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  1. Then I bid you all a good night.
  2. Solution found and forwarded to Josh. Their loss!
  3. They've all been in a relationship with Brad Pitt.
  4. Good question, but I'm afraid I've already solved it: They're all born in March, except for those who aren't.
  5. Then there might be more than one solution!
  6. They've all worked as waitresses.
  7. They all have names?
  8. They've all acted in musicals.
  9. Can guys also have this "thing"?
  10. They're all actors!
  11. They're all on Josh's "to do" list.
  12. For a long time I've been using VLC (and a few others), but I'm not entirely satisfied with it. Which app do you use, and what are its pros and cons?
  13. Jurassic Shark

    Brexit: The Official Thread

    Just take a tranqualizer.
  14. Jurassic Shark

    Anyone here succumbed to Ultra HD Blu-ray?

    My VHS player is my 4K player.
  15. Jurassic Shark

    Brexit: The Official Thread

    Not from Australia, that's just too damn expensive. He probably doesn't know who he is half of the time, and the other half he's just being... himself.