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  1. Captain Marvel will not defeat Thanos alone, it's a team work.
  2. Zero communication as usual. But surely tomorrrow.
  3. Rosewood ! (After Images)
  4. Not bad. Good 6 notes theme at the end, I expect more development in the score. Here an interview (Superman inside) form the carpet red: I made some covers...
  5. Obi

    The Matrix vs. Inception

    The Matrix Forever
  6. I love his Black Panther... But be careful... the Venom was absolutely awful.
  7. I listened it a lot ! He's not Michel Legrand but it's ok.
  8. Really happy for Ludwig Goransson.
  9. Silvestri bring the excitement, the drama and the glory of the film. Remove it and the movie lost 50% of his force. The death of Gamora !