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  1. All the theories died with this film, except for the romantic expectations of the 15 year old girls.
  2. Well, the spoilers that have come to me induce that the only exciting thing in the film are the space battles.
  3. Well, at least boring is a term that stays between good and bad.
  4. The Lion King (Jon Favreau)

    Tina Guo making sexy cello perfomances of the old themes?
  5. The Shape of Water - Desplat (2017), It - Wallfisch (2017) and Cleopatra - North (1963).
  6. Yes, it's very french! A pleasure for the ears! One of the best Desplat scores and my favorite of the year so far.
  7. If you just like of the music, no problem.
  8. I prefer the first one. The second is wonderful, mainly the first half. I do not think his stuff for movies like "American Hustle", "Tulip Fever" or "Girl on the Train" are bad. Scores for dramas, political thrillers or even romantic comedies is naturally the least adored. However some composers can capture the public's attention with these genres. Thomas Newman, James Horner, Georges Delerue and John Barry are some of them.
  9. Interview about the concerts. https://www.forbes.com/sites/stevebaltin/2017/11/29/why-danny-elfman-gave-up-the-stage-to-become-one-of-hollywoods-most-successful-composers/#419dcc772b2d
  10. Agnes of God (Georges Delerue, 1985), Krull (James Horner, 1983), Orca (Ennio Morricone, 1978) and Mission Impossible (Danny Elfman, 1996 / Now I understand the story of the themes of 1996. There is the Elfman version that is in the movie and the popular one that came out on the radios that was arranged by the U2 guys ) .
  11. I believe that If Elfman back to make the score of the next JL and try to fix the errors of the current score (themes with little memorable presentations and bad use of the classical themes of 78 and 89) the DC will back to having a consistent and enjoyable musical universe.
  12. What's your favorite thing about John Williams?

    He looks like Richard Attenborough. That's why I remember him in every scene where Hammond shows up at Jurassic Park.
  13. What's your favorite thing about John Williams?

    He never changed his appearance harshly. While we mere mortals change the extent that we age or according to what fashion tells us to be the wisest to wear, John remains the same, the same hair, the same beard, the same glasses, the same sweater with turtle neck. I say this because Jerry Goldsmith, for example, sometimes gets unrecognizable from one photo/video to another.
  14. I know. My revolt against Ren is because "how a man in the midst of his twenties gets deceived by the promises of old decrepit man to the point of killing his family for loyalty to him?" But we've seen this story in other episodes...