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  1. Drew

    My John Williams Piano Transcriptions

    https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCr2wEiVB39O-8LZxUfRiUtA/ I need 1,000 subscribers to make any money on my videos and I am currently at less than 500. Once I have 1,000 subscribers, I can do less pandering to the masses and focus on Williams transcriptions that we all want to hear.
  2. I manually change everything prior to importing the CDs. Can't stand that.
  3. Why is considered necessary to "remaster" things by making the audio center-heavy and having more bass? I hope it's just the low bitrate of the samples that I am hearing with that.
  4. That was sarcasm. LLL's response is funny (even if it's not released).
  5. "Han Hero" (unlisted) "Han B" (unlisted) Does anyone remember who performed these?
  6. Am I allowed to post Dropbox links because they are cover versions performed by another JWFan member?
  7. Drew

    STAR WARS Custom Covers thread

    Thanks. I don't know what those are. Can you explain? If you mean the other NPO CDs, then no, the Star Wars ones are the only ones that I have.