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  1. Williams confirms EPISODE IX !!

    I understand and I hear it too, but I wonder if that's merely a question of talent or lack of knowledge/education? Edit: TGP beat me to it, I see.
  2. Williams confirms EPISODE IX !!

    Not so sure about that. I'd say that JW's entire film career is a reflection of his immense knowledge (and obvious talent). And yeah, those tests I referred to were hyperbolic, but what do you mean with shortcomings on a higher level? Just out of curiosity, as I'm also not a fan.
  3. Williams confirms EPISODE IX !!

    I'm a pianist myself and I also learn stuff at times that is not so relevant to what I do in the end. But as an artist one should always know there is merit in a broad musical education, regardless in what field you're operating. Giacchino writes for orchestra and blockbusters, but sometimes I wonder if he'd pass basic harmony and counterpoint tests at a conservatory. Well yes, of course I'm exaggerating here, and these are not the things that matter most when your job is scoring movies adequately, which he does well. But hearing John Williams' music really is something else.
  4. Williams confirms EPISODE IX !!

    That I know very well, but it's more Hollywood's top composers that concern me.
  5. Williams confirms EPISODE IX !!

    Right on, @Marcus. Writing for orchestra is a great craft that goes back for so many centuries now, and the scores for Star Wars (and many other JW scores) are really an extension of that tradition, whereas most other film music isn't. To *that* extent, Williams' body of work on the franchise is really without peer, but that's not to discredit LOTR or any other style of film music. Sometimes I wished some of the younger composers knew more about "the shoulders we stand on", as Williams puts it often.
  6. Adding ‘Rey’s Journey’, ‘Holdo’s Resolve’ and having the FYC versions of ‘The Spark’ and ‘The Last Jedi’ really creates an awesome sequence of non-stop action material, holy crap. Just when you think you can’t have more orchestral stuff, Williams adds the choir to top it. It makes the whole thing feel much bigger than on the OST. In comparison, I’d say that TFA’s action climax is a little underwhelming (even though the music itself is good). That one was more satisfying in its ending music. ‘Farewell and the trip’ + ‘Jedi Steps and Finale’ is just gold.
  7. Alex Ross on Williams' The Last Jedi

    All the musical information is there, orchestration wise, but there are no notes that reveal any deep intentions. Just stuff like ‘Vadar appears’ or ‘We see 3PO’ above key moments in the cues.
  8. Exactly! Now that we’re at it, I wonder how he’s going to handle Solo, especially since it’s been stated it would be in line with the Williams scores. We shall see.
  9. I'm not absolving JW, just saying the volume at which the score is mixed in the movie and its musical qualities are separate things. Clearly, the very same score would have had more impact in the movie if other people than Williams (Abrams, sound editors) had given it more room to be present. As it is now, I find TFA's score music of exceptional quality, yet the movie doesn't really reflect that well. But frankly speaking, I've always been a fan of the music first so my priorities are maybe different than yours.
  10. Not sure what you mean here - it’s a complaint yes, but not one that you can aim at the composer, right? In my case, I’ve listened to TFA’s soundtrack far more than I’ve seen the movie but I’m perfectly capable of associating it with the things I’ve seen in the movie. Some very strange decisions were made in there though: who thought it was a good idea to completely cover the very first phrase of Rey’s theme with the overpowering sound of a speeder?
  11. I’m curious what the thought behind that method is for traditional orchestral scoring. Maybe it is easier to come to an ideal ‘mix’, without having to care about the orchestrations too much? Still, imagine horns and celli doubling the same line, I do believe they should be in the same room, inspiring each other and feeling that they’re being part of the same musical gesture.
  12. I've seen some ridiculous things like 12 horns, 6 trumpets etc. for John Powell's scores. But scores like HTTYD, while mainly orchestral in writing, sound a bit weird to me because all of the sections are recorded separately from each other. I don't think I like that method too much.
  13. 85 vs. 110 people in the orchestra won’t make a huge difference in sound and even less with recorded music like this. In any case, the orchestra doesn’t dictate what JW writes, it’s the other way around I think. TFA was pretty bare-bones, but with TLJ frankly I was surprised to see the return of the taiko drums, big pounding toms in “Chrome Dome” as well as the choir. Btw, was the number of musicians ever confirmed for TFA/TLJ?
  14. John Williams reaction gifs

    Oh yeah - he consequently misspells it as "Vadar" for *all* of the ESB manuscripts, even the Imperial March is called Vadar's theme. I wonder if he had only heard the name and never read the script at the time?