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  1. Favorite short musical moments in Williams scores?

  2. Favorite short musical moments in Williams scores?

    Lately I can't get enough of 4:48-5:01 in "Main Title and Escape". (And 5:01-5:12. And 5:12-5:35. Basically, the whole track is brilliant.) Especially loving the little wind/string(/glock?) flourishes under (or rather, above) the trumpet line. Reminds me a bit of ESB—3:33 in "The Battle of Hoth", I believe. Here's my approximation I threw together in Sibelius: If anyone would like to correct anything, by all means be my guest. It's a little tough to hear and do by ear, and the bit I'm the iffiest about is the ascending scale run. But all in all it should be coherent. One cool thing I noticed about the little wind motif is that it's actually based on the immediately preceding motif, which is first heard in the horns at 4:34. Both motifs end the same way (with two eighth notes); they both begin coming off of an eighth rest; they both have 6 pitches total; and the first 4 pitches are the same in both, albeit rearranged. And even the way they are rearranged is similar; each motif begins with 2 repeated notes. Anyways, just found that interesting. It's also entirely possible that what I've just written is already blatantly obvious to a lot of people here, but I just thought it was worth putting into notation and exploring a bit further.
  3. Looks nice, but I noticed that the text font/placement above the logo for TLJ is actually supposed to be slightly different than TFA's.
  4. I think that's intentional/I don't really hear a problem...? I can more or less conduct/beat my way through that passage and it all seems to add up okay. EDIT: Still trying to figure out how to notate 0:27-0:29, but here's how I hear the bit from 0:30-0:38.
  5. Like @Smeltington said, only thing is it's probably going to end up costing more. Also, how does GoFundMe work, exactly? The big thing is I'd really only like to contribute funds if we're for sure going to get the album. If we don't get it and my money still ends up in someone else's bank account though, nope, not really into that. (Sorry.) Perhaps Kickstarter would be better in that case? I do hope we get our hands on lossless, one way or another. Much more excited for this FYC than I was for TFA's.
  6. John Williams to compose the Solo movie theme

    By that logic, why didn't he take the opportunity in ROTJ? Or in ESB? Or in ANH? The point is that this movie is literally named after the character, so it would make the most sense for there to finally be a theme for the character. And Williams wants to be the one to write that theme.
  7. Was just going to come here to say, "The Rebellion Is Reborn" is one of my fav tracks from the album, not to mention from 2017, and also not to mention the saga as a whole. I know some people take issue with the fact that Rose and Luke/the island are rather unrelated, but musically it works unbelievably well. Great concert arrangement to sum up TLJ.
  8. John Williams to compose the Solo movie theme

    Because it was a great movie.
  9. Favorite short musical moments in Williams scores?

    You sure that's a cut? It's the same as in the FYC version. Aside from the fact that the bar before it sounds a bit short, the build-up seems pretty natural. Cymbal hit is on beat 1.
  10. Did anyone else catch the really cool appearance of Kylo's theme at 1:07 in "A New Alliance"? Trombones play the first three notes, and then if you listen you can hear the horns come in with the fourth note.
  11. Favorite short musical moments in Williams scores?

    5:01-5:12: Can't get enough of this. Also worth noting that the OST presentation of this is much more enjoyable than the film/FYC version, which is cutdown significantly shorter.
  12. Here's the theme in "Escape": ...And here's the theme in "Finale" (OST): Am I missing something here, anyone? They don't appear to be the same theme.
  13. I've listened to those parts, and recognize those as all being the same theme... (And yes, "Nixon" is definitely what comes to mind.) But I'm still not hearing it in "Escape". Would you happen to have a timestamp that points to exactly what you're referring to? @Jay's timestamps are for the "Battle of the Heroes" part.
  14. Call me crazy, but I don't hear anything remotely like that theme/motif in "Escape"... I assume you're talking about the "Battle of the Heroes"-esque bit? I just don't see how that's at all related to the theme heard in those other tracks.
  15. Is it just me, or do those two horn chords at the beginning of "Escape" (like, a couple seconds in) sound really fake/sample-y...? Also the horns and woodwinds around 0:24. Because that's how it is in the film.