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  1. The Post (2017) - For Your Consideration Album

    If not for TLJ, at least we get something from The Post.
  2. Are you my girlfriend or what? Do you think I really care about how are you going to take me? It's through my crotch actually.
  3. You're one big retard do you know this? Stop blaming people because of their dreams. Are you the BIG BOSS or something? No one really cares how long you've been here.
  4. I prefer to see JW conducting. I don't wanna know so much about peoples thoughts and don't get me wrong here, I respect others opinions but now exactly I really want to hear(not to read comments) the music and enjoy it.
  5. Why, why, why??? I'm really disappointed.
  6. There's more. It sounds very good but I think it's not JW.
  7. Why did Disney released videos and featurettes about characters, lands etc. but kinda ignore JW and his work. If they don't release something before the release date of the movie they will be such wretches.
  8. Well, well, well, where's the maestro? WHERE? Disney, now particularly I'm more interested about the soul of the movie.