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  1. I believe Braveheart is Horner's best score. Absolutely. I have that stance because of the total overall package of film and music and how perfect they work together. That to me makes it his best score.
  2. Correct. It's rehearsal footage of Horner conducting the string section for that climactic cue. I'd love to hear that on its own, especially the ending with the...I want to say quivering / cascading strings that were one of his staples in his string writing...I just don't know the musical term for it. Apocalypto is technically a Disney title.
  3. I can’t reveal much about the missing pieces except to say that it’s effectively righting a, not a wrong per se, but rather giving overdue attention. I can say that LLL has nothing to do with it though. Sorry. Now how about I vague it up a little more.
  4. James Horner featured Joshua Bell's violin in "Iris" and Clayton Haslop did one cue in Casper ('Casper's Lullaby') and a couple of cues in Avatar.
  5. Three films, three butchered scores, and a notorious reputation for his treatment of actors and crew. Most definitely Jim Cameron.
  6. Jim Henrikson said there was never any plan to because the film was cut so much that Horner's intended score doesn't fit the final version anymore, with few exceptions. So they were literally stuck with having to recreate the butchered edits. As for restored score excerpts, I'm working on that and have been for a while. I'm also busy. I did "Leaving Port" and the Trailer already. Also (slightly related) take a wild guess as to who was uninvited from the memorial service....here's a hint: no one wanted him there. At all. And none of James' team wants to deal with this person again for not only his treatment of James, but also of his music.
  7. Southampton and all that main theme stuff in the score and film are my favorite. The film completely butchers it, yes. For me the revelation of the LLL album was that all of the shorter 4-note statements of the choral theme which was always my favorite version of it, compared to the longer versions on the OST. The trailer had it, but I'd never known the complete 'Leaving Port' since so little of it is used in the film.
  8. Yeah you're all welcome by the way. Having had the opportunity to actually listen to these pieces of music, especially the action / suspense-driven "sinking" sequences live, right in front of me in a concert hall, I guarantee that anyone in an audience listening to that film edit-turned live performance would think "this is shitty music" because of how awkward the edits are, the loops, tracks, everything. It is a frightfully disjointed experience that so often does NOT make any musical sense. It's just a badly edited film score and no one's memories of it - hey I "grew up" with the same shit y'all did - won't change that fact. All listening to the live performance did, especially during rehearsals, was reinforce my condemnation of it. Fun fact, which isn't so fun: Ludwig Wicki, the lead conductor of the Titanic Live concerts (there is him and one other, but Wicki worked with James Horner personally on this project) said that after the initial two performances in Lucerne and at the Royal Albert Hall, James had written out a series of changes to try and give it a better flow and to also re-orchestrate the score a bit more for a live show, as opposed to the film where obviously pre-recorded tracks were the norm. Problem is James never had a chance to actually implement them. He died before that was to take place. Now if Wicki went ahead and did the changes himself, I'm not sure. The music wasn't any easier to swallow in that butchered form but the orchestrations were slightly different for certain moments.
  9. The film edit is dog shit. Why people scramble to find ways to make it or even want to listen to it are beyond me. Not even worth my time to entertain anymore.
  10. http://jameshorner-filmmusic.com/important-james-horner-missing-pieces-and-a-book/ Four years ago today James was lost. We are looking for some testimony from those in the industry, those who aren't but came to know him anyway, and will be utilizing as much as we can for our project.
  11. http://jameshorner-filmmusic.com/titanic-live-in-california-an-event-not-to-be-missed/
  12. I’m down for that. What was your biggest challenge so far? That Leaving Port sequence was mine. I added back in the following cues: -portions of Distant Memories -My Drawing -Relics and Treasures (I really like this one...it's like a precursor to Deep Impact in approach) -Leaving Port (the hardest of all the cues to do because of Leo DiCaprio and Danny Nucci's brief dialogue which as you heard, still has the chimes bleeding through -Rose's Suicide Attempt -Abandoning Ship (my name for the ending to A Building Panic) -portion of the ending to Trapped on D Deck -Post (crossfade with the song from my custom album edit) The cue 2 ½ Miles Down is much longer than the sequence in the film and it was likely structured differently than the final film. The cue doesn’t fit it. I’d managed to remove it from the audio mix but it wasn’t working.
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