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  1. Drew

    Celebrity Praise for John Williams

    With that in mind, maybe they should revert the music back to its original form, the one with...John Williams leading the orchestra.
  2. It doesn't say London Music Works on that one. It might be that Prague's recordings sound that obnoxious sometimes.
  3. Were the Shore cues transcribed? I know they had some new arrangements of the credits songs. Those sound good except for some changed chords in "The Last Goodbye" that throw me off.
  4. I meant that I doubt that their performances of modern film music had to be transcribed. Seems like a waste if it is. I know some of their recordings of older music did need to be transcribed.
  5. Then why did Prague use that version? It would have had to have been written on the music sheets. I doubt that their music is transcribed.
  6. Not sure. There were definitely two different recordings for the film and album.
  7. 1. Didn't they already have an album with this title? 2. They better clean up their act and make their recordings sound real in the future. There is so much reverb and no other orchestra sounds like them (in a bad way). Their brass instruments tend to lack the precision timbre that makes brass sound real. Listening to the TLJ track right now and the performance reminds me of sampled orchestras used in fan-made SW soundtracks. 3. The beginning of their "Finale" TLJ recording is the film version instead of the album version. It's shorter and the statement of Luke's Theme is in A-flat instead of A. 4. Kind of random, but I will never understand why they released "Music From The Twilight Saga" months before the final score came out. What was the point? Don't get me started on how they represented the last three Harry Potter scores from only one cue from each of those (conveniently repurposed from their "Best of 20XX" albums). I think it is a production of high-quality synths performing film music. Goes well when compiled with Prague, because they sound the same... I think "Corellia Chase" sounds alright because we are already used to the reverb-heavy mix on Solo. Prague's recordings sound weirder the more they deviate from the original recording's mix.
  8. Drew

    The Last Jedi - Piano Arrangements available

    Does this book have all the full versions of the cues, instead of watered-down excerpts of cues on Musicnotes? If not, I might have to transcribe everything and show them who's boss.
  9. This is a thread for my piano transcriptions of John Williams cues. Here some of what I have done so far: You can move this to another section if this isn't the right place for it.
  10. Drew

    The Last Jedi - Piano Arrangements available

    I transcribed "Rey Trains With Lightsaber". I can arrange more unreleased cues if anyone wants.
  11. The new Star Wars albums don't have the conductor because Williams wasn't the only conductor. And the silly younger generations don't wanna see some William Ross guy on the album, I guess.
  12. Don't let this distract you from that one time when Johnny copied Hans: