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  1. America

    With so many accusations, there's gotta at least be something there though, but yes innocent until proven guilty, no matter what, I'll give you that.
  2. Marvel Cinematic Universe Thread

    Pine is an underrated actor. He's incredible charming and usually plays his roles well. I'd argue he's at least 30% of the reason why Wonder Woman works as well as it does.
  3. America

    It doesn't mean they're innocent either though. Will see how it plays out.
  4. What are you thankful for?

    My life, and my movie knowledge, and oh yeah scores too, I guess.
  5. America

    And I don't agree with any of you on here. Bah-humbag! 10+ accusers though. I'm pretty sure that's a trend. In the case of all three of those politicians, resigning. Franken's the only one likely to do it though, and that's after democrats given him heat, especially when his example while not as bad as Moore or Trump's, still sends the wrong message and would probably give the GOP ammo. Moore and Trump on the hand are crazies, and believe they did nothing wrong, as evident by the fact that Moore refuses to drop out of the race, and still believes he's going to win (it's Alabama, so I can't say he's wrong to think that).
  6. America

    The victims are already traumatized. Most of them didn't come forward out of fear, and losing their jobs. Lets not forget, especially in Hollywood, males have the most power. Sexually harassed women. I'm pretty sure they deserve a right to sue or call out the accused anyway.
  7. America

    Given most of the accused's histories, I'd be very surprised if the last "inappropriate sexual encounter" was over a decade ago. Of course I have no authority to speak about the truth, and I don't really claim to, but many of the accusers who are coming forward don't have some "agenda", they just want justice served. In today's culture, people are more willing to speak out. Sexual harassment is never a good thing, and if someone has a constant history of it, then I'd say they probably have some serious issues. Plus this sort of behavior is near consistent in the workforce, heck we elected a predator (insert pic here), as president. I'm pretty sure it has to stop.
  8. Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi (Rian Johnson 2017)

    Tickets for this are still on sale in my cinemas. Should probably pick up a few by next week. Super excited of course.
  9. The Post (2017) SCORE Thread

    Critics are a poor barometer of what makes "great music".They rarely if ever notice the music in film, and if they do they usually praise it like it's the "greatest" thing ever, and then us film music fans usually consider the music very good, but not "next level" stuff, or whatever. It's pointless.
  10. 24 days to go, and I still can't wait to listen to it.
  11. America

    Well more and more accusations are just gonna keep coming out, as people especially women, are less scared to tell the truth. Some notable actors are gonna be considered unhireable in a year from now. It's just the nature of the business, and I think it's the right thing. My only worry is that people are gonna start blurring the lines between true sexual harassment and someone who perhaps gave a few too many hard hugs, especially since trash magazine wanna sell copies. There is a difference. Other then that though, this sort of Hollywood "purge" is actually kinda necessary. Considering the number of people who have come out, I'm sure they have more then enough evidence though. Will see!
  12. America

    I'm pretty sure say 10+ people coming out against Spacey claiming he assaulted them as teens, is not something to take lightly though, and most of these allegations weren't on twitter either. The reason these scandals haven't gone to court, is because most of the victims haven't really sued yet. Hollywood has always been a "toxic environment", so none of this surprises me. Heck I remember reading about a supposed pedo ring years ago. This shit shouldn't be taken lightly. After many accusations, I'm pretty sure a scandal goes well beyond alleged though.
  13. What Is The Last Film You Watched? (Newer films)

    My review of The Florida Project.
  14. America

    I never said it did. It happens everywhere. It's just that Hollywood is a particularly terrible example since it's so well known. It's actually a good thing that people are no longer scared of admitting the truth, or exposing these scandals.
  15. America

    Yep, Lasseter should leave. Pete Docter is rumored to replace him, which would probably be for the beast. I just hope he hasn't been involved in any scandals of his own. Hollywood is truly a terrible place.