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  1. Matt S.

    The reply with a movie quote story game.

    You can call me.....Joker!
  2. Matt S.


    I'm now thinking Mike did it purposely, not to make waves, but to cover his own ass. When he first met Lydia he was very unsure of the whole process, giving her his real name, social security #, etc. He probably figures that if anybody looks too closely at him, he will need them to see him actually doing his job as a Madrigal security consultant. For sure Lydia won't be happy, so maybe that's another step towards Mike working directly for Gus; since Madrigal owns Los Pollos Hermanos, he'd still be a Madrigal employee (and getting his money laundered) as the restaurant's "Director of Corporate Security." I'd say #1 for Howard. I'm actually starting to feel bad for Howard...from the beginning the show's portrayed him as an antagonist, but really he's just been trying to do the right thing all along, and always ends up stuck in the middle of everyone's problems. He's never really had anything against Jimmy, at least not in the beginning; we know Chuck was the partner who refused to allow the firm to take Jimmy on as an attorney, which implies Howard was at least open to the idea. He may have had less than professional reasons when he punished Kim and sent her to doc review, but he was gracious when she quit; he even forgave the loans she took out for law school. And all along during Chuck's leave of absence, Howard always tried to do the right thing by both him and the firm. He gave Chuck as much leeway as he could, but in the end he had to be the voice of reason. Despite Howard's regrets after Chuck's death, Howard did indeed do the right thing when he bought out Chuck. Chuck may have been 100% right about Jimmy all along, but he himself was not well, and he would have dragged HHM down. So I think his crying was genuine, and he was just trying to find a moment to commiserate about his friend's death. I'm not sure about Jimmy yet. I'm leaning towards #2, but we'll see.
  3. Matt S.

    The reply with a movie quote story game.

    I want it! I want a golden goose!
  4. Matt S.

    The reply with a movie quote story game.

    They say time is the fire in which we burn.
  5. Matt S.

    Your favorite John Williams pictures

    Love seeing this picture, especially how, during concerts, he loves to refer to them (and Carrie Fisher) and "those kids" in the Star Wars movie. They're all old men now! Make you truly realize just how long the Star Wars phenomenon has been going on. What a great run!
  6. Matt S.

    The reply with a movie quote story game.

    T-t-t-take it easy, Big F. You blow them up today, they blow you up tomorrow....it's just business.
  7. I know you're probably kidding, but I actually read a rumor that Episode IX will feature
  8. He also revealed who Rey's actual parents are. In fact he wrote a love theme for them; the first time he's written a love theme for a Star Wars film!
  9. Fifty bucks says Imperial March will be the final encore!
  10. I agree, everything sounds great. Duel of the Fates was especially powerful!
  11. Damn, I think John must have a bus to catch, he’s conducting everything so fast!
  12. Matt S.


    I think Madrigal is basically a multinational conglomerate that has numerous different divisions and is involved in many different industries. As I recall from BB, (without going back to rewatch anything, so I could be wrong about this) Madrigal is a corporate owner of Los Pollos Hermanos; remember, after Walter killed Gus in the nursing home, there was a scene at a Madrigal HQ somewhere in Europe. A random corporate officer we'd never seen before was blankly trying new dipping sauces the corporate chefs had created ("Franch"), and then when he was about to be questioned by feds, he walked into a bathroom and killed himself with a defibrillator; during that sequence there was a shot of several fast food restaurant logos, and workers were taking down the Los Pollos Hermanos sign. And then there's Lydia, who is some kind of logistics manager, overseeing freight and shipping in the United States; she supplied Fring's operation with the methyl-amine used to make crystal meth, and then later after Fring's death, helped Walter and the gang ship his blue meth to eastern Europe. Not sure that answers your question, but I think it is a minimal number of people that know. That's why I think Mike's actions at Magridal may create a problem, particularly when he quite conspicuously drops Lydia's name. I can't imagine she will be pleased with him, making noise and causing a scene like that. I wonder why he did it; at first I thought he was just bored, and wanted something to do--for the challenge, maybe, but I'm not so sure. Mike is much smarter than that. Yes, that was Victor. I can't quite figure out what to make of that. Was Jimmy happy that it was his fault? Or was he happy that is WASN'T his fault, it was Howard's?
  13. Matt S.


    Ok, so two quick thoughts on the season premiere: 1. The precredits flash-forward has to be one of the most tense sequences I’ve ever seen on this show! Jimmy/Gene’s paranoia is so contagious, particularly since we, the audience, have absolutely no idea how that part of the story will play out. The brief little teases at the start of each season are just as compelling (perhaps even more so) as the main body of the story. 2. The scene with Mike driving around the Madrigal warehouse, barking orders like he owned the place, was one of the funniest sequences I’ve ever seen on this show! So unlike what we’ve come to see from Mike; always careful, in the shadows, quiet.....the contrast was striking, and to me, rather hysterical.
  14. Matt S.

    The reply with a movie quote story game.

    A boy’s best friend is his mother.
  15. Matt S.

    The reply with a movie quote story game.

    Coming up: Mongo's review of Rocky 5.....thousand!