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  1. Wow! Behind the scenes of Interstellar's score! The guys back there are waiting for the "maestro" to sleep for them to make the magic happen!
  2. I never listened to Hollow Men and I also suffered a little during the first attempts to listen to Brave Heart. I listened to Tintin, BFG and War Horse, but they never appealed to me.
  3. Yeah, I'm sorry. Horner is the composer with the highest number of scores I've ever heard. I think 65% of everything he did. I think the "Bicentennial" theme is more beautiful than the "Beautiful Mind".
  4. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban by John Williams Are you sure?
  5. What did George Lucas really do in Ireland?

    I talk about the experience of not working with Lucas. The two always referred to him as an "obstacle" to good acting. EDIT: Ah! Hamil says he's unhappy with the choices that Abrams and Johnson have done for his character.
  6. What did George Lucas really do in Ireland?

    Mark Hamill and Harrison Ford have had this opportunity and I do not believe they have had better experiences with the new directors.
  7. The Mummy - Jerry Goldsmith (1999) 9.5 / 10 The Ballad The Cable Rogue - Jerry Goldsmith (1971) 7 / 10 Wrinkle in The Time - Ramin Djwadi (2018) 4 / 10 Tomb Raider - Junkie XL (2018) 1 / 10
  8. Search for Hans Zimmer Walmart commercial on Youtube.
  9. AR Rahman is known in India as the "Mozart of Madras". What name do they give to iIlaiyaraaja?
  10. I really enjoyed this score.
  11. Introduction - JP from Mexico

    Olá, Juanito!
  12. Mary Shelley's Frankenstein (Doyle) and Bram Stoker's Dracula (Kilar) again again again alternately.
  13. The Austin Wintory Thread

    Very interesting, if he manages to sign a prominent project these days he'll probably be a Pembertom, Johansson, Wallfisch or McCreary in the next five years.
  14. [Wrong discussion... Deleted empty commentary about Emilia Clarke's participation in Han Solo film...]
  15. Horner also did "Bopha!".