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  1. I don't have a very advanced video editor, so essentially I was doing all of this without the visual and had to mix them together separately. I'll make an adjustment to the music timing. EDIT: Updated link with the revision above in the original post.
  2. I made another attempt at this with better results: EDIT: Video Link Replaced with updated version (better sync)
  3. NL197

    Star Trek: Picard (2019 TV Series)

    The First Contact / DS9 uniforms were easily my favorite of every Starfleet uniform. Nothing beat those before or since to me.
  4. On behalf of the James Horner Film Music association, I contacted LLL to not only let them know about the concert itself, but to specifically ask if they were interested in having the 20th anniversary album there. I even crafted a mini-poster template they could use for social media if they would like to. If they decide to use it, great, if not, that's fine too. In the end, they said they are indeed interested in having the album available on-site. We were asked by the New West Symphony to spread the word to our readers since...well it is a James Horner website after all.
  5. One has nothing to do with the other at all.
  6. Copies will be available at TITANIC LIVE on June 22 in Thousand Oaks.
  7. http://jameshorner-filmmusic.com/titanic-live-west-coast-premiere-one-night-only/ Titanic Live-to-projection event coming to Thousand Oaks, California on the fourth anniversary of James Horner's passing. Details at the link, and hopefully more coverage will be happening.
  8. NL197

    The Official James Horner Thread

    Actually back in 2015, DeputyRiley on the FSM board did a full breakdown: https://www.filmscoremonthly.com/board/posts.cfm?threadID=110259&forumID=1&archive=0
  9. NL197

    The Official James Horner Thread

    Horner's own team called it the 'danger motif'. It might've originated with them or it was just common enough that they picked up the term.
  10. Batman and Robin is dog feces covered in glitter. Time has been kind to it? What time? What dimension or reality? Come on. There's a thread idea: Dumb and Dumber versus Dumb and Dumberer vs Dumb and Dumber: When Harry Met Lloyd.
  11. The music is cut down to be shorter to fit the scene, but it's when the stern is rising up out of the water and Jack says "we have to move!" and he and Rose make their way over the railing to avoid falling. The screenshot of that YouTube video is actually taking place seconds before the music you're asking about. Back it up to 5:09 or so, and the screenshot and music are in sync with each other in the film.
  12. If the end title / overture didn't have the vocals...
  13. NL197

    Nowhere Man and The Visitor

    The show ended with Adam going "on trial" by other abductees who debated over whether he helped or hindered in his plans to open people's abilities. Characters from past episodes returned to basically offer testimony. Colonel Vise was injured and Adam saved his life only wanting Vise to leave him alone, and telling him that he's not a threat. The FBI team were investigated (I think it was all the otherworldly stuff was too much to take with credibility) and they were taken off the case. I can't recall if it was a firing or reassignment. The last scene I remember is Adam vowing to keep searching for his son (I don't remember if he ever found that he died or not) and helping others while walking away on a beach. So the show did have a proper ending, just a heavily rushed one.