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  1. Who is able to compose music for Avatar 2

    I guess he does have prior experience with Avatar movies.
  2. Who is able to compose music for Avatar 2

    He worked on Titanic though so Cameron may be familiar with him. I think he'd be a good choice! I find JNH kind of bland.
  3. I was reading the Back to Titanic interview on JAMES HORNER FILM MUSIC and I found this quote about the track "A Shore Never Reached" intriguing . He says he composed two versions of "An Ocean Of Memories", neither of which was used. Does that mean the second one ("A Shore Never Reached") was never recorded, since it isn't on the new set?
  4. Is this referring to track 7 or track 8 on disk 3? Are any of tracks 9-16 "film versions"? (aside from the piano demo)