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  1. Caliburn

    Happy birthday John Powell!

    Happy Birthday! Cannot wait to see him for the third time this year in Prague! http://filmmusicprague.com/program/?lang=en#hollywood-meets-classics-john-powell Am I a big Powell fan? Nah!
  2. Maybe Brian Tyler gets one of those VIP seats. His concert is the day before.
  3. It is quite an interesting score. For who is interested in my thoughts. I have reviewed it https://soundtrackworld.com/2018/09/the-nun-abel-korzeniowski/
  4. Caliburn

    Do you own a camera? If yes, which one(s)?

    I totally agree. I have the mark 3. When comparing the specs with the mark 5, it did not offer much more (except for no 4k filming). I bring this camera to every concert I go to and it is accepted by security because they think it is a simple point and click camera, while it performs better than my trusty old DSLR (Nikon D5200 with a decent lens)
  5. I will discuss it with my friend. I will let you know soon. Thank you for organizing Stefancos.
  6. I am bringing them with me on that trip. Seeing Brian Tyler the day before
  7. Hoe does contactless work when you are reaching the maximum amount for that day? Oyster keeps track of that.
  8. For who wants to get tickets. These are my steps what I have done to get them. Of course, I am not giving any guarantees, but you can try it out. RAH has two website that look like one: The concert page itself with the link to the tickets. https://www.royalalberthall.com/tickets/events/2018/an-evening-with-john-williams-in-concert/ Your account page https://tickets.royalalberthall.com/... (this one has the queue system) What I did was logging in 45 minutes before the tickets went on sale and I entered the queue at spot 77. That counted down pretty quick and I was able to log in. Now comes the hard part: you need to keep logged in. If you don't, you have to relog and enter the queue again. I kept my connection alive by just clicking between "My Account" and "My Order History." with intervals of 20-30 seconds. Yes, I did that for 45 minutes and at 9 AM sharp I clicked the "buy tickets" on the concert pages and I could buy my tickets. Unfortunately, this new wave has the problem with priority members who can buy an hour before. The queue will probably be very long before the tickets go even on sale. Good luck ticket hunters. But sometimes it is not just luck, it can also be commitment... and a bit knowledge about websites 🙂
  9. Caliburn

    Hans Zimmer's WONDER WOMAN 1984 (2019)

    So this movie is in the 80's, maybe we are getting a Rain Man like score?
  10. Topics like this one, made me write down my thoughts about this movie, for who is interested. https://soundtrackworld.com/2018/08/mission-impossible-fallout-lorne-balfe/
  11. I have written down my thoughts about this movie for who wants to read. https://soundtrackworld.com/2018/07/incredibles-2-michael-giacchino/
  12. The movie is not out here, so I have not seen it. But I am expecting the same thing as I had with Balfe's score for Pacific Rim. That score ruined the movie for me since I love Djawadi's score (and with that the movie) so much. I will test that theory when the movie arrives in the cinemas. IMHO, if you are not Zimmer, you should stop reproducing his creative ideas. Zimmer pulled it off brilliantly for me in Dunkirk. Awesome score for the movie, but not a pleasant stand-alone listening experience for me. With that said, I LOVE Balfe's Beyond: Two Souls score 🙂
  13. I am quite curious as well! The first one is gorgeous.
  14. Caliburn


  15. Caliburn

    What Is The Last Score You Listened To?

    I am listening to Mission Impossible: Fallout by Lorne Balfe as well. It is a waste of my time 😕