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  1. Saw It: Chapter Two last weekend. Enjoyed a lot about it, but just like the book it's based off, it fell a bit short of the first. My review. https://herecast.us/profile/2232/983339
  2. Saw Good Boys last weekend. Raunchy comedy with preteens that I enjoyed a lot more then I expected to. My review - https://herecast.us/982584
  3. Just finished it. I've been waiting for this episode for a while now, and it didn't disappoint. A really thoughtful examination of what I consider one of Jerry's finest half-hours of television composing. Admittedly the actual discussion about the episode could have come sooner, but I enjoyed the interview, and discussion on Goldsmith's scores prior. Really interesting too. You mentioned him using an electronic organ, and I had no idea. I also think the lack of theme adds to the eeriness of the episode. It makes it seem "otherworldly", which is a huge part of why I think it's his accomplished TZ score (admittedly maybe not his most listenable). It helps that I'm a big fan of the episode. Those strings you mentioned too, actually frightened me when I first saw it. Just a really masterful example of the music matching the images on screen.
  4. Saw Yesterday last weekend, eh it was alright - My review - https://www.dailyuv.com/profile/2232/981131 Also saw Spider-Man: Far From Home and really enjoyed it, especially due to Gyllenhaal as Mysterio. My review as well - https://www.dailyuv.com/profile/2232/981174
  5. Spider-Man 3 Ratatouille Pirates of The Caribbean: At World's End Atonement 3:10 to Yuma Beowulf The Water Horse: Legend of The Deep
  6. Toy Story 4 Review - https://www.dailyuv.com/980636
  7. Toy Story 4 - Color me impressed, Pixar did it again. As someone who's a big fan of the previous three flicks, this might be my favorite film in the whole franchise. It's so nice, and wonderfully done. Everything with Woody, Bo-Peep, and Forky was terrific, and the ending was incredibly effective and emotionally satisfying. - 9.5 / 10
  8. JW Scores: 1. The Empire Strikes Back 2. Star Wars 3. Schindler's List 4. Hook 5. Raiders of The Lost Ark Non JW: Vertigo - Herrmann Star Trek: The Motion Picture - Goldsmith Return to Oz - Shire Once Upon A Time in America - Morricone Heavy Metal - Bernstein
  9. Oof, that's bad. Unfortunately I don't run the website, so I'm kinda stuck and complicated, when it comes to the regional locks. I'll have to check that out later, as my limited audience obviously doesn't skew very hard outside the U.S.
  10. My Godzilla King of The Monsters review - Better late then never, I suppose. https://dailyuv.com/980158 I also saw Rocketman last weekend, and it found to be quite delightful. My review as well. https://dailyuv.com/980160
  11. Emperor of The North by Frank DeVol Silent Movie by John Morris Shoot to Kill By John Scott King Kong Lives By John Scott
  12. Saw the live-action Aladdin remake last week, so this is a rather belated review. I thought it was just serviceable. My review! https://dailyuv.com/profile/2232/979735
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