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  1. Yeah I think he’s hoping for a reissue, since Intrada has reissued all of their earlier complete Goldsmith releases from that era of their output, in the past few years, except for Boys from Brazil... Yavar
  2. I don’t consider Hour of the Gun probable any more, now that the title I thought it might be turned out to be King Rat. It goes back in the “presumed lost” category where it was before. Yavar
  3. This is the 60s release I thought might be the original recording of Goldsmith’s Hour of the Gun being discovered and released alongside a remastered version of the album from original elements. Apparently that score’s film recording is still MIA. I knew for sure based on Doug’s hints that if this wasn’t Hour of the Gun, this had to be a Bernstein or Barry score. I’m super please to find out that it was King Rat all along, as that’s a Barry favorite from the era! With this and HTD back to back, what an amazing time to be a Barry fan! Yavar
  4. I quite liked the three preview cues Tyler sent over to include in our podcast conversation: http://goldsmithodyssey.buzzsprout.com/159614/1693987-odyssey-interviews-brian-tyler I mean, obviously not a patch on any of Goldsmith's three scores, but I don't get the hate, and I was glad to hear him incorporate Jerry's action motif. Maybe after I hear the rest of the album I'll agree with you, but based on those first three tracks, I don't. Yavar
  5. In terms of score, 6 > 5 > 4 > 3 > 7 > 8 > 2 > 1 IMO anyway. Yavar
  6. Depends on who you ask. Watch the Red Letter Media reviews on the TNG films and they do a great job of pointing out why they all suck, except for Generations (this was their first Plinkett review ever and I don’t think they’d quite figured out their approach... three quarters of their complaints about it are more what I’d call “humorous nitpicking” but when they get to FC next it’s almost all substantive critique, albeit still communicated via humor). For me, All Good Things... — could’ve been the theatrical film itself, it was so good and the perfect finish to TNG as a series Generations — okay but a far step down from AGT. But that’s it’s main problem, as it’s suffering in comparison to its excellent predecessor. Similarly to Star Trek V: The Final Frontier, another script pass or two would have gone a long way, here. But also like The Final Frontier, there are really very good Star Trek ideas included as well, among the dumb and poorly-executed stuff. It still feels like we are watching The Next Generation, albeit not a great episode. First Contact — a bigger budget, splashy special effects, and very good score with Goldsmith returning to the franchise made a lot of people consider this a step up from Generations. Oh, and sticking the fan-favorite The Borg in the movie. But if you actually care about the Borg as a chilling concept in TNG, they are truly ruined by this film and the stupid Queen, although Alice Kridge certainly relishes her role and hams it up entertainingly. The script is far from good and the two stories (the Bog half and the First Contact half) don’t gel well together. The characters start to behave downright OFF in this film, and many don’t feel remotely consistent with their portrayal in the series. The ending with Jerry’s music is the most powerful part so at least it ends strong, but in between we have a distinctly non-Trek feeling space zombies Aliens rip-off. I really really hate most of this movie. Insurrection — this one is just generally lame, not offensive. It’s faults lie more in execution, but I do respect it for being literally the ONLY Trek movie where Earth doesn’t appear — it’s actually “out there”. But there’s a lot of cringe inducing stuff (Riker’s joystick?) in this and again the characters feel off. It feels lower budget and more rushed than First Contact, but it also feels more like Star Trek and it offends me less...even though the plot is still ridiculous and contradicts the show! Nemesis — this is an absolutely miserable experience in every way and not a single character acts normal; I don’t recognize them as the same characters from the show, which is seemingly completely forgotten about (Lore? Worf doesn’t hate Romulans? And don’t get me started on Picard in this...it makes his portrayal in First Contact look in-character, in comparison.) This was my most hated Trek film until Into Darkness found a way to offend and piss me off even more. Yavar
  7. I have a feeling Intrada has some good Goldsmith in the works and it will come when it is ready. Yavar
  8. I wouldn’t be surprised if it wasn’t. What’s strange is they did one director themed release before — Fuller at Fox — and still gave composer credits on the front cover even though there was more than one composer! http://www.kritzerland.com/fuller.htm And for the actor (John Wayne) themed release previously, they also credited the composers on the front cover even though there were three! http://www.kritzerland.com/johnWayne_Fox.htm So with this essentially being an Alfred Newman set with five of his scores on five CDs, it’s a real head scratcher to leave his name off the front cover entirely and have HENRY KING in huge letters even though he didn’t write a note and only provided the films to inspire the artistry of Alfred Newman... Yavar
  9. Most popular one? By what measure? Do you mean most popular out of the four mediocre-to-shitty TNG films? Yavar
  10. Yeah the omission of Newman's name from the cover is super strange, especially since there are no other composer collaborators of King's represented here. It's not like Henry King wrote these scores! Other Newman/King collaborations not represented in this lovely box set: Alexander's Ragtime Band* The Song of Bernadette+ Wilson* Margie~ Twelve O'Clock High* David and Bathsheba# Wait Till the Sun Shines, Nellie~ O. Henry's Full House (one segment of this anthology film; score released by Kritzerland) * released on CD by Screen Archives + released on CD by Varese Sarabande # released on CD by first Intrada and then later, Kritzerland (the more complete and better sounding version which is a MUST BUY!) ~these two scores have never been released and Margie, at least, is lovely...it's a shame they weren't premiered here, but perhaps they are lost... Oh yeah, and Newman did the arrangements and some underscoring for Carousel, directed by King, as well. The Bravados (cool scored released by FSM) was his last collaboration with Alfred Newman (but *not* Hugo Friedhofer, who co-wrote the score with Alfred and scored King's later This Earth Is Mine, as well as, previously, The Sun Also Rises). King also worked more than once with Franz Waxman (Beloved Infidel, Untamed) and Bernard Herrmann (The Snows of Kilimanjaro, King of the Khyber Rifles, and his final film, Tender Is the Night). I'd also really love to hear the score that Sol Kaplan composed for him, on 1951's I'd Climb the Highest Mountain. Maybe that'll get unearthed from the Fox vaults someday. Yavar
  11. Yes I think this is the first time a Lucasfilm project has been expanded by one of the film music specialty labels. Bodes well for Willow! I'm sure Star Wars and even Indiana Jones are going to be a whole other kettle of fish... although maybe Intrada could be allowed to tackle The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles, or Peter Bernstein's two Ewok scores? Yavar
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