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  1. the mstrox thread

    Lucia di Lammermoor is one of the cornerstones of Italian opera. Definitely worth listening to the whole thing, especially with this alluring wrapping:
  2. John Williams biography

    Yeah, that's an important balance. I guess it's possible to include a lot of interesting info about JW, which somehow is related to his artistry, without getting too private.
  3. John Williams biography

    Is that in Emilio's book? Then I've gotta read it!
  4. Let me know if you need to borrow my copy of the Japan Philharmonic release!
  5. The Best Star Wars Soundtrack

    Interesting - I've never felt that the Imperial March overstays its welcome in TESB.
  6. John T. Williams, the pianist

    What silent film montage are you referring to?
  7. Are you planning to compare these two releases in a review? In that case I suggest you also include Japan Philharmonic Orchestra's 85th anniversary collection.
  8. I believe you're referring to the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.
  9. The 2018 Winter Olympics Thread!

    As far as I know, Thor had nothing to do with it.
  10. By mistake wrote the abbreviation of my local orchestra, Trondheim Symphony Orchestra. A very skilled orchestra!
  11. Because it's the frickin' LSO, and it's the original orchestra used on some of his best scores.
  12. Bargain JW soundtracks

    C'mon, Thor doesn't have emotions. He's now more machine than man. Jaws 2 is still for sale at amazon.de, but unfortunately at regular price. I don't have any copies left.