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  1. Regardless there is no evidence to support the notion of "womanising". Even counting deleted scenes that include Han with a woman in the cantina, this is not womanising.
  2. Exactly. Return of the Jedi has that conclusive ending and the story can still continue. No reason why Rey and the heroes can't defeat Kylo Res and face a new adversary five/ten years down the line.
  3. A think a few years should pass before they start working on future Saga trilogy but not 20 years. I think 5 to 10. There is nothing in the movies to suggest Han is a womaniser.
  4. I didn't see anything wrong with the use of The Force Theme. How can you claim further Saga movies would undermine Episode IX when we haven't got even got to IX yet.
  5. Does anyone know where I can get track 1 for Bright? And know why it isn't included here?
  6. Neither you or I are in a position to know what actually offends or insult John Powell but please explain how you think this is an insult? John Williams is a much respected and talented man and I'n sure many consider it a privilege to work with him. It is also not the first collaboration on a film score and maybe not even the first time for a collaboration like this. Aslo, just because we are only now hearing this news does not mean that this is a recent development. These arrangements can make months and there is often different reasons why information is kept from the public. Powell may have signed on knowing that Williams had been approached or expressed interested in working on the music. Williams is known for wanting to see the completed film before composing the score - perhaps he wanted to have a gander at the movie before finally deciding. Maybe Williams has always regretted not creating a Han Solo theme for the originals - I think he has earned the right to make such a request if he did so. I want the movies to keep using Williams themes were appropriate - like Kiner and Giacchino have done, like the Imperial March for when the Empire is on screen, Rey's theme in Episode X (should we be so blessed), etc. - but also for each new composer to bring something new to the music of Star Wars. Personally, I'd have preferred Powell to be doing this alone but Williams writing a Han Solo theme gives me neither cause for outrage or ecstasy - I just said to myself "okies" and scrolled to the next bit of news.
  7. What is a "C&C"? Is there a way to get the other FYC soundtracks from that Disney page? I'm also interested in past FYC music.