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  1. Ranking is always hard for me but here it goes: Williams: 1- Empire Strikes Back 2- Jaws 3- Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban 4- Raiders of the Lost Ark 5- Superman Non-Williams (this is even harder, there are too many for just choosing 5) 1- The Perfume (Johnny Klimek, Reinhold Heil & Tom Tykwer) 2- King Kong (Max Steiner) 3- Psycho (Bernard Herrmann) 4- Under Fire (Jerry Goldsmith) 5- Gods and Monsters (Carter Burwell)
  2. I do, I think is one of the best scores from Williams, and that's saying a lot.
  3. This lists are always subjective and never get everyone happy but I felt ashamed with some of the inclusions. Clearly they are thinking more in "music inside a movie" than a proper score. And you can tell that someone is trying hard to pretend being smart when they add to one of this lists 'Solaris'. I mean, is a great movie, but is quite hard to consider the music from Eduard Artemiev as a masterpiece.
  4. Yep, in my first listen to this score I felt it was completely unremarkable. It didn't give me a headache, but I couldn't pick themes or enjoyable moments. It's a pity since I was expecting something better, I like the things Toprak has done with Elfman, for example.
  5. Indeed! I ordered this week so it will take some extra time hahaha Thanks!
  6. That's nice, maybe I'll get mine sooner than expected! Or did you order it on the first day?
  7. ... So some days ago I finally order this set together with Superman II, III and IV. I guess it would take long until they ship my package, the queue of people that ordered Superman should be quite long.
  8. I love this score, for me is Zimmer & Co. best work, but I'm not so convinced with the edition. I'm not sure how much the original album adds (and I already own it) and I listened to the Melanesian Choirs some time ago and found it difficult to enjoy. In any case, I'm considering buying it for the first 2 CD's and I guess the liner notes would be also worth it.
  9. I'm listening to 'Doctor Who: Series 11' composed by Segun Akinola and it's better than I remember while watching the series, but not remarkable. I miss Murray Gold very much and I hope they are still releasing his score for the 10th Season soon...
  10. I prefer the Force Awakens over any of the precuel scores. IMHO the thematic material is stronger and I enjoy the action pieces more. It would be something as: 1. TFA, 2. TPM, 3. RotS and 4. AotC.
  11. I think he has time, but also Matessino said that "he thinks" Williams won't be working of Episode IX until Summer.
  12. I agree but, in any case, is a bonus to have it
  13. Thanks @Jay! It's probably the most strange inclusion in a Williams' score, honestly. I don't complain since it makes the set more complete, but I don't understand why they included it (maybe it was simply because they had the files...?).
  14. I guess this has been discussed but with so many pages it's hard to follow (BTW is there a way for searching inside a topic?) but what about the trailer music in Prisoner of Azkaban? I mean, is that composed by John Williams? In the booked they don't say differently, but all those synths seem more a job from a trailer music company with the recording of Chamber of Secrets at the end, right?
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