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  1. Film music to work out to?

    Pretty easy :-)
  2. Elliot Goldenthal

    I have seen him a couple of times over the last years and I had the same conclusion. He looks and talks better.
  3. Elliot Goldenthal

    He used EIGHT horns for Final Fantasy! That piece was just absolutely brilliant, especially the finale. I just got back from Krakow with happy memories about the Final Fantasy suite, signed CD booklets and this: I had the pleasure to talk with him for 35 minutes. Krakow was AWESOME this year!!!

    I have attended the Game of Thrones Live Concert Experience in Amsterdam, for those who are curious:
  5. I think the 15-minute late start was common. We had the same long wait in Amsterdam. We Dutch like to be on time for everything, which is not a common trait in other places in Europe. I have been to quite some concerts over the word where they had to start late because of people still coming in. My guess is that they start late by default. I will work on my report tomorrow, but mine will take a while (two languages and proofreading) and will probably be online after the weekend.
  6. Star Wars - Live To Projection Concerts

    I have written a report about Star Wars: A New Hope - In Concert last week in Munich, Germany, for who is interested.
  7. The Joe Hisaishi Thread

    Thank you for the kind words. The concert is not amplified?! That would be awesome. I already had the date marked on my calendar when the tickets go on sale. Someone also pointed me to a concert in New York that he will do in October:
  8. The Joe Hisaishi Thread

    Joe Hisaishi is coming to America! He will be in San Jose in May. Looks like tickets are going fast. I have written a report about the same concert in Paris for who is interested:
  9. What Is The Last Score You Listened To?

    Brass on a rampage on that one :-)
  10. Credit goes to Gorka Oteiza of SoundtrackFest for spotting that one :-)
  11. Sandra Tomek is doing those Zimmer concerts in Germany. I think Zimmer as a guest is more feasible.
  12. Being one person that runs a site (with help from others), I have stepped away from the award idea and called it my favorites. To me, "awards" sound very formal where a committee of judges decided who is the winner instead of one person.
  13. I guess that is both the case since you can buy "choir seat" tickets from that site that were not sold at all for this concert. I assume that most of them are "legit" tickets though. Just buy as much as possible. Keep the ones you need yourself and resell the rest. I do not know if that site has some security in place for selling an e-ticket multiple times on those sites. I was curious and tried to edit a copy of my e-ticket to change the seat: it was password protected :-) But searching the Internet there are tools to hack the password. So it is probably possible to create extra fake tickets using the original one. In summary: do not trust your reseller ticket.
  14. I assume your ticket will be scanned at the entrance. The first one will enter, and the second (and third etc.) will not. My e-ticket has a barcode, so I assume that will be the process. I have never been to the RAH though.