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  1. Good lord. 38 tracks, an hour and 12 minutes long.
  2. Link: https://www.indiewire.com/2019/07/best-movie-music-2010s-film-score-1202161174/ List: Phantom Thread Carol The Revenant The Social Network Interstellar The Handmaiden Under the Skin If Beale Street Could Talk Cloud Atlas You Were Never Really Here Good Time Swiss Army Man Beasts of the Southern Wild Jane Eyre First Man Belle A Ghost Story The Tree of Life Childhood of a Leader Mudbound Thoughts: lol
  3. Let’s get to the real question - is Hans Zimmer better than John Williams, and why or why not?
  4. IMO the first two movies and scores cannot be overrated; they are masterpieces to me. ROTJ isn’t overrated - I think the general consensus is that’s it’s the weakest of the OT by a decent amount. The movie is fine (aside from Ewoks, Solo’s character development, and Special Edition changes) and the score is good (I wish the recording was better though - it seems to have a “thinner” sound than the first two). The prequel movies are trash and are only good for watching fun-ish lightsaber fights and enjoying those sweet, sweet memes from r/prequelmemes. TPM’s score is underrated IMO - I think it’s the best of the PT by far and is close behind ROTJ. The new movies are tricky to talk about. TFA is an ok movie, and the score is very much above average. I still don’t know how to feel about TLJ as movie. It’s the only Star Wars movie in the main series I’ve only seen once (opening night in a theatre full of sweaty nerds), so I guess that says something. I’ve listened to the OST a handful of times and I like it as much as I like TFA. But they are nowhere near as good as the OT and I don’t think anything thinks they are. So they seem to be rated correctly. tl;dr OT movies: rated correctly OT music: rated correctly PT movies: overrated due to fire memes on the internet PT music: overrated besides TPM ST movies: who knows ST music: rated correctly
  5. I agree - that song got a laugh out of me. But other than that I wasn't feeling it too much. Doesn't help that neither of the two actors are singing very well.
  6. 2019's version of I Just Can't Wait to Be King sounds strange, probably because I'm so used to the original. Be Prepared is a joke. gahh Stampede is pretty good so far though.
  7. Hans Zimmer uses the same Circle of Life recording from 15 years ago and it's ok. But when I use the same toothbrush from 15 years ago, my wife calls me disgusting. wtf
  8. Someone please help me - I'm about to lose my mind. 49 seconds into track 6, "Change of Plans", there are three notes that are played - and they sound like the start of a melody from another score. I don't necessarily think it's another Giacchino score, but I can hear the tune clear as day. Driving me nuts right now. Edit: Got it. Theme from Thor: Ragnorak. Thank god, my brain can relax now. Also, I'm digging this new Spiderman music. Very nice.
  9. That voiceover in the trailer was cringey. I'm still on the fence about if I'll actually pay for CBS All Access just to watch this. Probably just wait for reviews I guess.
  10. Not sure sure if it's in the movie, but it wasn't on the OST. I have zero plans to see the movie so maybe I'll never know the truth.
  11. I thought A Whole New World was actually pretty good, but the rest stink. I mean... really, really stink. Will Smith's songs are completely unlistenable to me. Also disappointed there's no Prince Ali (Reprise) by whoever plays Jafar - that's one of my favorite shorter songs from the original movie.
  12. Just found out the soundtrack has been released, streaming it now on Google Music. I have very low expectations for the film, but hopefully the music is good. Seems weird it's been released already instead of waiting for Friday like normal. A Google search says the OST release date is the 27th, so idk why it's up for streaming now. For context on why I think the film will be disappointing: Ugh.
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