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  1. greenturnedblue

    STAR WARS Custom Covers thread

    you're on a roll! cheers
  2. greenturnedblue

    STAR WARS Custom Covers thread

    I would be fine having the sequels with the logo in between 'star wars', the prequels with the big 'episode' logo and the OT with their individual logos
  3. greenturnedblue

    The Custom Covers Thread

    Would like to request an OST cover out of this artwork please
  4. greenturnedblue

    The Custom Covers Thread

    Nice to see you over here @tintacle
  5. greenturnedblue

    STAR WARS - Live To Projection Concerts

    Jedi step and Lukes reveal at the end must've been amazing
  6. greenturnedblue

    The Custom Covers Thread

    Cool, I like the simplicity. Would it be possible to match the shade of yellow of the text to that of the 'Solo' logo?
  7. greenturnedblue

    John Powell's SOLO: A STAR WARS STORY (2018)

    The huge blast of the Death Star Theme at the very start of Reminiscence Therapy, what does it accompany on screen?
  8. I think the music straight after the crawl in AotC was lifted from TPM
  9. This is totally what I expected to happen.. I thought it would be a nice parallel to ESB when he was young and naive and said doing so would be impossible
  10. Someone has to think up how the shot will be framed and how the (virtual) camera moves around the environment. The job of the DP and cinematographer might be slightly different between live action and animated pictures but id think they are largely the same
  11. basically it is lukes scene on crait I wrote about above, then resistance and co. is able to sneak out the back of the base because rey used the force to move a bunch of rocks out of the way (that was blocking the exit). whats left of the resistance gathers in the falcon and takes off while leia gives a little 'the resistance is reborn' speech. huge rebel fanfare blast as the falcon takes off into hyperspace. then there are a bunch of kids telling stories in a barn when their boss (for lack of a better term) tells them to get back to work (paraphrasing here). one kid goes outside and uses the force to pick up a broom.. he has a ring with the resistance symbol on it and he starts swinging the broom like a lightsaber
  12. not disagreeing with you but fan service or not this was one of the moments that the audience in my theater laaughed the most at. also at the start when chewie is about to eat a porg but a whole bunch of other porgs look sad at him
  13. Whenever a major character or thing appeared, it was teased a little bit right before it actually appeared. for instance when yoda appears you just see the corner of his ear before the camera pans over and he is revealed. when the falcon appears on crait you see its shadow on the ground before it comes in to frame and the rebel fanfare blasts. when luke walks in to the base on crait all you see is his figure behind some smoke before he steps out and he is revealed
  14. I didnt mind that as much as I did the emperors theme being used for no real reason other then rey was being tortured by snoke and it was similar to the emperor torturing luke