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  1. For who is interested in my thoughts, here is my review of the score. https://soundtrackworld.com/2019/07/x-men-dark-phoenix-hans-zimmer/
  2. Fallout is a score, that is like a cockroach and refuses to die.
  3. More than the Dark Phoenix score that I am reviewing at the moment. (Did I say that out load?)
  4. I couple of notes on a piano is not enough to carry a complete score for me, I am afraid ;-)
  5. For who is interested, I have written a report about the concert in Dublin celebrating his whole career. (I did not attend the LOST one) https://soundtrackworld.com/2019/06/michael-giacchino-dublin/
  6. About Fallout. I did not wanted to review the score, because I did not like it as a stand alone album. I prefer to spend time on scores that I do like. But I also heard the "it works in the movie" argument, so I decided after seeing the movie to review it: https://soundtrackworld.com/2018/08/mission-impossible-fallout-lorne-balfe/ He responded to me on twitter that he likes crazy bongos. So I asked for an interview, which I almost got :-) My invitation for that interview still stands! There is so much to discuss about that score.
  7. There are not many reviewers in the Netherlands, I am good :-) I also think my opinion about the score counts, not just a random number or a star.
  8. As a reviewer, I have not rated a single score. First of all, my rating would be personal: my 1 star would be someone else's 5 star and the other way around. A soundtrack like Dunkirk would be horrible for me to rate. I think that the music works in the movie, but the score by itself is just not a pleasant listening experience for me. I just prefer that the readers just read what I have to say about the score, and make up their one mind, if the score is interesting or not.
  9. Apparently I am a minority here. I think the score showcases a good example of writing brilliant music for a film. You can read my thoughts here: https://soundtrackworld.com/2019/06/godzilla-king-of-the-monsters-bear-mccreary/ I ordered my CD using an amazon reseller. It should be a regular CD **knock on wood**
  10. I just finished my report of the Film Music Festival in Krakow, Poland, where he was one of the main guests. He conducted his own concert on Saturday, and on Sunday he supported the Traffic Quintet (founded by his wife) for a more intimate concert. He was also willing to sign items after his meet and greet. It was amazing to have him there. My report can be found here: https://soundtrackworld.com/2019/06/krakow-film-music-festival-2019/
  11. Caliburn

    RIP iTunes

    I just wanted to mention that, like some of you, I have made the switch to MusicBee, and so should you
  12. I attended a Goblet of Fire Live to Projection concert in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. It was a weird feeling to listen to Doyle's music instead of John Williams. It was a different, but still an amazing experience. You can read it in my report below: https://soundtrackworld.com/2019/05/harry-potter4-rotterdam/
  13. For who is interested in my thoughts. I have reviewed AVENGERS: ENDGAME. https://soundtrackworld.com/2019/05/avengers-endgame-alan-silvestri/ I also mentioned the Captain America theme :-) In different tracks though!
  14. Hisaishi did 3 concerts in Prague last week with music from the Ghibli movies! I attended and wrote a report about it for who is curious: https://soundtrackworld.com/2019/05/joe-hisaishi-prague-2019/
  15. My problem with these kind of churches is more the long lines, than the entrance fees :-) The main reason why I have not seen the Notre Dame from the inside.
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