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  1. kaseykockroach

    The Muppets (2015 TV Series)

    The writer in question came onto the show at around season 15 and wrote a few skits. Why is his view on the characters being gay being taken seriously? Why is Miss Piggy beating the shit out of Kermit okay, but have a possible gay couple on Sesame Street and suddenly want to pretend they care about what's appropriate for children to see?
  2. kaseykockroach

    Video Game Thread II

    There was a score? I didn't notice it. I was too busy laughing joyously watching hapless civilians flee for their lives once I let the carnivores out.
  3. kaseykockroach

    Video Game Thread II

    It's alright. Obviously worth it to unleash Rexy upon the helpless populace. Theme park builders were never my thing, I only got it for the sake of having another Jurassic game besides Lego Jurassic World.
  4. kaseykockroach

    Michel Legrand concert in London

    Grandpa's there as we speak! Hence I'll have the house to myself for the next week and a half.
  5. kaseykockroach

    The Muppets (2015 TV Series)

    We see Kermit naked every day.
  6. kaseykockroach

    What Is The Last Score You Listened To?

    Nightmare on Elm Street 5: The Dream Child by Jay Ferguson. Second favorite score (and film) in the series after New Nightmare!
  7. kaseykockroach

    The Muppets (2015 TV Series)

    Puppets don't even have dicks.
  8. kaseykockroach

    The Muppets (2015 TV Series)

    This show had one good episode (Going Going Gonzo). Otherwise, it was even worse than Muppets Tonight.
  9. kaseykockroach

    Happy birthday John Powell!

    Confessedly, I've been listening to Ice Age music today and I didn't even know it was his birthday! I don't really keep up with birthdays when it's not my own! But happy b-day to one of my faves! I've barely stopped listening to Solo and Hubris, and only don't listen to them even more because I don't want to drive grandpa crazy. Great choice by the way, crocodile! Horton's a top shelf work of his for me.
  10. kaseykockroach

    Happy birthday John Powell!

    And HTTYD3 comes out on MY birthday!
  11. kaseykockroach

    The Kasey Kockroach Thread

    https://www.rabb.it/kaseykockroach If you want to catch a bit of me streaming one of the funniest movies ever made...
  12. kaseykockroach

    What Is The Last Film You Watched? (Older Films)

    Everyone. You need to see Doom Asylum. You need this movie in your life. You can thank me later. A mere highlight reel or choice clip does not do this movie justice. But it's a worthy appetizer.
  13. kaseykockroach

    What Is The Last Score You Listened To?

    I meant that in the same sense that Goldsmith would use Ride of the Valkyries twice (King Solomon's Mines and Small Soldiers). Just an amusing coincidence.
  14. kaseykockroach

    Best film scores with an "ethnic" flair!

    We are Siamese, if you please!
  15. kaseykockroach

    What Is The Last Score You Listened To?

    This is pretty lovely, actually. I was always fairly bored with Cocoon's listening, so I'm pleasantly surprised this is engaging my ears. I don't have any argument for one being better than the other, I suppose it's merely a matter of what's being done with the same ingredients this time around. I'm happy the new release includes the album, since this has sounded like a fine presentation to me. Funny he would use the rhumba later in his Roger Rabbit score.