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  1. Chen G.

    The Official Christopher Nolan Church Thread

    Another great example of a "big-screen and-big-screen-only" film. They're the modern-day equivalents of "This is cinerama." I mean, I get that filmmakers want to draw audiences to the theaters, but this just isn't the way.
  2. Chen G.

    The Official Christopher Nolan Church Thread

    True. It doesn't have the balooning running times of the rest of his spectacle films, nor his overly-talky scripts. Still, if I need to fulfil certain prerequisites to enjoy a film (in this case, see it on a big screen) than something's wrong.
  3. Chen G.

    The Official Christopher Nolan Church Thread

    Its a film whose quality depends on the size of the format. Dunkirk On IMAX = great. In a Theater = good On TV = zzzz....
  4. Chen G.

    FILM: The Dark Knight (2008)

    Well, a much larger portion of that film was shot on large format, so... It also has that pit, as a visual distinct from Gotham's urban's vistas.
  5. Chen G.

    Marvel Cinematic Universe Thread

    He certainly was, in effect, the protagonist in all Avengers movies hitherto. He's the cornerstone of the MCU.
  6. Chen G.

    The Official Christopher Nolan Church Thread

    Nolan knows how to get good performances out of his cast, anyway.
  7. Chen G.

    Star Wars - Theme Music

    And, of course, the theme itself - as so many themes in Williams lexicon often do - changed its meaning as it was being used more and more often with no direct connection to Luke. Already in the liner notes to The Empire Strikes Back, Williams refers to it as the "Star Wars theme", although it clearly remains very much attached to Luke over the course of that film. It only really started go gain a broader meaning during Return of the Jedi.
  8. Williams typically doesn't let those distinctions stop him. If he thinks a theme fits, he'll use it.
  9. Chen G.

    Star Wars - Theme Music

    I think originally Williams used it more in the manner of an overture, being that it was the main theme of the original film. It was such a succesful piece that they stuck with it through the two sequels. I do know that going back to score the prequels, Lucas and Williams considered scoring the opening crawl differently, but the piece became such an iconic opening that they "felt it was obligatory." You should. Depending on the venue, it can be like watching the film in IMAX.
  10. I don't think he'll appear. The closing film in a trilogy tends to be the least nonlinear, anyway. But Han may well be named or his memory evoked in some way, which could be enough for Williams to quote a snippet of the theme.
  11. I think it’s good, but a little scattered. The number of characters, given that it’s a two-hour family film - is overwhelming. **** out of *****
  12. Chen G.

    Star Wars - Theme Music

    There are also differences that stem from the forces involved, of course, with Empire Strikes Back and most of the entries that followed using quite a larger ensemble than the original Star Wars.
  13. Chen G.

    FILM: The Dark Knight (2008)

    Its a good-looking film, to be sure. Some of the final action scene (as most of Nolan's action coverage prior to Inception) is framed too tightly, I thought. The cinematographical qualities of the film didn't wow me outright, I have to say. From memory, there are also a few VistaVision shots in the film. Personally, I'm too absorbed into the film to notice, but I get how it can be distracting.
  14. Chen G.


    Religious Jewish women wear head covering, too. Its not so much a cultural element as it is a pervasive element of the eastern Abrahamic religions.