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  1. Would the iTunes store possibly have a better audio bitrate than on Movies Anywhere?
  2. I find it amusing that Williams won despite Clemmenson not mentioning The Post at all in his commentary.
  3. Not quite. That would only pull up the smaller image size that Google has indexed.
  4. They did that do settle a dispute with Getty Images over the fact that they indexed their images, which prevented visitors from having to visit their site to purchase "their" images. Fortunately, there are third-party Chrome extensions that can restore the view image function.
  5. Yeah, whenever Apple decides to upgrade from 256 kbps in 50 years.
  6. I tried ripping the audio from the Fire and the Roku. The Fire was so laggy that I didn't get much good without there being pauses to buffer. The Roku did fine. What's worth noting is that I recorded the audio from a TV that is not 1080 HD, so it is possible that the devices did not stream the highest quality audio available either. I do not have the means to record with a TV that streams in higher quality because they do not have same analog audio out ports that I need to record to my computer. I am not sure if there is any difference in quality between this and the online version.
  7. I use Audacity to record my computer's audio output and then convert it into an audio file.
  8. I'll see what I can do. My rip of the computer version doesn't sound that bad because I saved it as an AIFF file to avoid double compression.
  9. Does anyone know if the 5.1 version is available on the Amazon Fire or Roku? Also, is the 5.1 version in a higher bitrate than the computer version? If I rip the 5.1 version, it will just be converted into a stereo track in Audacity, but a higher bitrate would help anyway.
  10. I lust for the isolated score tracklist.
  11. Johnson said he wanted to have an isolated score a while ago. He didn't confirm its existence until yesterday.
  12. The surround sound reverb helps hide the some of the lossiness.
  13. I compared it on my computer versus on an Amazon Fire Stick. The video quality was surprisingly awful on the TV. I couldn't tell if the audio was better on the TV because I didn't run the audio output through Audacity (the TV headphone jack sounds unlistenable). What difference would 5.1 make? If the native bitrate is bad, it won't really make anything better. I'm not the one who said it was 96 kbps or AAC.
  14. Yes. But apparently 96 kbps MP3 does not sound the same as 96 kbps AAC.