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  1. From LA times review "But something else was at the heart of the program, which continues through Sunday and is being recorded live for release in a month or two on Deutsche Grammophon." So - that's why it's being recorded 😋
  2. From BMI https://www.bmi.com/news/entry/bmi-to-honor-legendary-composer-john-williams-with-special-award-at-film-tv
  3. Dzadza

    JW won another Grammy

    one thing...I remember reading somewhere that JW is the recipient of the Trustees award this year - that's why I checked Grammys - still can't find anything about that yup - here it is https://www.grammy.com/grammys/news/tina-turner-queen-2018-recording-academy-special-merit-awards
  4. Dzadza

    JW won another Grammy

    Escapades For Alto Saxophone And Orchestra From Catch Me If You Can" — John Williams, arranger (John Williams) -- WINNER
  5. Forgive me if this has been posted before - I just saw it...
  6. Dzadza

    THE POST - SCORE Thread

    Listening to it now - love it so far!!!
  7. Dzadza

    Your favorite John Williams pictures

    ...while we wait for the ep8 - here's a nice photo for you (I don't think it was posted here) not sure about the photo, but this is surely my favorite caption
  8. of course - I missed it... here's the only video I found so far (approx 15 secs of Imperial march..)
  9. Dzadza

    JW Grammys Page

    Not sure if this was mentioned before (I did search for topics that contain Grammys)... Checked JW page and was rather surprised that they couldn't get his name right on the artists page. Well, they got the name right - but it's John Williams the guitarist - not the composer. https://www.grammy.com/grammys/artists/john-williams ...I just find it funny...
  10. Hi guys ;-) long time lurker, first time poster. Just found a very sweet video from today's Harvard Commencement. Not really in love with this version, but great to see Maestro in good health ;-) Admin. edit: Youtube link added.