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  1. I assume your ticket will be scanned at the entrance. The first one will enter, and the second (and third etc.) will not. My e-ticket has a barcode, so I assume that will be the process. I have never been to the RAH though.
  2. Arent they the ones who were selling the choir area tickets, which were not even sold for this concert?
  3. The original buyers will not be present at the concert. They let the sellers fight that out for themselves. If it is a PDF, yes the change is certainly there to resell one ticket to multiple people. So be EARLY.
  4. My 2017 list was pretty different That is why I love film music, everyone can find something they enjoy,
  5. Have mine as well and backed them up in several places. They are worth more than gold now apparently.
  6. My Oldboy from Yeong-wook Jo finally arrived! A great score for a great (but disturbing) movie.
  7. John Powell kicks ass

    Envy I wish I had that moment again. Just watched the movie again this weekend. Stand-alone the music is fantastic, but in the movie it is even better. I love the sequel just as much, it is a great evolution from the first score.
  8. John Powell kicks ass

    You can forget about Hamburg I am afraid. It is in the Elphilharmonic. And everything sells out in the Elphilharmonic, not because of the music, but because of the venue. This results in not so fun audience from time to time.
  9. John Powell kicks ass

    It will be performed live in Prague on June 16th. John Powell will be present. John Powell will be visiting Europe three times: Prague, Hamburg, and Malaga. I plan to attend all three :-)
  10. Just wondering since this will be my first RAH concert. Will we be getting our e-tickets later down the line?
  11. For the record, Brian Tyler is awesome. Looking forward to that concert as well. His pieces at the Krakow film music festival were great. And I will come prepared: Bringing ear-plugs. To quote him: "As you may know, I like loud"
  12. There is a Carmina Burana concert planned the next day. Maybe an afternoon concert?
  13. How much could one buy in theory? I just bought 4 because we are going with 4 people which are all huge Williams fans.