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  1. THIS rendition of the Force Theme! (at 4:43)
  2. I kind of wish it was a different rendition of the theme, not the exact Hedwig's Theme...
  3. Which Voldemort Theme? I don't recognize it... Oh wow! That's quite a nice catch!
  4. Oh, what are those themes? I never associated a theme with Grindelwald in the first… Where is it? And Newt's animal too? Which one is it?
  5. Wise, but I mean, if all the new scores he does don't impress me anymore… He'll certainly lose his spot after a while... But finally, I started listening to it and nope! I LOVE IT! He definitely won't lose his spot for now! x)
  6. Damn, that sounds like the disappointment I got from The Nutcracker and the Four Realms Might JNH lose his place of my favourite composer?
  7. I got my hands on it!!! 😱 Gonna listen to it at work after lunch! haha
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