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  1. This was a very fun episode to listen to. Not just for the Goldsmith discussion, but also honestly from the way you guys described those Gunsmoke shows, it made me wanna go back and look at the series again. I remember watching it years ago on TVland, and it didn't make much of an impression, but to be fair I was also like 8 at the time.
  2. Alligator is a great little B monster movie, and Forster is a huge part of the reason why it works as good as it does. RIP!!!
  3. My review of The Downton Abbey movie, which was a pleasant enough watch. https://herecast.us/984060
  4. Just listened to the whole interview. Really interesting. Peter Bernstein had a lot of funny insights into his father. I was a little disappointed he didn't have more to say about The Black Cauldron, but I guess for him it was just another day of work. I've been a big fan of Elmer Bernstein's music since I watched How to Kill a Mockingbird in Jr. High. While his music is very noticeable and his own, there's a lot of richness and variety in there, to go from The Great Santini to Zulu Dawn in the same time period shows a lot of versatility for example. Of the unreleased sampled theme tracks that I heard, Leonard Part 6 interested me the most just because I've never heard him compose something that "rocking sounding" in the eighties, especially for such a bad movie. I know Peter mentioned that Elmer originally hired him so he could work on more band instruments like guitars, but it just stood out to me.
  5. Joker - I really enjoyed a lot about this. It's very stylish, has a great little "retro soundtrack", and Phoenix's performance as The Joker is nothing short of remarkable. He manages to convey insanity while not truly"breaking down", or going OOT. Also I thought they did a solid job of laying out the anarchistic "eat the rich" themes, without it ever truly becoming "problematic". However, I do admit that I agree with the criticisms that the characters outside of Arthur aka The Joker are paper-thin for the most part (I guess DeNiro's talk show character has a personality, but we don't see not enough of him anyway). Also there's the issue of trying to center the movie entirely around a "villain". It's often a case of not trying to make him too sympathetic, and not making him too repulsive that it turns off audiences. I'm not sure the movie entirely succeeded in finding a middle ground, but I really need to think it over. - 7 / 10
  6. I feel like limiting Elfman to just one essential score isn't doing his overall oeuvre justice, but if there's one Elfman score I return to the most it's Batman Returns.There's just something about it that really clicks to me. I also love Sommersby, The Nightmare Before Christmas, and Big Fish. Black Beauty was a recent wonderful discover for me. I never knew Elfman was capable of writing such beautiful "personal sounding music" until recently. Now that I've listened to a lot more of his work I feel stupid for even questioning that. I love the "sheer joy" that comes from this track.
  7. Saw Abominable over the weekend. Pretty predictable stuff as far as animated films go, but I enjoyed it a lot more then I expected to. My review. https://herecast.us/983856
  8. Saw It: Chapter Two last weekend. Enjoyed a lot about it, but just like the book it's based off, it fell a bit short of the first. My review. https://herecast.us/profile/2232/983339
  9. Saw Good Boys last weekend. Raunchy comedy with preteens that I enjoyed a lot more then I expected to. My review - https://herecast.us/982584
  10. Just finished it. I've been waiting for this episode for a while now, and it didn't disappoint. A really thoughtful examination of what I consider one of Jerry's finest half-hours of television composing. Admittedly the actual discussion about the episode could have come sooner, but I enjoyed the interview, and discussion on Goldsmith's scores prior. Really interesting too. You mentioned him using an electronic organ, and I had no idea. I also think the lack of theme adds to the eeriness of the episode. It makes it seem "otherworldly", which is a huge part of why I think it's his accomplished TZ score (admittedly maybe not his most listenable). It helps that I'm a big fan of the episode. Those strings you mentioned too, actually frightened me when I first saw it. Just a really masterful example of the music matching the images on screen.
  11. Saw Yesterday last weekend, eh it was alright - My review - https://www.dailyuv.com/profile/2232/981131 Also saw Spider-Man: Far From Home and really enjoyed it, especially due to Gyllenhaal as Mysterio. My review as well - https://www.dailyuv.com/profile/2232/981174
  12. Spider-Man 3 Ratatouille Pirates of The Caribbean: At World's End Atonement 3:10 to Yuma Beowulf The Water Horse: Legend of The Deep
  13. Toy Story 4 Review - https://www.dailyuv.com/980636
  14. Toy Story 4 - Color me impressed, Pixar did it again. As someone who's a big fan of the previous three flicks, this might be my favorite film in the whole franchise. It's so nice, and wonderfully done. Everything with Woody, Bo-Peep, and Forky was terrific, and the ending was incredibly effective and emotionally satisfying. - 9.5 / 10
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