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  1. It is amazing to see yes, but DG doesn’t represent the ‘classical world’ so much, or not anymore - they’ve become quite a commercial label these days. The recent JW output is a great result of that, but sadly they’ve also signed with some artists of dubious quality. Anyway, this is a lovely single and looking forward to the complete album!
  2. I’m afraid recording in a concert hall would be difficult with regards to all of the secrecy surrounding these SW sessions, but yes I’d prefer that sound over Sony any day! Which other recent big orchestral scores were recorded there? I’m curious to hear a recording not made by Murphy.
  3. I’m nearly sure that’s just a digital edit just to repeat these couple of notes... also the music after that is from 2:09 in ‘Main Title and Attack on Jakku Village’.
  4. JW’s style has changed, but please allow me to say that his writing really didn’t loose any complexity, color or any of that - the only reason his two recent SW scores might sound a little flat is because of the room they were recorded in (or is Shawn Murphy to blame?) If you pay attention to the musical content itself, I find it’s still as rich as ever. In fact, when I heard TFA’s concert suites live alongside the older ones, they were in fact the most colorful suites of all. @crumbs also repeatedly said how hearing TFA live was like a revelation. The fact that this piece sounds more ‘alive’ to you, being recorded in Abbey Road, says it all I think! By the way, does anybody else think this sounds like Williams writing for a videogame? Very interesting to hear that from a 87 year old composer!
  5. That probably takes him about a week!😁
  6. I have a very strong feeling he’s starting to write now, considered he finished the project with ASM and that he’s not conducting or attending in Boston next month.
  7. I think Rian is just not as much of a musical person as JJ is, and therefore the relationship with Williams perhaps wasn’t as fruitful as it could have been. That has nothing to do with the genuine praise they seem to have for him. ...However, TLJ’s score was much more prominent in the movie than the arguably more refined score of TFA. So I’m happy both exist anyway.
  8. So you think the working method for TLJ was not so much a choice of Rian Johnson, but the consequence of JW being unhappy with TFA's process? I just find it strange that Williams publicly said he enjoyed doing the rewrites – he could have said nothing on this subject if he really didn't!
  9. Remco

    Star Wars Disenchantment

    It’s not just a character from the OT - it means he’s in a way been present in all nine movies which for me is a nice way of connecting them (if done well).
  10. Remco

    Star Wars Disenchantment

    Your musical analysis is still bs, but for the rest: bravo @Mattris.
  11. Part of it is I think a stylistic choice of Dudamel to have the trombones not as loud, but yes it’s also mixed weirdly.
  12. Yeah I agree with you, but at least the usage of choir is more tastefully done in the ST (so far) than in the PT where he went all out on the first movie already. I’d be totally fine with a purely orchestral score, but maybe it could feel a bit restrained after TLJ’s use of choir.
  13. I think there’s a reasonable chance we’ll get one for the inevitable climactic duel of the movie, maybe with choir. It would be a nice build-up: TFA had practically no choir, TLJ a healthy dose of it and with the conclusion of the trilogy it’d be nice if Williams goes DotF/BotH mode again.
  14. Remco

    Star Wars Disenchantment

    ...all four of which you seem to have difficulties with.
  15. I'd be happy if this will be also the process for Ep IX. As much as I like TLJ, TFA sounded more like pure Williams where he didn't have to follow any temp.