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  1. What Is The Last Score You Listened To?

    Bad Moon by Daniel Licht Don't Be Afraid of the Dark by Marco Beltrami and Buck Sanders
  2. Rambo III (Re-Mastered) JERRY GOLDSMITH by Intrada

    Of course not! They also utilized guitar.
  3. Star Wars Prequel VS. Sequel scores

    I'd rather listen to Battle for Volcano Island and Padme's Sexual Awakening.
  4. Official Indiana Jones 5 Thread

    You traitorous scoundrel you!
  5. What Is The Last Film You Watched? (Newer films)

    She was also renowned for her role in my reoccurring dreams.
  6. True, I hadn't considered that aspect, that he probably listens to scores every single day...one can only imagine the Link theme haunting his nightmares. I would at least argue (if I was capable of articulating a good debate) that Powell's Dawn of the Dinosaurs is as good as Goldsmith's Baby: Secret of the Lost Legend, and both are better than Giacchino's Jurassic World.
  7. It's subjective in that regard (I'd rank other scores over the HTTYD music as far as Powell favorites go), but I indeed understand the love for it. It's merely that I feel sorry that he can't get more fun out of the other stuff in favor of the far less inventive blockbuster scores.
  8. Pretty much all of his other animation scores get 3-stars, including Ferdinand, Horton Hears a Who, the Ice Age works, so on. Doesn't really bother me as there are far more significant things in this world to get riled up about (like my damn noisy cat), it just seems a bit inconsistent for him to dismiss symphonic scores just because they're for mostly lame animated movies.
  9. If that's the case, why does he dismiss most of Powell's scores? The odd exception being the HTTYD stuff (which is still better than being indifferent or annoyed at all of them, but it's still strange as many of those scores' merits apply to Powell's other animation works).
  10. Official Indiana Jones 5 Thread

    We can watch King Solomon's Mines! Or the opening to The Rugrats Movie!
  11. I like Giacchino fine and thought Jurassic World was one of his more enjoyable works. It is a shame that he merely amounts to 'fine' for me, but I'm easily pleased with monster music. I assume there won't be anything 'captivating' music-wise, just serviceable fun, and that's alright with me. ...Powell's Dawn of the Dinosaurs is a better score though.
  12. Official Indiana Jones 5 Thread

    People wouldn't be posting in this thread for 40 pages if they weren't intrigued to at least some degree.
  13. The Official Intrada Thread

    I love how enthusiastic Intrada's description is. John Debney's Runaway Brain would be a fun one to put out too, though I'm not sure where they'd put it. Perhaps on a compilation disc of some sort?
  14. The Official Intrada Thread

    IT WAS FOR ME! <3 Nicholas Pike's Prince and the Pauper is really great too. Jim Cummings and Bruce Broughton, together at last!
  15. Hasn't he run out of space in his trophy room anyway?