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  1. Only people who matter in that pic are HZ and JW anyway. Who cares about those other scrubs.
  2. FINALLY! Bastards, what took them so long. Needed this years ago. Now all I need is just them talking about composing, similar to those THR roundtable interviews or something.
  3. Someone get Ethan Hunt on the phone.
  4. RIP Jóhann Jóhannsson (1969-2018)

    Goddamn man, only 48 I think there is a clip floating around the internet of him playing his BR2049 theme, for those interested. He just started to get bigger projects and really make a name for himself along Denis Villeneuve. Sad to hear this. RIP.
  5. I like the visual image of Zimmer literally elbowing his way through to the producers with his fat ass. He did MI2 and then The Last Samurai, both produced by TC I think. Have they fallen apart once he did the first PotC (non-officially)? Even though in his contract it said he couldn't take any other projects.
  6. Hans Zimmer - X:Men: Dark Phoenix

    Well, in his defense: when he 'retired' he also said "let's see what other people can come up with". Clearly, he is not happy with the results!
  7. Hans Zimmer - X:Men: Dark Phoenix

    Let's be honest here; he has had one hell of a career. - Won an Oscar and got nominated lots of times. So the critical acclaim is there and despite fanbases, artists themselves don't seem to care that much about awards. - Wrote music loved by millions all over the world (so much so he could do a damn tour); it's ingrained in pop-culture. Hell, they play his stuff during the biggest events in the world (Champions League final for example). - Changed the musical landscape in Hollywood - Worked with pretty much all the big directors out there save for a few So, what would these 'serious projects' be and why pursue those? Maybe he just likes superhero movies.
  8. Hans Zimmer - X:Men: Dark Phoenix

    $$$$ is hard to resist man.
  9. John Williams to compose the Solo movie theme

    Getting BvS flashbacks here. Funny how that works when it's a movie you like.
  10. The more important question: why do I keep getting blamed for this shit? Damnit keep me out of it, I'm innocent!
  11. 2018 Critics’ Choice Awards

    After Interstellar, second year where I'm getting fucked over by an inferior score no one will remember or listen to. DAMN YOU ALEXANDRE!
  12. Awhhh, I love you guys. Now excuse me, imma smash a piano with a guitar and record it. It will define the sound of Hollywood for the next 20 years. Suck it JW.
  13. John Williams to compose the Solo movie theme

    Wait until I get my hands on this franchise. Bout to drop dem synths!
  14. John Williams' Salary?

    I believe the list, but surely they aren't using the figures the movies made in their calculation? (haven't read the article) Pretty sure JW is shitting $$$ like no other composer. The bonuses from SW/JW/Harry Potter/Indiana Jones etc. alone are prolly mind-boggling. Playing that in theme parks, commercials and whatnot.