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  1. Lord Zimmer

    Hans Zimmer's DUNE (2020)

  2. Lord Zimmer

    Hans Zimmer's DUNE (2020)

    Friendship ended with Chris. Now Denis is my best friend.
  3. Lord Zimmer

    Hans Zimmer's DUNE (2020)

    I’m going in.
  4. Btw Fiennes as Voldemort was rather underwhelming. In the books he is horrifying in every possible way. In the films he was rather goofy at times and just not that menacing.
  5. I’ll nominate Danny Elfman for his entire career. That and Brian Tyler & Tyler Bates.
  6. Lord Zimmer

    Marvel Cinematic Universe Thread

    Silvestri better bring his A-game to this one.
  7. That was Balfe's idea. Now pay up.
  8. I think it will be 2.5 hours of Rey’s theme on a loop.
  9. Writing any good music for a Yates movie should earn you an Oscar. Cuaron needs to return.
  10. Lord Zimmer

    The Circumvention of the Hans Zimmer Network

    Why always me? Damnit!
  11. Lord Zimmer

    Favorite Apes composer?

    I'm calling his agent as we speak. Firing Junkie.