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  1. Fellow composers of JWFan, lets's make an album based on these track titles using John's themes and our own.
  2. Try to source the videos from the official music label channels or "topic" channels so that the videos don't disappear later.
  3. There is already a photo of Williams conducting the sessions. https://www.vanityfair.com/hollywood/photos/2019/05/star-wars-the-rise-of-skywalker-exclusive-photos
  4. Hearing B-major instead of B-flat major is all I needed to know that album is gonna sound weird.
  5. Not on album, but I came across a presentation of TPM with a bunch of alternate first takes and it sounds...interesting.
  6. The one where it plays those two half-step notes repeatedly
  7. But they all focus on a single theme. Imagine Across the Stars and Battle of the Heroes being combined into one four-minute suite. How I feel about TLJ's concert suite:
  8. Now give us a second concert suite for TLJ already... Only one concert suite that combines two unrelated themes? That's basically John flipping off Rian, very subtly.
  9. He should make "The Last Crusade" sound like Dan Wallin was never involved with the recording. Enough said. Also, is there anywhere I can listen to the original TLC OST before the 2008 set was released? I heard that it sounds way different.
  10. The mock-up sounds like it's in a different key than what is written on the score picture. The staccato low brass writing is definitely modern Williams action music.
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