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  1. The Rose theme is naïvety, the Luke theme is conflict; musically it needs balance (=Rey), as does the Rebellion.
  2. Understood. However, all I've done is rip the audio from the YouTube videos I've linked to, and it's probably better for quality's sake to just repeat my steps (using something like KeepVid) than me uploading the audio files somewhere a second time for ripping/downloading. However, none of this is particularly clean. To even approximate the sound of the FYC mp3s (let alone the OST in a lossless format), I had to fudge the volume levels in editing, and the rip-and-strips from 7m45a and the bulk of There's Spies Everywhere will never approach the quality absent an official LFL release of the cues.
  3. And here's a crack at "There's Spies Everywhere." It's a shame that there's such a quality difference between the rip-and-strip (where our introduction to Jedha has even been neutered) and the unreleased "Jedha Suite" track, from which I've restored that 20 seconds or so.
  4. Here's what I was able to make with what I've found so far. I chose to append the Hammerhead stuff to the "We Have to Press the Attack," so the first half of this will be completely familiar. Listen beginning around 2:25 for the film experience. With one major exception, that is. I find the Jyn-on-the-tower music that Giacchino came up with really uninspiring, so I omitted it. This leads to two harsh cuts, one at about 3:02, and one at the end, when the TIE almost ends Jyn. This isn't perfect, of course, but I think it's better than not having these cues. I'd be interested in feedback!
  5. It doesn't say it's an exclusive in any way, but it may be. There's also a gallery for K2SO in iTunes.
  6. Extras > Designing Rogue One Galleries > U-wing What I'm guessing is 7m45b plays first, followed by several other cues from throughout the film
  7. I'm glad you posted it to YouTube, even in that format. If you'd be willing to send me the source audio file, I might try to make something listenable from it and the second video I posted. I'm speculating that 7m45a is the first 45 seconds of your video because it doesn't make sense that LFL (or whoever ultimately cut the audio for promotional purposes) would fuse the two together and then split them at a different point, as would be the case given that this file is out there in the iTunes extras. And yes, that's in the iTunes extras (and possibly on BR as well, but I don't own the BR) without any dialogue or SFX, just as background music for viewing the design slideshow about U-wings. To my ears it sounds better in iTunes than on YouTube, but the YouTube cue might just be good enough for my purposes--which is to make a listenable playlist of the best music from the film. IMO this is the biggest missing element, this and the cue when we're first introduced to Jedha. I think I saw that you have that on your YT channel too?
  8. Just curious if anyone's found 7m45a out in the wild yet. That's basically the first 0:45 (I'm guessing) of this Bluray rip-and-strip, but not so horrible sounding. I heard 7m45b for the first time tonight while poking around the iTunes extras (it's the first thing that plays during the artwork slideshow for the U-wing, if anyone's interested). Someone's ripped this (7m45b) separately from the previous video here, but that's a lower-fi version and it'd barely be listenable wedged between the FYC version of We Have to Press the Attack and the OST version of Your Father. If anyone knows how to rip that cue from iTunes without losing fidelity, I'd be all ears. All this buildup and questioning because I think this track (or ideally, a nicely edited version of it, because it's pretty jumpy from space to Scarif to space and back to Scarif again) is the number one thing missing from my R1 playlist. I'd love to find both a and b halves of this to craft them into a track called "The Hammerhead."