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  1. First """"""Review"""""" of the score Waited for a while for #SoloAStarWarsStory to premiere & I'm so glad to say that it's so much fun! It's an action-packed heist movie! @RealRonHoward did an amazing job! Alden Alden Ehrenreich is an awesome #HanSolo! I loved #JohnPowell's score & #JohnWilliams new Han theme! 8/10! Not a lot of info and doesn't really mean anything, but at least a newbie heard the theme.
  2. It's even worse if you count Rogue One which also ends with the Force theme !
  3. I listened a bit on the website (I bought a copy) and honestly it's not awful but it's not good either. I've no idea if it's in 96 kbps or something like that but with a good headset and it's average. And the picture quality is in SD (in case some of you are acually interested by watching the movie this way, I know I am !) which is a HUGE let down
  4. @Chewy Do you think you could upload the Kylo and Luke fight ? It's a great track Thank you for your work so far !
  5. Oh I love that track, I was so disappointed it wasn't in the FYC album. This is the second best Holdo's theme ! I also love that little Jedi Steps hidden in here followed by a nice version of the Force Theme and even an Emperor theme quote a few seconds later!
  6. I'm 100% sure it's Fun With Finn and Rose and The Battle of Crait. This was under our nose for a month ! And 0:35 is the fight with Luke and Kylo when we see the close up to Kylo's face with his lightsaber on from the first teaser. If I'm not mistaken this cue isn't in the OST or the For Your Consideration either
  7. I protest, if you completly disagree with me it should be a 6.5/7 since this thread is about unpopularity ! True ! I'm glad I found another HP3 lover
  8. Haha it's ok ! That's what this thread is for. I like the idea. The worst thing is I completly agree with you and it is well composed and written... but everytime I hear it I cringe, I have no rational reason why. I much prefer the beginning of "Han and Leia" from The Force Awakens!
  9. - I think Revenge of the Sith is not only the best Star Wars soundtrack, not only the best Williams' composition but the best composition of all time, every media and composers included. And Across the Stars is the best piece of music of all History Movie speaking, I also like the prequels as much as the original trilogy and the sequels (Except TFA) - I hate Luke and Leia. I did like The Spark's version though! - I hate Superman's main theme and I despise Indiana Jones' main theme (Although the rest of the albums are excellent) - The first 16 seconds of Leia's theme is the worst thing John William has ever composed. The rest is one of the best. - Schindler's list's soundtrack is over emotional but I still like it. - Harry Potter 3 is one of the best movie William's ever composed and way better than HP 1 and 2 soundtracks. And I loooove Aunt Marge's Waltz. - The Last Jedi's soundtrack was way better than The Force Awakens
  10. I just find the Stardust music moving and sad (as well as the scene, which is one of my favorite from the movie!) Great job!
  11. Yeah probably ! I really hope we'll get a proper recording soon, but I must say this current recording is much better than I thought Rebel scum
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