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  1. 4K review: Blu-ray review: Both reviews contain this note after reviewing the audio: Note that the digital Movies Anywhere version (included with purchase) contains a unique isolated score version of the film that is not included on disc.
  2. So as a Canadian I can pirate the shit out of it and not feel guilty
  3. Yes, it sounds like 192k mp3. Better than 128 but not as good as 320. Those waiting for it to show up on the Blu-ray are going to be waiting a long time in a faraway galaxy.
  4. Because I misread what you originally said. My apologies. Not that it's an excuse but it all boils down to one thing: Reading a message board while dealing with a 23 month old doesn't work.
  5. I haven't finished grabbing the file, I was just going by what others elsewhere were saying about what it could be, hence 'supposedly'. It's confirmed to be stereo but the source and its bitrate are unknown.
  6. Yeah, but unfortunately that's all there is at the moment.
  7. That site people get rare music from has the full file supposedly in 5.1. I'll pass the information onto who I know here and...yeah.
  8. It was a torrent site I got that audio list from. It's the full disc online, all nearly 50GB of it. Not the bonus though.
  9. Blu-ray discs show up online every day. Just the way it is. Anyway, this film just showed up. The audio tracks listed are the same as the actual cover art for the film states. English 7.1 DTS-HD English 2.0 (descriptive audio) French 5.1 Spanish 5.1 English 2.0 (Audio Commentary by Rian Johnson)
  10. This doesn't seem to hold anything back like Force Awakens did when it put a separate release out with the 3D version, commentary and additional deleted scenes. Not sure there would be follow-up, at least not one with additional extras and not a simple repackage.
  11. Kindergarten Cop is too charming to have any dislike of.
  12. Best flying chase, best scored

    This is the actual video montage, not just the music itself with a static image.
  13. Intriguing fictitious film titles

    I'd like to know what kind of plot features in "Whispers In The Wind" "To Each His Own" "Put It Where It Doesn't Belong" "My Pipes Need Cleaning" "All..." ...I better not finish those other titles.
  14. There's a place notorious for leaking things like this that has it in two lossless formats. If you don't know what I'm talking about then....meh.
  15. Some dude joined 4 hours ago using the name "JHfan". I've been using that name for over 10 years and the only reason I don't use it here - "JHFan" - is because back in 2009 I tried to register here and was disallowed, probably due to some petty crap about me being part of the old 'Hornershrine'. I must say, some random guy posting as my usual username here pisses me off.
  16. Know anyone who actively dislikes film scores?

    Actively dislikes composers and takes the time to crap all over them like a hobby? Absolutely...though I don't know them personally. Just in places like this online. Know anyone who dislikes film scores? No. I don't really share it with anyone and the few who do know about my interest, they think it's kind of cool and sometimes they'll pay attention to what they hear when they watch movies.
  17. The film stem was sent to me, and it was sent to several others. Beyond that, see above ^^^
  18. That's why I'm not interested in those film edits that certain people have obsessed over. I don't find listening to a butchered presentation appealing. Mine took the 'film version' cues - the bonus cues on disc 3 - and replaced the OST versions with them. Aside from that were minor things like audio adjustments and refinements.
  19. Actual music. It was used as a sort of template for the "Titanic Live" concerts which is why it's different from the actual in-film music stem.
  20. I don't mind differences in mixing like removing the Uilleann pipes from "Unable To stay..." or amping up the bass line in "Take Her To Sea" , some of those work and work well. It's the chopped up, cut up, tracked, looped, thrown into a blender and turned into confetti nonsense I don't care for when it comes to "film mixes". It's two different things really: Film MIXES versus Film EDITS. Film edits largely suck.
  21. Yes exactly, and that "2 1/2 Miles Down" film edit is full of differences, the 'Violin Tool kit' is heard twice in the actual film mix, not once like this concert stem thing. None of the source music is right - it's missing all the sweeteners to give it the ghostly, distant sounds. Some of the transitions are wrong. You nailed the other two: The film edit transition between "Rose" and "Unwilling to Stay..." uses the opening to "An Ocean of Memories", specifically the light chimes. The film used "The Beacon" by Michael Stearns, and it's not in this film stem thing either. You're right The film stem thing has the driving, thumping bass line from "Take Her To Sea, Mr Murdoch" in it, but you don't hear that in the film. It doesn't even work there anyway. The iceberg effect, if you're referring to that metallic sweep in the sound mix, I wanted it, and I got it and used it in my custom of the score. I think it's a cool transition for the entire film and score.
  22. I used that film mix stem leak whatchamacallit for the following: The pipe-less segment from "Unable To Stay, Unwilling To Leave", and I had to fix a flaw in the rhythm in one part of it (since the edits in the film are so haphazard at times) which is in my main program. The film mix of "Rose", since it was just mixing differences and no actual cuts, as part of the bonus material. A proper ending to the "Intro To Building Panic" since it was crossfaded on the LLL. A guideline / template to make "Southampton" a film mix, but not with the cuts to shorten segments of the music, but just to add in the elements missing from the as-written cue (piano opening from 'Promenade', chimes and slower strings from the trailer) in addition to my own take on the film edit of "Leaving Port" which I recreated using the 'Heaven Help Us' track. That's all bonus material stuff, not main program. That's all I used the film stem for.
  23. Cameron revised it slightly (again) for the "20 Years Later" NatGeo special back in July.
  24. Let's Rescore Scenes! (Fun Thread)

    These are rescored sequences using the intended score, largely dropped from the final film. TITANIC Theatrical Trailer: This took a bit of time to make to isolate the dialogue, and I ended up replacing some of it with lines from the final film. This is the theatrical trailer with the originally intended music as provided on the LLL set. The trailer's music was edited down, looped and the second half replaced with cues from "Courage Under Fire". This restores the original track as written. TITANIC - Leaving Port: There's a small amount of dialogue to introduce the sequence, but this is what the original intention for this scene was meant to be. The ending of it does not fully synchronize with the visual, because that would've required slowing part of the film down to make it fit.