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  1. I’m baffled that I’ve found finally found another human being that’s even heard of Terror Toons, let alone seen it. It was one of those flicks I’d come across on the shelf all the time at Blockbuster when having my routine browsing through the horror section. The cover and title stuck to mind long before I was ever foolish enough to succumb to the temptation to sit through it. “Terror Toons” is a fun cool-sounding title that I’d love to see attached to a watchable movie.
  2. Horton Hears a Who by John Powell Priest by Christopher Young
  3. The bear steals the show!...before the croc stole it right back, of course.
  4. “You don't understand. He likes to chase skunks in the woods, and if he finds them he tries to mate with them. Only skunks don't like to mate with poodles, and then they spray him, and he really gets turned on!”
  5. They should just have the cover and booklet be pictures of Lea Thompson.
  6. Highly doubtful. We’re talking about an industry that gave an Oscar to The Social Network’s score.
  7. -The third Bayformers movie. Saw it with pop and we walked out after half an hour (something we've never done in the theatre before or since). -Leviathan (1989). -Alien 3 That's about it. I've seen plenty of bad movies, of course, but very very few that made enough of an impact for me to be able to remember them in hindsight.
  8. I keep thinking this is the Doctor Strange sequel and keep clicking on this waiting for the Giacchino announcement so I can read the usual "Ugh, hired him AGAIN!? What is this world coming to!?" booing.
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