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  1. Karate Kid got a CD release, it was just a CD-on-demand.
  2. Is the universe converging on itself?
  3. If you ever managed to digitize that, please share! I'd love to revisit those days but my stuff is long lost.
  4. Who is your favorite film composer?

    I'm not much of a Williams fan. I'm familiar with his music as is everyone, but a "fan" of it? Not really, no. I don't care one bit for Giacchino at all, and Zimmer...Batman Begins, Crimson Tide, Simpsons Movie...that's about it. Any other answers are wrong...except no one has to recognize that complete lack of authority on a subjective topic.
  5. Sure enough it is the original release, but it's now in physical form as expected. That's all I was getting at.
  6. How so? The film's director said over a year ago that he was in discussion to get a physical version of the existing soundtrack album out there and was just a question which label was going to do it. There's no surprise in that, let alone secret. If it wasn't Intrada it'd be LLL, if not LLL, it'd be Varese, if not Varese...etc and etc. The soundtrack would have remained the same regardless of which label was pressing it to disc. I'm glad it was Intrada because it feels right that they got it but it doesn't change the contents at all.
  7. Sunday and April Fool’s coming on the same day. I might as well add to the occasion with a heads up that we’ll be releasing our latest new CD this coming Tuesday. For me it’s a corker! No, that’s not really a clue. Just an indicator of my enthusiasm for the album forthcoming. The composer, a personal favorite, scored this film at the end of his career. For Intrada, it’s a privilege to be giving this magnificent music its CD premiere. Artwork and sound samples will be posted here tomorrow eve. Orders begin shipping Tuesday the 3rd. And that’s no April Fools’s.
  8. It's literally going to be the OST just in an uncompressed format pressed to CD with new liner notes, since there wasn't any for that initial digital release.
  9. The OST was not complete, no. The "Opening Sequence" is shorter on the album, some of the smaller ambient lead-ins to several cues are missing, as well as a "vintage" sounding piano solo that leads into "200,000 Year Timeline". One short piece during the Maldives sequence, is missing as well (I think it was that one) None of the bonus feature music is from Horner.
  10. "Exponential Progress" is easily one of the loveliest pieces of music the man wrote, and that's but one in an enormously long list.
  11. "Yes yes but now? Let's eat..Come. Good food, come." "Come! Come!"
  12. 4K review: Blu-ray review: Both reviews contain this note after reviewing the audio: Note that the digital Movies Anywhere version (included with purchase) contains a unique isolated score version of the film that is not included on disc.
  13. So as a Canadian I can pirate the shit out of it and not feel guilty
  14. Yes, it sounds like 192k mp3. Better than 128 but not as good as 320. Those waiting for it to show up on the Blu-ray are going to be waiting a long time in a faraway galaxy.
  15. Because I misread what you originally said. My apologies. Not that it's an excuse but it all boils down to one thing: Reading a message board while dealing with a 23 month old doesn't work.