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  1. I have listened to it completely. When i listened to TFA i thought its star wars but not really, being used to the old star wars sound this one caught me off guard it was a very modern non star wars john williams score for me. Now i do appreciate it, its in my top 3 and while the lack of old themes was something that i really i didnt enjoy it still did have some charm. TLJ is the opposite of all that. I liked it from the first second to the last. Old themes are way more present here with some pleasant surprises and some carie fisher hommage as well. Its bombastic, its badass, its developped, its a bit of a ESB returns in a sense. I just have two negative points. The jedi Step theme doesnt really have his chance in this one Rey's theme, I would have hoped for a developement as well, the theme is really shy in this one, it doesnt really take off.
  2. yes and i cant wait to hear that!
  3. And again if you don't like this score you are not forced to post in this topic. We have now more that we could have ever imagined 10 years ago and complaints are increasing like never before. A great metaphore of our modern society, we have everything and yet we are very ungrateful.
  4. Cant believe what I'm reading, people complaining about celine dion not being in the set while for the past 20 years they ve been saying it was everywhere. The amount of ungratefulness here is beyond imagination.
  5. If Titanic is getting a release it means that everything can be done !
  6. so is the title out on thuesday?
  7. This is something i ve been waiting since i was in my mom's belly. Thanks LLL for that i started to think you were gonna release it for the 200 th anniversary of the sinking. When is it out??
  8. Which edition of SW6 is the best to get?

    Good christ, thank for the info guys !
  9. Which edition of SW6 is the best to get?

    what a disgrace to have it in bad quality... so from the start this score had this shitty sound?
  10. Which edition of SW6 is the best to get?

    I'm sorry to post that here, but like I did with Indiana jones I'd like to know which edition has the best sound quality of course is the most complete possible? I have the fan edit ( salvage edition ) but the sound quality tends to disapoint me, is there an alternative to that?
  11. shindler's list has not really been mentioned. Is this one out of the game for LLL?
  12. Best Indiana Jones CDs to get?

    Well at least he doesnt want home alone 4 & 5.