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  1. Al Bathra was better, and the idea as it relates to Horner's work had its beginnings in Krull.
  2. NL197

    Official Discord Thread

    When word of this Discord got around, one user on a server I frequent had this to say - and honestly I don't know if he's on the JWFan server or not: "JWFan can occasionally have decent discussion, but usually every time someone tries to start a thread, all it takes is some "comedian" to come in, tell a half-assed "joke", and leave, and the signal is given for everyone else to come in and defecate all over the place. The forum is a myriad of in-jokes and shitposting. A lot of members there have been posting for a decade or more, so they've sort of run out of things to talk about and choose to shitpost instead." It's not that I don't really care for any of you, it's that like it or not, there is some truth in that comment I shared and it's hard to know if going into a place like that if it's going to be fun without insults and mockery, or just insults and mockery which seems to be fun to some, which is unfortunate. And Faith learned to care. She just needed a little help from her vampire sponsor. Killing a guy, then body-jumping into her enemy, sleeping with her enemy's boytoy, going on a suicide mission involving torturing her former watcher and finally getting help from the vampire with a soul will have some affect on her ability to give a damn. Just sayin'
  3. NL197

    Official Discord Thread

    Not even a little bit. "1 blocked message" "2 blocked messages" over and over, you sure about that? I'm not on this Discord (yeah no thanks F that noise) but ignore functions on there are pretty much the same as here.
  4. NL197

    Official Discord Thread

    That's par for the course with you guys isn't it?
  5. http://jameshorner-filmmusic.com/balto-expanded-edition-our-exclusive-review/
  6. NL197

    Details from Mike Matessino's London talk

    If he didn’t know it was in the program then why were people saying he wrote it?
  7. NL197

    Official Discord Thread

    Fansex is a banworthy term
  8. NL197

    Official Discord Thread

    If it’s supposed to be an impermanent hangout spot, why the need for bans right from the start? Unless the person banned was some sort of spammer then it could be a way to reconnect a little. Banning can happen down the road easily if needed.
  9. NL197

    Official Discord Thread

    I am part of three discord servers, two of which I made. Zaralyyth is on one of the two. Discord is hard to really pin down as being a haven for any particular group because they can exist completely independent of each other with no access.
  10. For someone who hates Horner as much, it’s curious that one of his more borrowed scores is so highly sought.
  11. NL197

    Official Discord Thread

    Discord is typing primarily but if you wanted you can take part in voice discussions.
  12. NL197

    Official Discord Thread

    I have two discord servers, but honestly....I don't know if I could take part in a JWFan one...
  13. Doug's Corner 10/27/2018 Ok so this time it’s the 80’s and the 90’s. Two scores on one CD from two Fox TV movies from the 80’s by the same popular composer plus 1 greatly expanded 79-minute CD from a Universal film score released in the 90’s by another popular composer. Both artists notched Academy Awards into their belts during their highly successful careers. Artwork, contents and audio samples will be posted on our site Monday eve, October 29. Orders will begin shipping on Tuesday the 30th. http://store.intrada.com/s.nl/sc.13/category.60330/.f?fbclid=IwAR3_2_M9ZgkfmkyjZOrL78viyUVrf-hTT4xInkv2zOvbJ0KK98hFYxPo1hE
  14. That's quite a load of poo for a rule. Also choose not chose. Present not past. I chose the "Fuck Her Right In The Pussy" guy on purpose just to flaunt that one.
  15. There are indeed cats in America. The streets were not paved with cheese. That film was all lies. They lied to children. And never say never was a thing way before Bieber came along.