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  1. DrTenma

    How do you listen to The Last Jedi the most?

    I probably listen more to TLJ in the OST than any other version. After that, the isolated score.
  2. DrTenma

    Favorite Star Wars finale and end credits music?

    I'm not original, I'll go with both 'Jedi Steps & Finale' and 'Finale' from ESB. Revenge of the Sith was very nice but I never liked the Album version with the Throne Room insert...
  3. I didn't knew Dex's Diner was Joseph's! I love that piece one of my favourite source cues in Star Wars.
  4. I feel this way of releasing music from the first Superman is poor. I'm not a big fan of the way the blue box presented the 8th cd but there it made sense, here...
  5. I voted for 'The Rebellion is Reborn', I enjoy both themes there more. I think that Rose Theme is quite good and very close to the Williams of the 80s style. I also like 'The Adventures of Han', that also has a 80s-adventure-theme-flavour but... It hasn't grow on me yet.
  6. DrTenma

    John Powell's SOLO: A STAR WARS STORY (2018)

    For me this score is a mixed bag of feelings. I think Williams' Adventure of Han is good enough and appropriate for this type of film and I really liked 'Mine Mission', but apart from that I couldn't find yet great musical moments. For example, I found 'Reminiscence Therapy' as a bad arrangement of Star Wars themes... I won't be surprised if John Powell didn't work on that track at all and left any of the additional composers to work there. Anyway, I'll need to listen more times the score.
  7. I have just seen the post of John Powell and I'm very happy to see that Williams conducted himself a concert arrangement for 'Solo'. I think that was the right call. I was already very interested in this score but now I can almost consider this as a Star Wars score hahahaha
  8. DrTenma

    Alan Silvestri's READY PLAYER ONE (2018)

    Honestly I think the choice of Silvestri for this movie was quite smart. He nailed the score, made the enough references to previous material and compose some very good themes in the spirit of the 80's cinema.
  9. That's quite disappointing, but @leeallen01 you might be right and maybe JNH is composing some themes and West is making the rest. Although it would be strange not to mention JHN involvement in the movie at this point in postproduction.
  10. These are my picks The Force Awakens A.I. Memoirs of a Geisha Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban War Horse Tintin and the Secret of the Unicorn The Terminal Minority Report The Last Jedi Revenge of the Sith
  11. DrTenma

    The "On the Conveyor Belt" appreciation thread

    I bought a second copy of Attack of the Clones CD for this cue! I think it's a very good action cue. AotC is my least favourite score from the saga, but that doesn't mean that I don't think is an excellent score with great moments. I particularly love this small section in Jango's Escape: I have been always a great fan of how Williams composes this kind of minor bits for Star Wars
  12. One question, are the KUSC interviews podcast available outside US? I could listen Williams interview using the direct link that is provided in this webpage but I'm not able to download any episode from iTunes.
  13. I still can't understand why they are not releasing the complete scores. Disney and all labels knows that there's market for any complete score from Williams and, specially, for Star Wars.
  14. DrTenma

    Star Wars Prequel VS. Sequel scores

    I voted for the sequels. Is still an unfinished work, but I think TFA is one of best Williams' scores so far.
  15. Is in the fathiers chase scene. In the isolated score (and movie) is at 67min 40 seconds