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  1. isn't it common knowledge it's fantasy, not sci-fi?
  2. Coronation Day & Epilogue are fire bro
  3. Listening to Skyscraper by Jablonksninkskly right now. It's meh. Next will be the new Hotel Transylvania by Mothersbauuuhghgh. And then maybe the new Ant-Man by Beck I always got stuck in the junkyard part as a kid.
  4. This thread's gone downhill. To much hentai in here.
  5. Shut out so far... which is not surprising at all.
  6. For a second I thought this thread was about the new movie (MI: Fallout) and that they hired Kraemer to come back. Now I'm just disappointed again
  7. Fargo


    Some things that bother me about YouTube Music: Liked artists are shown as subscriptions on the regular YouTube page Liked albums and songs may act this way as well (shown as 'liked' videos, etc.), not sure though if that was fixed after the beta release No option to change streaming quality on mobile app No option to change download quality on mobile app Can't upload songs from your own library The 'Hotlist' page is pure, pure garbage The app and desktop site recommend music videos to watch - no thanks, that crap is for the normal YouTube site I'll stick with Google Play Music until they port all the features over, which should happen by 2019. For now, IMO, Google Play Music is still the best service out there. Oh, and GPM also has podcasts on it that sync between devices (at least the desktop site and Android app do, the iOS app does not), which I like since I don't want to deal with another app for that.
  8. Fargo

    Track-by Track: Solo vs. The Last Jedi

    Probably some of the same people who voted for that Chicken Song garbage
  9. Fargo

    Track-by Track: Solo vs. The Last Jedi

    I think we can all agree the last 60 seconds of Into the Maw is better than anything in The Last Jedi, right?
  10. Fargo

    Track-by Track: Solo vs. The Last Jedi

    How about Train Heist/Mine Mission vs The Fathiers Reminiscence Therapy vs Battle of Crait Adventures of Han vs Fun With Finn and Rose That seems like a more fair selection Chicken in the Pot is almost has bad as that weird song in Jabba's Palace for the special edition
  11. Fargo

    Track-by Track: Solo vs. The Last Jedi

    Who the f voted for Chicken in the Pot The Sacred Jedi Texts vs Break Out is a tough choice
  12. oof this is a snooze-fest. 2 duds in a row. this and Incredibles 2
  13. I'd be ok with that