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  1. Some critics at the time of the original premiere quite enjoyed it. For example. Roger Ebert gave three out of four stars: https://www.rogerebert.com/reviews/blade-runner-1982-1
  2. Ah, so you finally admit that "Richard" is one of your additional accounts?
  3. So it's taken four years of editing, eh? Those damn publishers! Just published it yourself at arxiv.org. What about the silents book - I might actually read that! You've been very... silent about it.
  4. Welcome, Edmilson! Baware of Bespin!
  5. Why not interview him for Celluloidtunes! You could discuss complete scores...
  6. I guess Heia Tufte has an international cult following. What has he been up to since he had to stop recording with the Moscow SO? I know he's recently been hired by Intrada to do rerecordings, but except for that I haven't heard anything from him.
  7. The cheapest is to neither drink nor have a home.
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