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  1. That first track is ok - small reprise from a theme from the first film. Salamander Eyes is a better cue, IMO.
  2. Fargo

    Are There Any Scores That You Hate?

    Every Trent Reznor "score"
  3. Fargo

    Crazy Rich Asians - Brian Tyler

    oof, no thanks
  4. Wouldn't it make the most since to just do two movies instead of splitting one up? Make Episode IX and then finish your story with Episode X... none of this Episode IX part 1 nonsense. These movies don't have to be forced to contain a 3-movie story arc.
  5. Fargo

    What will the title of SW Ep. IX be?

    wait was that an actual quote from TLJ?
  6. Fargo

    What will the title of SW Ep. IX be?

    It's gonna be Spark of Hope or something. It was said so many times in TLJ (to an annoying extent - why did Poe have to say that same line twice) and also in the opening scrawl. Hell, maybe TLJ should've been called A Spark of Hope
  7. isn't it common knowledge it's fantasy, not sci-fi?
  8. Coronation Day & Epilogue are fire bro
  9. Listening to Skyscraper by Jablonksninkskly right now. It's meh. Next will be the new Hotel Transylvania by Mothersbauuuhghgh. And then maybe the new Ant-Man by Beck I always got stuck in the junkyard part as a kid.
  10. This thread's gone downhill. To much hentai in here.
  11. Shut out so far... which is not surprising at all.
  12. For a second I thought this thread was about the new movie (MI: Fallout) and that they hired Kraemer to come back. Now I'm just disappointed again