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  1. Which themes will return in The Last Jedi?

    All of them, of course!
  2. Williams nominated for THE POST at 2018 Golden Globe

    Hans is John in german language. Same name
  3. Williams nominated for THE POST at 2018 Golden Globe

    Maybe TLJ is not deserve to be nominated
  4. Star Destroyer isn't John Williams. It is not his musical aesthetics. When I heard music from The BFG trailer. I was happy because I thought it was composed by John Williams himself...but that music isn't in movie.
  5. How do you know? You are a conspirator!
  6. No recording session videos, no clips from movie with Williams music. TLJ marketing campaign is so poor.
  7. Does exist some "Making of" video from recording session? 60 minutes overtime or something? I do not have an American TV broadcast.
  8. Blood Moon from is already?
  9. I want to hear the score already. Do you know anything about torrent download?
  10. No, This is the reference to Luke. What do you think he was doing in the cave? Fap fap
  11. There is no 's theme track for character, no march. Very unusual in WIlliams' score for blockbuster...or Star Wars score generally.