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  1. That voiceover in the trailer was cringey. I'm still on the fence about if I'll actually pay for CBS All Access just to watch this. Probably just wait for reviews I guess.
  2. Not sure sure if it's in the movie, but it wasn't on the OST. I have zero plans to see the movie so maybe I'll never know the truth.
  3. I thought A Whole New World was actually pretty good, but the rest stink. I mean... really, really stink. Will Smith's songs are completely unlistenable to me. Also disappointed there's no Prince Ali (Reprise) by whoever plays Jafar - that's one of my favorite shorter songs from the original movie.
  4. Just found out the soundtrack has been released, streaming it now on Google Music. I have very low expectations for the film, but hopefully the music is good. Seems weird it's been released already instead of waiting for Friday like normal. A Google search says the OST release date is the 27th, so idk why it's up for streaming now. For context on why I think the film will be disappointing: Ugh.
  5. Didn't D&D once say they didn't even know Sam had POV chapters? Basically confirms they didn't read the books, or care enough while reading it. Nice, thanks. I'll have to use this on my third re-read (after finishing my current queue of books: WoT, LotR, Stormlight Archives, Dark Tower). Maybe by the time I get back around to ASOIAF, the 6th book will be just 3 years away. I managed to find an epub file of this "Feast with Dragons" edition via Dropbox from a Reddit post a few years back.
  6. How are you going about doing that? Will you just go inbetween the two books at the same time, or do you have an ebook that's combined them both? That would definitely be an interesting way of reading it. I wouldn't want to be the one to figure out the right order for them though, lol
  7. That actually felt like the Bronn from the books. In the books he's is definitely not a friend to Tyrion, just his mercenary/bodyguard and in it for himself. Also the theory that he purposefully made sure Shae did not leave King's Landing on Cersei's request. The show has humanized him too much, because he's a good actor and people liked him.
  8. I liked the beginning of the episode, and the convo between Tyrion & Varys was good. But it descended into garbage very quickly. Cersei, the woman who blew up a sept to get what she wanted, doesn't attack the leaders of an enemy army at her doorstep? She doesn't kill Tyrion on sight, who she had already sent Bronn to murder? Tyrion mentions he already knew Cersei was preggers, but no reaction shot from Euron on how he knew that? Apparently the plot of the final two episodes has been leaked on the web. But who cares at this point? I doubt many fans of the books do. I know I don't.
  9. Because Fat Thor Lebowski is awesome to look at.
  10. I’m the only one who voted for B Tyler?? His Iron Man and Thor scores were 🔥
  11. One episode to reanimate them. one episode for them to march to kings landing. one episode to have them engage in a siege. ... show’s over. Hey cool
  12. I say it’s 50/50. That one dude was in the first season of Jessica Jones. Probably the bet thing about that season. Also one was in Gone in 60 Seconds. And that is a gawd damn masterpiece. And the old one was in The Thick of It. Edit: and In the Loop. Great show and great movie. Who was in the Hobbit?
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