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  1. Here's hoping they movie in a different direction with the music and give someone like Trent Reznor a shot at scoring.
  2. "Avengers once and for all" what does that tagline even mean
  3. '95' by Panu Aaltio. Sounds good so far. I've been a big fan of Aaltio since his Tale of a Forest score.
  4. oh yeah, AWOLNATION and STAR WARS. They definitely go together.
  5. Oh man you so sophisticated with your special ears and such pretty boy.
  6. I've never heard William's LIS theme (having never seen the original show), so I don't really know which is his theme. Nothing stands out to me as really silly. I'm towards the end now, just had a couple really nice tracks, Maureen at Work & Maureen Flies. I'm digging the album, pretty good stuff.
  7. It's pretty good so far. Definitely better than Rampage - that was a snoozefest.
  8. I'm giving Lockington's Rampage a spin this morning. I always have high hopes for his scores, with Journey 2 being in my top 5 scores of all time. But so far it's pretty average, generic stuff. Track 2, Gorillas, is my favorite track so far I'd guess... it had some nice choral stuff in the middle. Almost halfway through it, so here's hoping to some killer action music in the 2nd half. Next up is the new Lost in Space (Netflix) album by Chris Lennertz. No idea what to expect, except that it'll probably make me want to listen to BB's Lost in Space album from the early 2000's, which is a great listen.
  9. Spotify

    Google Play Music > Spotify
  10. Alan Silvestri's READY PLAYER ONE (2018)

    This movie looks like hot garbage. hot garbage is the best kind of garbage
  11. John Powell kicks ass

    Except for Wrath of Khan
  12. John Powell kicks ass

    Guys I think HTTYD 2 is better than HTTYD 1. I will say so again tomorrow, as well.
  13. John Powell kicks ass

    Besides Gigli, of course.