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  1. Ok ! I believed you. Too bad it's not in the soundtrack release too.
  2. The movie and the Silvestri's score are blasts. More reprising stuffs from Captain America, Avengers and Infinity War, spectialy in the last part, but in sur-over powerful versions. Enjoyable to death. Love the jazz versions ^^ and speedy virtuosity like in BTTF. Great stuff everywehre. So, there is 2 hours of score to listen again and again. Thank you for this Silvestri (and Marvel). The Captain Marvel entrance with her Pinar Toprak's theme (not reorchestrated by Silvestri, the real track from Captain Marvel) was crazy AWESOME.
  3. Thèmes from Ant-Man, Doc Strange and Captain Marvel spotted in the film !!
  4. It's not a theatrical poster, but a poster for the celebration. The theatrical poster will be different.
  5. Captain Marvel will not defeat Thanos alone, it's a team work.
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