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  1. It’s the concluding film of a trilogy initiated by Unbreakable. Concluding films are almost always dissappointing. Doesn’t mean they’re bad.
  2. Chen G.

    Favorite John Williams rated "R" soundtrack

    Yeah, but the combination of violence (which in and of itself may not be too bad) and what the MPAA calls “thematic material” or “intense” can get a film the R-rating. Really, Saving Private Ryan isn’t that graphic, especially once the opening scene is done with. And yes, I agree it’s all very much in service of the story.
  3. Chen G.

    Favorite John Williams rated "R" soundtrack

    The violence in Saving Private Ryan isn’t too bad. It’s more the bleakness of it that merits the rating, I would say. From memory, it’s not unlike Schindler’s List in that regard.
  4. Very few people said it was god-awful.
  5. To me, the whole point of an album of a score - particularly one based on recurring themes - is that it is a souvenir of the film. When I listen to a piece, it conjures up images of the film, and listening to the piece as a whole one can experience the film is one's own mind, which is quite the experience. Obviously, therefore, the effectiveness of the album depends to no small degree on how good the images it conjures up are. Therefore, the impression of the film crosses over into the impression of the album, inevitably.
  6. I didn't say it dooms the score, but it often taints one's enjoyment of it slightly.
  7. You know my outlook on scoring in general, which is that you cannot seperate your impression of the film from that of the music. They're intristically connected, and even on album, the score is little more than a souvenir of the film. If a film is great, it make a good score (Braveheart) seem better than it is on its own right. If a film isn't terribly good, it can make the score seem worst than it really is (Attack of the Clones) on its own right. Should episode IX be ho-hum (which I of course hope it isn't) that'll undoubtedly affect one's impression of the score.
  8. I have complete faith in Williams. Its the actual film that I'm worried about, if its that far behind schedule. And of course, when a movie sucks, it drags the score down with it.
  9. Yeah. There's something about comedy that doesn't lend itself to serialization in the same way that drama does.
  10. Chen G.

    Marvel Cinematic Universe Thread

    I’m not seeing Tony anywhere in the trailer, though.
  11. Interesting. On the one hand, I liked that Yates tried to keep the film brisk and lean, but on the other, maybe a more leisurely-paced version will have smoothened out some of the screenplay issues. The edit is, after all, the final script rewrite, in effect.
  12. Wasn't the Leia hologram CG?
  13. That's a good point. We tend to think of CG effects as prohibiting a UHD transfer for most films. But in actual fact, optical effects that require some sort of compositing also mean that there isn't ever a true camera negative to scan a native UHD transfer from.