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  1. Thanks for this response....but in listening to that video, while it's the same cue....it's not the version of the cue used at "The Last Jedi" premiere.
  2. Hi! During the webcast for the LA premiere of "The Last Jedi," there was a music cue used at about an hour and 18 minutes in that started with unfamiliar music but then goes into this clearly re-recorded cue of the moment Han Solo is put into carbonite in "The Empire Strikes Back." Given this was a week before the movie opened, I thought it might be a piece of John Williams' new score for "The Last Jedi," but that is clearly not the case. I assume it must be from a concert recording of some kind....and wondering if someone can help me track down where it's from. That cue is dramatic enough as it is, but the re-record is spectacular! Here is the link to the webcast in case you want to check it yourself to see what I am talking about.... https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=4739&v=UVNIEszp2UQ Thanks for any help anyone can give me. Best! Paul Katz