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  1. Love the rawness of the original ‘77 recording of the main title, but I can’t ‘unhear’ the missed trumpet note at 0:06..... Anyway, the TFA performance seems to be disliked by quite a few people, but I think it’s beautifully performed. BTW, is there anyone else who never really liked the main titles concert arrangement? I’ve always found the transition to the credits a bit jarring - I’d rather listen to the main title as the start of the score, or listen to the throne room and finale.
  2. While I do get some of the complaints, I can’t blame JW using some snippets of concert versions (that otherwise probably wouldn’t be heard by the majority of moviegoers anyway!) at appropriate moments in a score for which he recorded 180 minutes of music. Give the man a break! Also, the Snoke moment described above was probably temped with ‘Ways of the Force’ but in TLJ it is in a different key and the orchestration is also a little different I think. And I enjoy it much more in that context, mainly because of the fantastic action music afterwards.
  3. Even if you really think that - such a blunt statement doesn’t accurately describe what it is: a score that puts nearly all other contemporary scores to shame when it comes to Williams’ orchestral mastery.
  4. Yes, but also unlike ROTS where I feel the music is less consistent in its use of themes, although that score makes up for it by sheer dramatic intensity.
  5. I feel TLJ’s references to old themes aren’t as problematic when listening to the full, isolated score. I just don’t get why nearly all of the force theme statements had to make it to the OST album. I do love how consistent Williams is in the use of his themes and leitmotivs in both TFA and TLJ, though. As a result, this might just become the most cohesive trilogy of all, musically speaking.
  6. Yeah, but that was just for the connection to the scene and location – unfortunately it could never develop from there.
  7. Ah yes I see what you mean, that seems indeed to be the function of that theme. I would only say that on a purely musical/theoretical level that inverted fifth isn't so much to suggest a connection. Have you checked out the concert version of Jedi steps? It has this interesting bit where he takes some music from ‘Torn Apart’ (when we see Kylo totally conflicted with himself) and then it ends in an even more ambiguous way. The fifth is substituted by a minor third, which really suggests the concluding interval of the Imperial March. The concert version always made me think that Williams might have considered a future role for the theme outside of that particular scene in TFA - but TLJ never really gave him that opportunity I guess.
  8. I’ve never understood your view on this, could you explain? Luke’s theme starts with a rising fifth and Jedi steps with a descending fifth, but I don’t see how that makes them related. If anything, I feel there’s a certain ambiguity and sense of mystery in it, and if the film goes deeper into the whole light vs. dark thing, the Jedi steps theme could play a role in that.
  9. Looking at him, it seems like working on TROS made him de-age again...
  10. I never made this thread though, I wrote the post in another thread and suddenly it became it’s own! My thoughts are that the version in the sheet music is unlike anything in Ep 7 and 8 and since it has been stated that TROS will start recording in june, I thought it was safe to assume they did in fact start recording. If not, they’re very very close to it.
  11. I think we can now safely assume that the TROS recording sessions have started - because that is very clearly the March of the Resistance theme! 😁 I’m so happy that this is really happening, 9 John Williams Star Wars scores.
  12. Masterpiece or not, I do think that the concluding tracks on the album contain some of the most jaw-droppingly gorgeous and moving music that I know. So the score means a lot to me, even while it may not be the most engaging listening experience as a whole.
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