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  1. The cellist pornstar will be back?
  2. We will have the same score than the first one, but louder.
  3. John Powell - Reminiscence Therapy from Solo - A Star Wars Story
  4. Braveheart don't have a Celine Dion song, so I vote Braveheart.
  5. I try to listen MI Fallout right now. It's very difficult.
  6. Ant-Man and The Wasp - Christophe Beck Good, more new themes, a Winter Soldier touch for the ghost, a lot of action, chorus... A little less fun than the fist one but less boring than Incredibles 2...
  7. Obi

    John Williams At The Movies (Dallas Winds)

    You're so right. The record is pretty awful.
  8. I prefer Williams's music, but, when I was young (a long time ago, yeah) Horner was with Goldsmith, Silvestri and Broughton, the TOP guys who's a buy all the CD.
  9. Meanwhile, all the unrelease music in The Mummy Returns is pretty amazing. If it's that, it's a dream comes true.
  10. Obi

    John Williams' Magnum Opus

    Magnum Force.
  11. I think you can say that, yep.