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  1. themusicofthemovies

    John Powell's SOLO: A STAR WARS STORY (2018)

    honestly, I'm kind of excited to hear it...hopefully not cheap sounding like the trailers have been. The latest sounded like a toy commercial.
  2. themusicofthemovies

    The Post short review

    Hey there everybody! Don't know how many of you had a chance to see "The Post" recently, but I found it to be an interesting score of Williams. I posted a short, fairly surface level review of the score (no spoilers!). If you're curious, this is the review I made for my channel. (don't worry, it's free ) https://www.patreon.com/posts/post-by-john-16564300
  3. themusicofthemovies

    John Williams's most transcending/sophisticated harmonies?

    Totally agree on this!
  4. themusicofthemovies

    Watch my latest John Williams review :)

    I won't pretend I won't do that, but as far as I'm concerned, this is all for John Williams. My main goal in all of this is to get the more novice listeners to understand and appreciate film scores. I certainly don't do this for the money, as I don't monetize my videos, and it takes many hours to get one of these finished. Honestly, I've always been a fan since I've seen them (in fact I am an active member of the 501st costuming group as well). But I was also born in 1985, so I wasn't really around when they first released.
  5. themusicofthemovies

    The Empire Strikes Back Video Review

    Hey everybody, my latest episode of "The Music of" is live and on one of my favorite scores, "Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back". I'm a huge fan of Star Wars, and if you haven't seen one of my reviews before, I isolate the music within the film so you get to see how it works in the movie without the sound effects or dialogue, it's pretty cool. I don't dive super deep into them, but rather like to get all kinds of people an idea of what makes this music so special!
  6. themusicofthemovies

    Watch my latest John Williams review :)

    Hey everybody, new user here! I've been active on Film Score monthly for a bit now, but as a huge fan of Williams, I thought I'd give a shout out here. I run a youtube channel called "The Music of the Movies", where I review and analyze film scores, and sync the music from the biggest scenes against the film, so you hear it in it's full impact! I do a lot of John Williams scores, Here's a small sampling of some! Check them out, I make new one's nearly every week. Star Wars: A New Hope E.T