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  1. A small James Horner tribute i have been doing:
  2. I agree. I started getting into scores around 2007 when HP5 was on the way and I did listen to that one a lot, more than any other. Now I realize that Hp was a musical waste. Hp 1 2 3 are amazing and the 1st one is a masterpiece and a strong settlement. Hp3 reached a peak both as a movie and as a score, this was for me the culmination point of the saga. Then comes Hp4... The movie is bad, there s nothing as intimist as Hp3, characters are boring and everything is over the top. The music which has some nice parts completely feels non potter, sounds like something made for another movie. Hp5 6: sound like tv movie scores, For blockbusters I dont understand why it lacks so much hearts Hp7 8 sound like something has been attempted at least, you got to get into the core to enjoy them, im only enjoying them now and Im happy Hooper got evicted from the saga, but what s done is done, now thankfully Newton Howard is in charge. 1 3 2 8 7 4 6 5 is how i would rank the scores
  3. So i ve decided to listen to this score for the 1st time and would like to know the best edition to get, Cds or bootlegs. Thanks
  4. yes this is an amazing score, cheesy sometimes but so good
  5. Some of you might know this score and be aware of this edition https://www.amazon.fr/Grand-Bleu-Version-int├ęgrale/dp/B0000070KB I was wondering if some of you know the chronological appearance of these tracks? thanks !
  6. thank you guys, i completely forgot about South Park, this one is astounding.
  7. Hey I m trying to know marc shaima a bit deeper, so which scores would you recommend from him? I didnt find any top scores threads online.
  8. jay, can you even tell if we are expecting a trilogy of some sort or just a stand alone album. Do you know how many williams are supposed to be released this year?
  9. damn wasnt waiting for that one. It feels like years ago when i sent some email to the producer of the original score asking if an expanded was in the work and he replied not for now... damn!
  10. I did these a while back but planning to redo some...
  11. yes his work could indeed fit very well. And the guy does have ressources, when you see he composed king kong in 5 weeks..
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