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  1. Wow that Lolita Ritmanis score sounds freaking awesome and is a total surprise!! Yavar
  2. It's certainly not what I would prioritize. But maybe the current edition is nearing a sell-out, or maybe there's some other reason as you say. Yavar
  3. That's correct -- just a few that were on the boot, I think the most notable being an alternate of Joel's Flight of the Phoenix cue. GNP did include every cue that was in the film. Something else that could be added besides alternates is the source music in the film, though (two songs of which were on the original GNP release but omitted from the expansion). Yavar
  4. So I guess you were not aware that one of Broughton's two Barnaby Jones episode scores was included complete along with Jerry Goldsmith's pilot score, on the recent LLL release "The Quinn Martin Collection Volume 1: Cop and Detective Series"? https://lalalandrecords.com/quinn-martin-collection-the-volume-1-cop-and-detective-series-limited-edition-2-cd-set/ It's a good score too, although not on the level of Jerry's IMO. He adapts Jerry's theme near the end of his score. Most interestingly of all, though, was Bruce's revelation in the interview that there was at least one more time that he adapted a Jerry Goldsmith theme! You'll have to wait until the interview to find out the circumstances...fingers crossed he still has the music in his archives and can share it with us to play for you on the show! Yavar
  5. Close, but no cigar. (I wish! Maybe some day.) A bit younger. Yavar
  6. In the same update when MV said The Swarm was still in the works, he also said the same about The Diary of Anne Frank and The Adventures of Batman and Robin (which, let's not forget, was also on their big poster earlier this year). Yavar
  7. I mean, to be fair it's hit or miss! "Love Thy Neighbor" was a superb episode, but I wouldn't describe any of the other four we've seen that way. But they are all perfectly watchable with quite likable recurring characters -- particularly Chester, who sadly won't be around for Jerry's final excellent score written for the 12th season of the show. But I hope you do revisit some of the show, particularly that one great episode at the very least. So glad you had fun listening to the podcast. @karelm, do let me know your thoughts after you listen to the David Newman podcast from earlier this year. We do talk about TMP but other Goldsmith scores he played on including one of my favorite often-overlooked favorites (and his first time playing on a Goldsmith score): Contract on Cherry Street. I just recorded another Odyssey Interview with a veteran composer who knew Jerry and had a few places of overlap with him. @Fancyarcher @Brundlefly @Display Name @TownerFan @Disco Stu @Mr. Breathmask @Faleel J.M. @El Jefe @Modest Expectations @Laserschwert @publicist @BrotherSound @Modest Expectations @Jay -- anyone care to venture a guess who I spoke with this past Friday? Yavar
  8. Dude, did you not read my above post (that you quoted) very closely? Yavar
  9. Goldsmith may have been a bad teacher/instructor, but I don't think he was a bad mentor. He was incredibly supportive of younger composers and their work. You probably know he personally recommended Bruce Broughton for Tombstone when he couldn't do it. In my conversations with composers Cliff Eidelman, David Newman, Justin Freer, and Brian Tyler, a consistent thread was how encouraging and supportive Jerry was, and also how free he was with advice about how to navigate the industry and such, if not necessarily the actual composing side of film music... you can listen for yourself: http://goldsmithodyssey.buzzsprout.com/159614/827526-odyssey-interviews-cliff-eidelman http://goldsmithodyssey.buzzsprout.com/159614/1000935-odyssey-interviews-david-newman http://goldsmithodyssey.buzzsprout.com/159614/1012976-odyssey-interviews-justin-freer http://goldsmithodyssey.buzzsprout.com/159614/1693987-odyssey-interviews-brian-tyler I would love to eventually interview Marco Beltrami and get his thoughts about that, and see if his really differs from theirs. So we have our conversations via Skype, and occasionally we have had to use a Skype backup for someone... but usually (and in this case) we record locally to Audacity and send those lossless files to David who edits. That said, I'm just using an inexpensive Snowball mic while both David and Clark have much more professional grade mics. I've been considering an upgrade especially since I'm doing all of these interview episodes as well, and it's kinda sad in those instances like Brian Tyler, Robert Townson, and David Newman, when the guest sounds better than the interviewer. So are you saying that I sounded worse to you in this episode recording than I usually do, when I'm with my colleagues? Yavar
  10. And the episode is now up! http://goldsmithodyssey.buzzsprout.com/159614/1958638-episode-22-gunsmoke-love-thy-neighbor-old-faces-1961 There's lots of exclusive good unreleased Goldsmith western music here, and in music-only form thanks to a generous collector at FSM (Ron Burbella), who shared them with us. We also discuss one of the best episodes of television we have come across yet! I can't wait to hear what you think of it, @Fancyarcher @Brundlefly @Display Name @TownerFan @Disco Stu @Mr. Breathmask @Faleel J.M. @El Jefe @Modest Expectations @Laserschwert @publicist @BrotherSound @karelm @Modest Expectations @Jay Yavar
  11. And now, almost a year later, we have arrived at two MORE wonderful Goldsmith western scores for the Gunsmoke series, also music-only exclusives thanks to Ron Burbella! Have fun exploring them in our latest Goldsmith Odyssey episode... http://goldsmithodyssey.buzzsprout.com/159614/1958638-episode-22-gunsmoke-love-thy-neighbor-old-faces-1961 Looking forward to hearing what you think, @Brundlefly -- how is your journey through Jerry's westerns output progressing, since you last posted? Yavar
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