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  1. ALBUM: Phosphorescent (Trailer Music)

    Good review.. except the ending jab at Giacchino (I am a die-hard defender!). I might check this out. I actually enjoy trailer music but listen to whole albums can be rather exhausting. Still, I like your points about the ability to fully develop ideas given the nature of this album.
  2. Bruno Coulais appreciation

    Thanks for moving this! Yes Himalaya is so entrancing and Les Choristes is endlessly charming and beautiful. One of my all-time favourites is also Don Juan: He uses the Corsican vocal group A Filetta frequently, which creates such an emotive and interesting sound. One of my favourites is La Rivière Espérance, which always cheers me up and has such a lovely sense of luxury and momentum:
  3. Bruno Coulais appreciation

    !!! Now that's a bit harsh! Just realised I accidentally started this thread in the wrong category. Any way to move it to General Discussion..?
  4. I couldn't see a thread on this so I thought I would start one. Does anyone else enjoy the music of Bruno Coulais? He's one of my favourite composers. I adore his combinations of world music and orchestral, his use of vocals in his soundtracks and his beautiful melodies. I find him one of the most underrated composers (at least outside of France). Anyone have any particular favourites or opinions on his work?
  5. I should say I really, really, really like Desplat! I just love him when he is smaller, quieter and more beautiful - and less so when he takes on the big epic scores.
  6. I've been loving the Orville and all these guest stars. Charlize Theron is multi-talented; she always works well in comedy (Arrested Development!), excels at action and of course can do excellent dramatic roles too. And I was impressed by Rob Lowe in the Orville too! Anyone else watching The Punisher on Netflix? I'm half way through. I adore Jon Bernthal but I'm feeling this suffers from similar flaws to pretty much every other Marvel Netflix show and I'm struggling with getting totally into it.
  7. I just watched Valerian too. Ahh Besson...I truly adore him as a filmmaker, Fifth Element is wonderful and I even love Lucy. This one has so much potential - I thought it was imaginative and stunning - but it is so tragically let down by the casting of the two leads and the dialogue. I mean the dialogue sounds like it was written by a 14 year old doing his first screenplay. Lost in translation? Even that couldn't excuse it. Every single line is a cliche or worse utterly boring. And those two leads! What horrific miscasting! How could that have happened? Who looks at Dane DeHaan and says 'He's the new Han Solo!'. They were painful to watch. No chemistry either. I find it sad because there is just so much to love about the film and it is so glaringly obvious what the flaws are that I can't believe no one stepped in and fixed it early days. And Desplat's score is okay to me but nothing special. It has beautiful moments for sure but nothing in the way of big memorable space adventure themes. I'm glad he didn't do Rogue One, essentially.
  8. Masterpiece or not?

    Yeah Gladiator used to be on repeat eternally for me. Haven't listened in a while but this is also making me want to revisit it! God I would love Zimmer to compose something like that again. That said, I still voted masterpiece for his Interstellar, which is definitely his greatest in recent years. As for the film, I would hesitate to call it a masterpiece although I really enjoy it. I think it has an incredible second act but there is definitely sloppiness there, especially towards the end. I do find it visually beautiful always.
  9. Just been listening to Zulu re-recording by City of Prague Philharmonic. Never gets old.
  10. Yeah the main 'Alice' theme - I guess the one that sounds like Black Beauty! Although I do find them different enough that I can enjoy them both. But yeah I for one don't want to say 'old stuff good' and 'new stuff bad', no way. I just don't find myself wanting to re-listen to the newer stuff as much as his older material. For the most part, I don't find it as unique or interesting. And I do have some problems with his later superhero scores. Of course it is easier to stand out with a big action or sweeping epic kind of score than these more intimate thrillers or romances but you're absolutely right that some composers have excelled at it. Thomas Newman is the perfect example and John Barry of course for the romantic ones. I don't dislike Tulip Fever actually but I never re-listened to American Hustle or Girl on the Train. Is it bad that I kind of like Fifty Shades though (the first one)?
  11. I've had a slightly cynical view towards Elfman for a while now (though I loved him years ago), especially since I wasn't mad about his work on Ultron and I've found him to just be a little less inspired overall lately. It has kind of given me a more negative view of him than I feel was fair. I have been putting together some 'best of' playlists of great composers on Spotify lately and so was skimming through Elfman's discography listening to various tracks. God, there really are so many classics. Such inventive melodies and exciting arrangements and he does have a distinctive voice, even if I feel he hasn't used it strongly enough in recent years. Batman Returns is a wonderful score (better than the first), Black Beauty is just so gorgeous, The Wolfman to me is a masterful score and so is Alice in Wonderland. I don't always think he nails it. I actually think the further he deviates from Tim Burtonesque sounds, the weaker he is as a composer. I am actually just not a massive fan of his action/superhero soundtracks post-Batman. His Hulk soundtrack is kind of bland for me, particularly because I think Craig Armstrong did a tremendous job of capturing the Hulk in music in comparison. Terminator Salvation is a bore. Of course Spiderman is good but I don't think I am as big a fan of it as most people beyond the theme itself. Anyway just really putting down my thoughts as I pondered my evolving perceptions of Elfman as a composer. I guess I think he is a wonderful composer when he is magical and weird and dark, but he is overshadowed by others when it comes to composing other types of scores. Still, he deserves recognition amongst the greats.
  12. 22nd Satellite Awards - Best Original Score

    Yeahh..Wonder Woman? Really? I don't even find it bad but the best part of it is the theme from BvS and the track 'Action Reaction', which kind of fails to really 'lift off' in my opinion - plus the best aspect of that track is probably just the callback to Friedel's Terminator. If I had to choose from those nominations, so far I would have to say Giacchino's War for the Planet of the Apes, though I haven't listened to Marianelli's yet.
  13. McFarlane does Star Trek. The Orville

    They pretty much made a lot of these back in the late 70s/80s! Starcrash, Battle Beyond the Stars, Star Odyssey...
  14. Fun-Sized Hobbit Soundtrack Edits

    Do you have links to them Chen G.? I'd be interested to listen.
  15. Watch my latest John Williams review :)

    Well even if you're not going to be posting again, I am glad you posted because these videos are really good. Interesting stuff on Williams but also other composers! Well put together.