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  1. Good to hear. Little strange about the schedule though - I'd assume he'd be starting around march as soon as they assemble a rough cut, like he did with TLJ. Wouldn't that be much more comfortable for him? He has stated he doesn't like to compose 10 hours a day anymore.
  2. True, although he did sort of commit himself to the sequel trilogy in 2013. We’ll never see anything like that anymore I guess.
  3. ’Resume touring schedule’?! They don’t know what they’re talking about. I can’t take this seriously. The most logical thing is that JW, after Ep IX, will just sign on with whatever he feels like doing and is comfortable to work with, without committing himself to long-term projects.
  4. Excuse me for bumping this thread, but I wonder if there’s any news about JW’s well-being after his trip home? Do we maybe have an event coming up where he’s scheduled to appear? His health is something that often crosses my mind, and I’m always happy to see any recent picture where he’s looking good. 🙂
  5. My god, this is gorgeous. Glad I managed to tune in for the second half. Hope they’ll do a recording of Han Solo and the Princess some time.
  6. Remco

    STAR WARS - Live To Projection Concerts

    Very fine performance indeed. The dialogue was unbearably loud though, it was very hard to hear the music well at times. Anyway, I hope they’ll do Empire next time!
  7. Remco

    STAR WARS - Live To Projection Concerts

    How was it? Looking forward to hear it tomorrow.
  8. All of these people mentioned in the interview should be carried over to Ep. IX!
  9. Remco

    Williams donates all his scores to Juilliard

    I hope this access to the scores will finally debunk the idea that ‘Williams doesn’t really write his music all by himself’ which I still often hear in the academic music world.
  10. I’m quite intrigued by your dogmatic way of defining why you like things or not. To me, it’s very contradicting at times. Anyways: TFA 1. The Scavenger 2. Farewell and the Trip 3. The Resistance 4. Follow me and the Falcon (if properly edited!) 5. I Can Fly Anything TLJ 1. The Battle of Crait 2. The Fathiers 3. The Supremacy 4. The Last Jedi 5. The Rebellion is Reborn Though choices I must say!
  11. The LSO sounds a lot better now than they did in 1977. Actually their playing on the first Star Wars is quite sloppy a lot of times, but it certainly has its charm.
  12. Amazing news. But I’m so sad right now, because there is no way I could get to London that day. Hope it’ll be broadcast, and who knows a miracle will happen and he’ll return the next year too
  13. Don’t expect anything from IX as no one knows how the movie will be. VIII saw many returning themes because that’s what the movie asked for. Maybe IX will be like that, maybe not.
  14. I think this could be a step-up for a nomination and win for Ep IX. An oscar for the final installment of the franchise would be so fitting, but it’d be kind of weird when VIII wouldn’t be nominated at all. So there’s hope!
  15. Oh come on. Is it symphonic music of a higher quality than *anything* else out there? Yes! Doesn’t matter where you rank it within the SW scores. This deserves a nomination most certainly, but I didn’t expect it. Congratulations Maestro!