in said scenes.
  4. Luke's theme appears a second time during the opening battle, and a third when Luke is reunited with R2-D2. So yeah, it's only used three times in the entire score. I suppose it makes sense for Williams not to use Luke's theme often, as the Luke in TLJ is a much different and more disillusioned character than he is in the original trilogy; associating his character with his previous upbeat and heroic march would feel out of place in a movie like TLJ. Williams' new melancholy, yet still heroic-sounding theme fits the character much better. That being said, I would have liked it had Williams quoted his theme a final time in the movie, perhaps as Luke's cape drifts away after his death.
  5. America

    Billy Graham, America's pastor, has died.
  6. The Best Star Wars Soundtrack

    Caravan of Courage: An Ewok Adventure, composed by Peter Bernstein.
  7. The Hobbit trilogy stopped being "fun" halfway through AUJ. For the most part, DOS and BOTFA are both dour chores to get through.
  8. According to merchandise leaks, the craft is being labeled an "arrestor cruiser", so maybe those dishes are tractor beam projectors of some sort?
  9. 'Solo: A Star Wars Story' Merch Reveals Original Design of Star Destroyer Will Be Canon
  10. Eh. While Rogue One isn't nearly as bad as some here claim it to be, it's a thoroughly mediocre, uninspired score.
  11. The Best Star Wars Soundtrack

    1. The Empire Strikes Back 2. Star Wars 3. Return of the Jedi 4. The Phantom Menace 5. The Force Awakens 6. The Last Jedi 7. Revenge of the Sith 8. Attack of the Clones
  12. Best love theme in a movie EVER

    The Jaws love theme for the love between a shark and three men on a boat.