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  1. Orgasm[+]Donor.

    the best blade runner edition?

    thanks for the answers guys
  2. Orgasm[+]Donor.

    the best blade runner edition?

    So i ve decided to listen to this score for the 1st time and would like to know the best edition to get, Cds or bootlegs. Thanks
  3. Orgasm[+]Donor.

    The Big Blue. Eric Serra. Chrono Score

    yes this is an amazing score, cheesy sometimes but so good
  4. Some of you might know this score and be aware of this edition https://www.amazon.fr/Grand-Bleu-Version-int├ęgrale/dp/B0000070KB I was wondering if some of you know the chronological appearance of these tracks? thanks !
  5. Orgasm[+]Donor.

    advice on Marc Shaiman

    thank you guys, i completely forgot about South Park, this one is astounding.
  6. Orgasm[+]Donor.

    advice on Marc Shaiman

    Hey I m trying to know marc shaima a bit deeper, so which scores would you recommend from him? I didnt find any top scores threads online.
  7. jay, can you even tell if we are expecting a trilogy of some sort or just a stand alone album. Do you know how many williams are supposed to be released this year?
  8. Orgasm[+]Donor.

    What will the title of SW Ep. IX be?

    Star Wars: We Have Enough of this Shit
  9. damn wasnt waiting for that one. It feels like years ago when i sent some email to the producer of the original score asking if an expanded was in the work and he replied not for now... damn!
  10. Orgasm[+]Donor.

    The Custom Covers Thread

    I did these a while back but planning to redo some...
  11. Orgasm[+]Donor.

    Who is able to compose music for Avatar 2

    yes his work could indeed fit very well. And the guy does have ressources, when you see he composed king kong in 5 weeks..
  12. Orgasm[+]Donor.

    Who is able to compose music for Avatar 2

    I agree, Avatar is one of his finest, and considering the amound of work put in this. I think no one would be able to tackle what he did, not even williams even if I dont see him working with cameron and past 2020. James Newton Howard would be the perfect choice.
  13. Orgasm[+]Donor.

    The Next Matessino/Williams/Spielberg Expansion

    I think i would prefer memoirs of a geisha and seven years in tibet.
  14. its Amazing, I can't wait for Williams to compose the young R2D2 theme in the anthology movie about his step father.
  15. I have listened to it completely. When i listened to TFA i thought its star wars but not really, being used to the old star wars sound this one caught me off guard it was a very modern non star wars john williams score for me. Now i do appreciate it, its in my top 3 and while the lack of old themes was something that i really i didnt enjoy it still did have some charm. TLJ is the opposite of all that. I liked it from the first second to the last. Old themes are way more present here with some pleasant surprises and some carie fisher hommage as well. Its bombastic, its badass, its developped, its a bit of a ESB returns in a sense. I just have two negative points. The jedi Step theme doesnt really have his chance in this one Rey's theme, I would have hoped for a developement as well, the theme is really shy in this one, it doesnt really take off.